How A Blog Will Help Promote Your Startup

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In today’s digital era, everything is online. Be it shopping, renewing your insurance policy, or even buying a house! Businesses benefit hugely from having a personal blog or a website of their own because users are on the internet all the time. So the chance of them stumbling upon a business blog and discovering your brand is high.

Blog Content Writing is the new way of promoting one’s business, whether it is a multi-million company like Microsoft or an upcoming business like AltBalaji.  Be it the traditional way of writing blogs effectively or new age long form blog content, small business will need to publish blogs to make a connection with the user’s psychology.

A user spends at least 4 hours a day online, browsing the internet for things he is interested in. if your business blog features in his online search, the chances are he may get converted from a user to a customer. Statistics show that 76% of B2Bs prioritize delivering content quality over content quantity.

blog content writing
blog content writing helps businesses to increase online visibility

Benefits of having a business blog

  • Enhances SEO of your business

The best way to offer frequent content is to provide them with blogs about your business regularly. Blog content Writing enables search engines like Google and Bing to enhance rankings of website with fresh content push. In addition to inbound marketing objectives, blogs also propel the visibility of your brand significantly.

  • Industry authority perception:

If you are operating a startup or a smaller company, forming trust with your audience can be a challenge. With timely blogs talking about readers’ problems and resolutions ensures that you craft an industry authority perception and thus gain your readers’ trust. Blog Content Writing is so powerful that it can convert users into customers easily, provided your blog is informative and appealing to the user.

  • Bringing your brand closer to customers:

Blog Content Writing gives customers a peek into the personal side of your business in ways a straightforward marketing technique never could. It allows them to understand the corporate principles you follow, the etiquettes you abide by and the quality you implement into your products and services.

business blog writing
business blog content cycle
  • Boost leads:

Research has established that the bigger your business blogs are, the more chances of leads it will receive. According to a research done by Hubspot, businesses with 400-1000 pages of content get 6 times more leads as compared to businesses that offer 50-100 pages of content. More content means more information, more form submissions, quote requests and thus, more sales.

  • Increases the reach of your business:

When a business is first started, its main aim is to gain customers locally. But when a business goes online through the form of Blog, the company becomes well known even outside its geographical radius. Thus users from any region can view your blogs and can become potential customers.

To sign off

Blog Content Writing is a very important concept for an upcoming business. It is essential for them to start up a blog if they want to increase their sales online. It is the most innovative way of marketing because unlike outbound marketing techniques, blogging does not seem too pushy to users and thus keeps them engaged in reading the blog for longer. It helps to develop a rapport with the users as well.

It is possible that your startup may not want to incur costs of pushing regular blogs that are original and captivating. You can look to get blogs done at a far lower cost by outsourcing blog writing to content writing specialists. This will let you focus on growing your business while the content specialist will crank out incredible blogs that will improve your online visibility significantly.


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