What to Check in Proofreading for Big Data Content Writing?

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Good content writing for Big Data doesn’t simply end with completing the first draft. In fact this is just 50% of the activity. Post finishing your draft (and reading it once to ensure all facts are covered logically), you need to carry out the below checks in order to make it ready for submission to the Big Data client.

Here are a few essential steps to take after your first draft is ready

1 – Flow of thought

Some things to check here are –

  • Just like the human body, content should have a proper structure. It needs to start with a head (introduction), have a body, and conclude appropriately (to reinforce the main point).
  • All thoughts on the Big Data Content Writing should flow seamlessly from one idea to another. I have seen many pieces of content where the introduction is great. But when moving to the main body
  • Have your content body split into smaller digestible parts with the help of bullets or numbered lists
  • All facts around the Big Data client need to be fact-checked and relevant to the current times. So if you write ‘Hadoop is a new distributed file system’ when in fact it was launched way back in 2011. Or if you write ‘ETL is used to create data visualization’ when in fact ETL is used to extract, transform, clean, and load into a big data database for further analytics and visualization processes.

2 – Grammar and spelling check

Make sure that all rules of grammar and spelling check are followed. Your command over the English language and the range of words available in your vocabulary will play a decisive factor in this point. Check out some key grammar misses that a content writer needs to be aware of.

3 – Readability check

Some of the checks to be done in this step include –

  • No long sentences. Break up long sentences to two-three smaller ones for better readability
  • One idea in one sentence
  • No use of passive voice

4 – Sentence structuring

Some of the quick checks in this point include –

  • Use of consistent 1st person or 3rd person tone. This will depend a lot on the type of content. So web content and blogs will be usually in 1st person (‘you’, ‘your’, ‘we’, ‘our’), more formal types of content (whitepapers, case studies, articles, company profile) will be in 3rd person tone (‘it’, ‘they’, ‘their’)
  • Uniformity in the entire content. Typically a piece of content will have a core idea/ theme around which it will revolve. Make sure this is followed at all times.
  • Check out more tips on blog writing for successful conversion
  • Another useful resource talks about finding your voice when writing blog content.

5 – Plagiarism check

Now your draft is more or less in the final state. One key check here is to verify that the Big Data content is 100% unique. You need to use premium tools like Copyscape to assess the originality of your content. Many freelance writers try to cut corners and use free tools to check for content plagiarism. However this is not advisable. Free tools may show a content as 100% unique even when that it not the case. Imagine if you pass plagiarized content to the Big Data client and she catches this issue? Not only will it be a huge embarrassment, but you will lose the client because of the lower credibility plagiarism gives to writers.

Another point that freelancers argue on is “I do my content writing from scratch, so why should I check for plagiarism?” My only point is – there are billions of pieces of content on the Internet. How will you verify that inadvertently no block of text is matching anything on the Internet? They do not have a reply to this.

The bottom line – plagiarism check is as fundamental to content writers and copywriters, as breathing is to human life.

To wrap up

Any worthwhile provider of content writing services in India will vouch for the immense importance of check meticulously after the writing is finished. This step of checking will uphold the high quality benchmark your agency is known for and ensure that you get better Big Data clients for the content writing work.

PS – The last paragraph above has a grammar error. Do write to us and let us know if you were able to find it!

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