Content Writing for the Healthcare Industry – 6 Tips for Success

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Did you know that 77 percent of the people looking for health information began their last session on a search engine?

In today’s world, the healthcare content writing market is one of the fastest expanding markets. It is one of the niches of the content writing industry, which will always remain in demand.

With the growing time, people are getting more and more dependent on technology. Almost everyone finds it convenient to search their queries on search engines like google before consulting a healthcare professional or to know how their body is doing and whether they need a doctor or not. Keeping all these things in mind, healthcare content writing is consistently profitable. Its value comes with the responsibility of providing valuable and correct information to your readers.

Take the case of writing for a medical tourism company. A well-articulated blog will be able to provide a US or UK citizen with this information to solve her dental problem in a developing nation like India, Spain, or Mexico (we are assuming she is looking for information on dental crowns)

1 – Symptoms / When to go for dental crowns
2 – Treatment details
3 – Why is it cost-effective in a developing nation like Spain or India?
4 – Difference in costs
5 – Top hospitals / dentists within a country for dental crowns
6 – Hospital contact
7 – Nearby hotels and tourist spots
8 – How to arrange for the procedure (here it will be a bit promotional in the form of Cal to action or CTA. The medical tourism company will showcase their ability to take care of all arrangements from start to finish.)

Content like eBooks, videos, blogs, and articles will help here. Such detailed information does three things

1 – Improves the knowledge of a person living in US or UK about how she can get her medical / dental procedures done at a fraction of the home nation cost

2 – Enhances the medical tourism company’s industry authority on the subject

3 – Use of targeted keywords makes the company’s site to rank high on Google search results.


Tips on how to write content for the healthcare industry

If you’re thinking about writing about the healthcare industry and need some tips on how to write content about it, I recommend reading these tips on how to write content for the healthcare industry.

1 – Target The Right Audience

One tip that will make it easier for you to write content in this industry is to think about your ideal reader before writing. Imagine that the title of your content is a problem that your best friend has called you to solve. This way, you’ll be able to write an adequate amount of helpful information.

Healthcare is a broad industry. Healthcare content writers can write for doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, medical tourism companies, medical reps, pharma manufacturers, or (of course) patients. Be very clear about

1 – who the client is (is it a doctor, a hospital, a pharma manufacturer, etc.)

2 – who is the reader (if it is a pharma manufacturer, then it will target doctors, not patients. If it is a doctor then he will target patients most probably)

Once you know who you are writing for, it becomes easy to source the right topic. This will help you with keyword research. It will also help in picking the right words for the desired audience.

Studying the client business is a crucial step in getting started with content writing. This will help to write from the correct perspective. For example, if a dentist doesn’t offer Invisalign (invisible aligners) then it makes sense not to cover this topic for your content.

So, know more about the reader as well as the client you will be writing for.

2 – Conduct A Thorough Research

Healthcare content writing companies conduct thorough research on the topic before writing anything. The more comprehensive your study, the better you will present the information to your readers.

It’s not always necessary to conduct your research solely through search engines such as Google. Yes, no one can argue that Google has a response for anything, but healthcare professionals are the people who can support you the most in the healthcare industry.

If you take help from a healthcare professional, then there is a surety that your content will be one of the most valuable content. If you are a healthcare professional, you can easily write in the niche that you are working.

You can use your personal experience as your content. You can also read books and newspapers to acquire knowledge. Reading autobiographies will also help; quoting real-life stories in your content will make your content more engaging.

3 – Present Accurate Data And Stats

Content writing for healthcare requires the creation of content that is both useful and trustworthy. Remember that healthcare can be a serious matter of life and death. The information you put up will be used by a reader.

You should not write misleading content; instead, you should be sure that the information presented in your article is correct and factual. Providing stats, facts, and links to polls is one way to win people’s confidence.

If you’ve succeeded in keeping your content credible, people will keep coming back to read it, believing that you write valuable and reliable content.

This tip boosts page visits. More than that, it makes you rank higher in search engine results. Including statistics and figures in your content serves as evidence that your content can be believed and is not a forgery.

Content Writing for the Healthcare Industry – 6 Tips for Success

4 – Be Specific And Updated

It’s essential to stay on top of the hottest trends in your industry. It will provide you with content suggestions as well as ensure that the information on your website or blog is not outdated.

It’s essential to keep your blog or website up to date as soon as new information becomes accessible. If not, visitors may receive inaccurate and deceptive content. And this will lower the trust factor from your site. Take the example of dental crowns. Many dentists will use CAD-CAM and 3D printing to fabricate crowns that fit the patient’s jaw and teeth. Referring to these trending techniques will definitely boost the trust factor for the dentist whom you are writing for.

Be specific while you write your content. Many websites on the internet are not relevant and specific. Their title says something else and contents something else. You don’t want to be this person because it affects your ranking significantly. You need to be on point with your content. This is another trust-building factor worth noting.

Make sure to not just harp on technicalities. If your target audience are patients, they need to know what’s in it for them.

For instance, if we continue with above dental crown example, the reader will be interested to know the various benefits of going for dental crowns. Having this section in the blog content will go a long way in ensuring successful conversion.

5 – The Keywords in Content Writing for Healthcare

Pay close attention to keywords in content writing for healthcare. Selecting high performance keyword and using it organically in the content offer significant SEO gains. It is one of the proven strategies to increase blog traffic.

Every niche has its own set of keywords. And healthcare content writing industry is no exception. You must pay close attention to keywords, but this does not imply that you can stuff a lot of keywords into your content. Many websites have been found doing keyword stuffing with their content. But this black hat technique no longer works.

The content must be valuable, reliable with an adequate number of keywords. There are a lot of free and paid tools available for keyword research. Use them to find the right and best keywords on your topic. Doing so gets more organic traffic on your blog post.

6 – Craft Consistent & Readable Content

Consistency is also essential for your content to perform well in search engines. Maintain consistency in your content. Be sure that everything you have written is written in simple terminology and easy-to-understand words; don’t use technical terms from the healthcare industry, so they’ll be difficult for non-healthcare professionals to comprehend.

Don’t ignore that a layperson will read the content. Hence it should be readable. This will provide an enjoyable experience to the reader rather than drain her energy while reading.

Read more – Why is Readability Important in SEO Content Writing?

Lastly, make sure to target social media with helpful captions, posts, site re-directions, and relevant hashtags. Patients will see fresh posts daily on your social media handles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Hence, they will keep you on top of their mind when they want more medical information. Perhaps, this is to leverage the stat that 41 percent of the patients say that social media affects their choice of a physician, a clinic, or a hospital.

To conclude

Now, you have enough information about how to write content for the healthcare industry with these pro-level tips. You may be busy with your practice and may not have time to promote your practice online.

This is where it makes sense to hire content writers for healthcare content. An agency like Textuar will help in writing stellar content on healthcare niche. We will help clearly explain medical concepts without the overuse of jargons that can confuse the audience. Connect with us to know more about our content writing competencies.

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