Content Marketing Vs. Advertising: Who’s The Big Winner?

content marketing Vs. Advertising

Summary – If you are a brand owner you would be contemplating which medium you need to take for online promotion of your brand. Explore why content marketing is emerging above advertising as a revenue driver

Who is it for – Brand owners looking to do online promotion, digital marketing agencies

The world of marketing, branding and advertising has evolved significantly in the recent years. With the rapid proliferation of digital and mobile, marketing has undergone a metamorphosis. Traditional modes aren’t prevalent anymore, and every business organization is warming up to the concept of content marketing.

With that, you arrive at a crucial debate. Although content marketing is the buzzword but is traditional advertising dead? The following discussion will walk you through a process of understanding the ‘big’ difference. Have a look!

The Why’s and How’s of advertising

Before taking the discussion further, it is imperative to understand what advertising is all about. According to popular market definitions, advertising refers to the process of marketing products, brand messages, ideas, events, and services across sectors. Whether you run a business organization, a political unit, or an educational institute, you will surely wish to reach out to potential clients and mass. Some of the most popular advertising mediums include:

  • Banner ads
  • Billboards
  • Television ads and commercials
  • Pop-ups
  • Radio ads
  • Skywriting
  • Emails

If you wish to develop a comprehensive idea and crystal clear approach to traditional advertising, here’s what you need to know.

Advertising happens to be a consumer-centric approach. Companies, political parties, and other organizations develop advertising campaigns to convince consumers. Their products, offerings, and services will solve the problems of their potential clients, and that’s where the prime emphasis of their campaigns lie.

In spite of offering a myriad of benefits, traditional advertising has a fair share of disadvantages too. That’s where ingenious marketers thought of introducing an entirely new strategy in the form of content marketing.

How is content marketing different from advertising?

How is it different from the traditional forms of marketing and who surpasses whom? Let’s find out.

  1. Claiming vs. Doing

Advertisements make promises and claims. However, not much of it is translated into reality or implemented in actual practice. Every brand claims and aspires to be the ‘Top brand of the world,’ but that’s all. Advertising fails to show results, and it is here that content marketing surpasses it. When a brand creates and promotes its services through compelling copies, it gets the opportunity to show why it’s different. That plays the key differentiator in the entire marketing process.

  1. Individual attention vs. mass mobilization

When you create advertisements, you are aiming to popularize your products across sectors. Most importantly, advertisements have to be appealing and compelling. It is an effective medium of mass mobilization where you target a large group of people having diverse wants, desires, and preferences.

Content marketing is a personalized approach. You can create engaging content that help you reach out to various segments and sections of audience. By creating press releases, video contents, and infographics, you can ensure optimum content consumption. Your target consumers and audiences will know your brand without even viewing your ads.

  1. Long-term Relationship vs. One-time affair

Ads are for initiating and generating purchases. It’s a one-time affair where the brand owner drives sales by inspiring consumers to make purchases. However, content marketing is a detailed and comprehensive approach. Informative and engaging content can help your clients or buyers at every phase of the purchase process. Your consumers stay in touch with your brand right from the inception to the execution of their buying journeys.

Signing off

Advertising isn’t dead, but it’s more like a supporting character in the digital marketing world. Content marketing is the central protagonist. It can impact your bottom lines with personalized and targeted content geared to elevate the user experience of your intended audience.

Are you prepared to grow your content strategy? Quality content is crucial whether you opt for advertising or content marketing,  there is no doubt about that. Don’t make this journey alone. Collaborate with a reputable content writing company to boost your content marketing efforts. Make sure you emerge as the clear winner in your sector. To begin, get in touch with us today!

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