Copywriting and the ‘Rule of Three’

copywriting and Rule of three

Summary – Take an in-depth look into the rule of three when developing creative content, ad copy, or sales persuasive copywriting

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If you can recall some of the most popular stories, fairy tales, and moral fables prevalent in your childhood, you will surely come across a highly interesting fact. From the ‘Three Little Bears’ and ‘The Three Musketeers’ to ‘Three Little Kittens’ and ‘Three Little Pigs,’ the number ‘three’ has an inevitable presence in all these stories.

Look back into the past, and you will find the use of ‘three’ in various ways. Popular quotes are constructed in three parts, information recognition takes place in patterns of three, and the number ‘three’ also defines supernatural and comic elements in a story.

The trend continues to this day, and ‘three’ continues to be important even today. If you are into creative content writing, ad copy, or jingles, ‘three’ will turn out to be the magic word for you.

The ‘Rule Of Three’ In Compelling Copywriting

Why is it so? What is it that makes number ‘three’ so important? When it comes to creating attractive and compelling copies, ‘three’ plays a remarkable role. If you dig deeper, you will find that human understanding and cognition is related to specific patterns. ‘Three’ is a significant numeric value in this context.

Whether it is comprehending a concept, conceptualizing an idea, or developing catchy and indellible content, the numeric value ‘three’ is significant.

On that note, it is high time you find out how the ‘Rule of Three’ helps you create attractive, compelling, and engaging content.

  1. Weaving a story

The art of storytelling is the first pillar of these ‘three principles.’ Whether it’s a fun story, fairy tales, or myths, the pattern of ‘three’ characters or incidents creates a memorable, engaging, and unique storyline. That’s not all; readers have this habit of recognizing literary elements classified in groups of three.

What to do: If you are planning to enthrall your readers with highly engaging content, make sure you follow the ‘Rules of Three’ while creating them. Well, you might get lucky ‘thrice’ or in the ‘third’ attempt.

  1. The touch of humor

The right amount of fun, frolic and humor can impart an exceptional touch to your content. Most of the times, comedians use the ‘pattern of three’ to hit the right chords in the audiences’ hearts and minds. Its plain psychology at work here. You respond better to the ‘third element’ which brings comic relief to a situation, content, or incidents. Let’s find out how the ‘third element’ determines the rise and fall of a textual context.


Punchlines in a comedy or comical satire occurs in three. That’s because the audience responds to the third element.

The crux

The ‘crux’ or the ‘peak’ in a story is where the tension heightens. It is from this particular place that the story advances towards climax. Almost every time, a writer ensures that the third element will unfold the story.


Anticipation is a highly crucial part of the drama. If you are working in the genre of drama or thriller, the third element should initiate the climax.

  1. Make it sticky

One of the important parameters involved in the ‘Rule of Three’ is the idea of ‘sticky’ concepts. You can create a regular and continuous pattern of three words, concepts, or ideas that represent the underlying idea of your content in a nutshell.

Some of the popular examples of ‘rule of three’ in historic quotes include:

  • ‘Blood, sweat, tears,’
  • ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’,
  • ‘Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit’
  • ‘Of the people, by the people, for the people’,
  • ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’

The list is huge if we were to pen down the ‘rule of three’ in action across multiple contexts.

Parting thoughts

You simply can’t deny the huge significance of quality content in the consumer engagement process. A compelling copy can utilize the ‘rule of three’ to captivate the attention of potential visitors. This way, experts in copywriting services can accelerate  the conversion process. It gives a business more impact, makes marketing more effective, and advertising more captivating.

— By the way, the last sentence too applied the ‘rule of three’!

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