Article Marketing – How to use it for SEO Gains?

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Creating and designing a website is difficult enough. But imagine if you’ve created beautiful websites, and your analytics show no one wants to visit them? This is where you need a competent SEO article writer.

It’s time to hire an SEO article writer to help your website gain SEO authority.

A great piece of article writing can live a long life, spreading across platforms and driving traffic for months or even years.

There are many different methods for using article marketing. Some people might say you should use article marketing in conjunction with other methods, and others prefer to do it independently.

Either way, there are a lot of benefits to using article marketing.

Why is professional article writing needed for SEO?

Writing an article may appear simple, but it necessitates extensive research. The primary goal of your content should be to assist users in locating solutions to their problems. Google prefers to rank websites that contain relevant and valuable content.

Content marketing assists companies in engagingly and helpfully distributing their desired organic keywords throughout their websites, which can also increase backlinks. It will ultimately increase your domain authority (DA).

Content marketing and SEO must collaborate for their full potential to help your brand. As an SEO article writer, you should produce content as a new brand, keeping search engine requirements in mind. Reviewing your content as a brand with an existing library of content is worthwhile to make sure it is beneficial to your search engine.

But what does it take to create a piece of content that not only increases organic traffic but also broadens your audience across numerous channels? Here’s what we all need to know.

What is Article Marketing?

Article writing is a type of content marketing that entails creating useful articles and blogs and promoting them through various channels. These articles can help you build authority, create backlinks, and improve your search engine rankings.

Writing and publishing the article may appear simple, but a lot of hard work, management, and planning goes into the content creation process to make it more appealing to the public. It is also the traditional method that business marketers use to increase traffic to their websites.



How Article Marketing Boost your SERPs Ranking?

Your company’s marketing team may have created the most exciting and engaging content. But what’s the point if it doesn’t appear in any of the 3.5 billion searches performed daily?

Driving traffic to your website is as simple as it sounds and optimizes content with relevant keywords that prospective customers search for on a search engine. By search engine, we primarily mean Google. Because Google accounts for nearly all (94%) of search engine traffic, organizations will benefit the most from adhering to their SEO guidelines.

This will increase your company’s visibility for the keywords you want to rank for. Google will crawl and rank that content based on its relevance, quality, and usefulness and reward it with a quality audience.

Prioritizing content marketing in your SEO strategy will produce fresh, informative content that uses your most valuable keywords. Article content will add value to your website rather than over-optimizing your existing content, eventually harming your search ranking. Even experts like Hubspot agree that creating valuable content reflecting brand values is one the top 3 content marketing trends on 2022 (and beyond)


content marketing trends 2022

More importantly, Google prefers fresh, up-to-date content created by a professional SEO article writer. Freshly published content is quickly indexed and helps to improve your ranking.

The more content you add strategically placed around your most valuable keywords, the higher your SEO ranking will be.

SEO Benefits Of Article Marketing

One of the most important things you can do if you hire an SEO article writer is to ensure your site is consistent and easy to read. If you have a lot of long-form content, that’s great! But it’s not great if you have a lot of short-form content. You need to be able to read your site and know what those words mean.

It means that your site should be easy for search engines to crawl, index and rank. And this is where article marketing comes in handy!

With well-framed article content writing, an SEO article writer can post smaller pieces of content on your site (called “articles”) instead of one long piece. This makes it easier for search engines to find and index these smaller pieces and gives users more information about what they’re looking for when they click on an article link on your site.

With article writing, the SEO article writer creates valuable, informative content for online users to read.


SEO article writer

When users search for a specific topic (mostly within Google), they are directed to the top-ranking web pages and blog posts. Here are some benefits you see with this approach –

A – Article Marketing Focuses on Your Business Goals

Not all content is made equally. However, if you hire an SEO article writer with an Experienced and knowledgeable mind, they can create excellent SEO articles that consistently produce the outcomes you want.

While increasing your profits is your main objective, you also have some secondary objectives that will help you achieve your main goal. For instance, boost organic search traffic to increase brand visibility. Alternatively, give your sales team access to more leads.

Targeted content can assist you in being more deliberate even though many of these objectives can complement one another (you need more traffic to get more leads). For instance, a well-written landing page can boost traffic and your lead capture rate.

Better content that aids in the growth of your business is ensured when you work with a high-quality SEO article writing service focused on your business goals. You can be more specific about the content you need. You will still receive original content when you use a high-quality article content service.

With a low-cost service, you might work with authors who cannot assist you in achieving your strategic objectives. As a result, you are not getting the desired results despite spending time and money.

B – Create Targeted Content for Your Audience

You should put a lot of thought and effort into planning your company’s marketing. Therefore, you know how crucial audience targeting is for the campaigns. If you’re trying to attract business clients, an article that appeals to the general consumer audience will only do a little good.

High-quality SEO article writing services are skilled at directing SEO articles toward specific target markets. This entails employing appropriate language and writing about subjects that interest the audience. Additionally, choosing keywords that are likely to come up in the audience’s searches is necessary.

Even better, the top blog writing services can produce content for various audiences. For instance, you might offer products for novice and experienced users. While some content should be geared toward beginners, others must be more in-depth and complex.

C- Create Professional and Persuasive Content

The majority of people can express a straightforward idea in writing. But there is a big difference between being able to write clearly and being able to influence readers. You want your blog’s content to persuade readers as a business owner. You want it to be able to persuade readers to buy into your name, your goods, or your services.

If you attempt to write high-quality SEO articles on your own, you might need help to produce content that is convincing enough. Similarly, if you assign a member of your team who isn’t a skilled writer, that person might not produce content that lives up to your brand’s standards.

This is why you need experienced and qualified writers. They will help to produce high-quality SEO articles.


SEO article writer

How to Create, Publish, and Share Outstanding Article Content?

When you develop a standard operating procedure that works for your company and the users you are trying to reach, article marketing becomes simple.

Although the specific steps may vary from website to website, they generally go as follows.

A – Pick a relevant and trending topic

Make a list of broad subjects that you think your audience might be interested in. If you just give yourself the chance to think, you’re probably sitting on a treasure-trove of topics. This fact applies to all – whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, an SEO content writer, or something in between.

You may assume that your target audience is interested in everything related to digital design. For instance, if you are a freelance graphic designer.

Your target customers might inquire on:

  • Which tools work best for graphic design?
  • How to create a logo.
  • Which fonts work best for business flyers?
  • What is the price of graphic design?
  • Which of this year’s designs are the best?
  • When coming up with ideas for topics pertaining to your company and the audience you want to reach, try to be as thorough as possible.

You need to apply diligent research skills when coming up with ideas for topics pertaining to your company and the audience you want to reach.

B – Make a keyword research plan

It’s great to come up with intriguing article writing topics. But it’s even better to translate those topics into searchable keywords. After all, there is no point in writing an article if no one is interested in the subject matter.

Utilizing keyword research tools can look up a variety of general topics. This helps to determine how many people search for a given term (or a group of related terms) each month.

If the article is worthwhile to write for SEO purposes, it will be clear from the search volume whether it is. The level of competition should also be taken into account. You might come across a high-volume keyword. But your small site may not afford to compete with it.

In that case, it’s best to start with a less competitive topic. Gradually, you can expand into more competitive keywords.


C – Boost Your Content

The next step is to optimize your content using the best on-page SEO techniques.

This entails:

  • Creating a title tag that is clickable and keyword-optimized.
  • Adding a thorough meta description.
  • Including a catchy H1 heading.
  • Including simple and direct headings in H2 and H3
  • Writing insightful body text
  • Linking up internal links and external resources
  • Using a well-optimized URL structure.

To sum it up

Do you include article writing in your content strategy? Well, it should be. Every blog enty is a chance to increase readers, subscribers, and buyers across various platforms. So it is important to ensure your article is effective.

Added advice? Identify the topics your audience is interested in and add them to your queue. You can start a running list of article ideas to keep the traffic coming in.

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