9 Things You Need To Know When Hiring A Writer For Your Blog

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Is your blog page showing no improvement in the rankings even after uploading new content every week? Then it is about time for you to hire a blog writer.

According to statistics, blogs are responsible for 434% increase in indexed pages and a 97% increase in indexed links  hence it makes total business sense to hand over this requirement to a professional content writer that has the experience to deliver the outcomes you expect.

Can you delegate this crucial task to any writer?

You just can’t hire the first writer you come across. You need to consider a lot of characteristics before hiring a writer for your blog. If you hire a novice, it might have a significant negative effect on the blog page and also your company’s reputation.

A good content writer can improve your page ranking. But a bad selection of writers will show a negative impact on your blog page.


How to pick the right blog writer?

So, with the motive to help you in the hiring process, here are 10 things you need to about when you look to hire a blog writer.

1) What are Your Requirements from the Writer?

Every business owner wants to have the best blog writer for their blog. So it is essential for you to know what type of writer is your best blog writer. Before you start-off the hiring process, you need to prepare a list of desirables you want the writer to have.

2) Details about your Brand and Tone of Voice

To obtain the best results from your writer, the person needs to be familiar with your brand business. For that, you need to know various aspects of your business like your target audience, goals, tone of voice, etc.

3) Know Your Terms Of Commitment

It is important for you to decide whether you want the writer once a week or more than that. Decide your terms of commitment before you advertise about the hiring process. Some businesses hire writers for one blog per week, while some may hire for one blog every day.

4) Which Type of Writer to Hire?

There are multiple sources from where you can hire a blog writer. It is up to you to decide which one you want. Do you want an in-house writer, a freelancer, or do you want to hire a content writing agency like Textuar?

5) Draw up the Hiring Plan

When you are preparing a hiring plan for your hiring process, it is crucial that you make the job description as detailed as possible. The advertisement for open positions should be able to attract competent writers. When your requirement is spelled out elaborately, it will attract the most appropriate talent for your team.

6) Research About the Desired Candidate

After a good project plan is advertised, you will start receiving resumes of many experienced and well as novice blog writing companies and freelancers. Shortlist a few of those writers based on your requirement and research about their previous work. Find out which one among them is best suited for your blog page and connect with that person.

7) Interview the Candidate

Following are some questions you can ask the candidate during the interview.

  1. a) Which niche are you most comfortable with?
  2. b) What do you know about SEO?
  3. c) What work schedule do you prefer?
  4. d) How much do you charge and on what basis?

These questions will tell you about the knowledge the blog writer has about their work. You can also frame your questions based on your needs and goals. Some people might even ask for a demo or sample write-up from the candidate before hiring.

8) Provide Proper Briefing

Even if you hire a well-experienced content writer for your blog, the individual still needs to know about the parameters to work in. Proper briefing about the word count, topic, keywords, layout, etc., needs to be given to the writer for every project.

9) Update Their Contact Details

This step is very important if you hire a freelancer. The contact details of your team need to be updated so that the writer can conveniently connect with your team members. It is preferred to have a single point of contact to deal with the writer. Doing this can also save your time as you won’t have to save the contact details freelancer time and again. This is also beneficial during emergency situations.

To sign off

Looking at this list, you might think of giving up on hiring a  blog writer. But, all the hassle included in the hiring process will justify itself when you start reaping rewards with multiple advantages. A good blog writer will deliver on important KRAs. These span higher search engine results rankings, better brand visibility, and industry authority associated with your company. When customers trust your brand, they will convert from strangers to customers.

Go ahead! Get this advantage to work in your favor with blog writing companies like Textuar.

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