Blog Writing Bloopers Your Business Should Avoid

blog writing bloopers

SEO blog writing has grown to be the core of a brand’s online presence and that comes as no surprise. In the digital marketing era, business owners are now of the opinion that content massively is responsible in bringing engaged customers nearer to the brand.

For content writers, being effective in SEO blog writing is not really an ordeal. It is just maintaining simplicity in the tone you put across to your audience. It is being careful (rather, extra careful) about not making errors that may diminish your brand’s credibility in front of your readers. Even the simplest of blog writing bloopers can spell the downfall of a great online content marketing strategy.

Costly SEO blog writing bloopers to avoid

Here is what you need to avoid while developing an SEO blog for your client’s business:

  1. Clickbait titles in blog

This is seemingly everywhere. Just because it is all over, this does not mean it is a good thing. Having clickbait titles is a black hat attempt to lure in your readers. Experts suggest that this may spike your readership initially. But in the end, your readers will lose respect permanently for your brand.

  1. Sales pitch in blog

The whole basis of having a superior quality blog is to attract clients by providing content, which is informative and valuable. You do not need to push out your product here. Avoiding direct sales pitches is a good way to make your blog come across as a natural attempt to reach out to your audiences.

As David Ogilvy, Father of Modern Day Advertising rightly said, “The consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife.” Sales pitches are evident, so it is better to avoid them in blogs.

  1. Rambling

This is a big no; not only for professional content marketing, but also for any content you create. Rambling is resented in an era where people are short on time and would not waste time reading 1000 words about something that could be said in 300 words. Unnecessarily long posts do no good. Keep it short, crisp and concise. Around 500 words and your blogs are decently long for a comfortable read.

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  1. Poor Visual Appeal

A dry blog is never appreciated. Making a blog visually vivid encourages the reader to read more. It may so happen that the point you are trying to explain in your blog is simple enough. But still, adding it from a free source may help make your article interesting. It aids in holding your audience’s attention a little longer than usual.

  1. Poor proofreading

The cardinal sin of any SEO blog writing, typos are extremely repulsive in nature. It reflects lack of professionalism, attention, and disinterest in the blog. Boost your proofreading and hold readers’ attention until the end of the blog.

  1. Unprofessional blog content

The way your content makes your audience think determines the tone of your blog. The tone you have to maintain is that you are writing on behalf of the company and not an individual. Including gossip and incorrect facts in your blog reflects poorly on your online reputation.

Hence, professional blog writer has to avoid a very casual tonality and opt for a more professional and welcoming tone that makes your reader feel as if it is the brand talking to him or her and not yet another individual. You also have to keep the tone human enough and not just be robotic.

  1. Conversion points

It is always a smart move to include conversion points subtly in SEO blog writing. Those ardent readers who follow your brand and anticipate updates would be keen on getting access to premium content.

Having subscriptions that allow them to be a part of the inside circle and get updates before anyone else, or publishing eBooks that give them a better understanding of your brand is a good way to make some more money from your online presence through blogs.

Tailing your blogs with Call-To-Action buttons that encourage your readers to subscribe is a chance that should not be missed.

To wrap up

Avoiding the SEO blog writing bloopers is one important aspect of effective online content marketing. It is a sign that the brand is serious and professional in its approach and is diligent about what it puts out. This, in turn, instils a sense of trust in your brand and its values, which indirectly shows up in the form of increased ROI.b

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