How to create effective list posts that convert like crazy?

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Creating a high volume of blogs is the primary responsibility of blog writing companies. Out of the various blogs you may have posted online, only some manage to gain traction the way you want it.

We see a handful of blogs that receives serious attention and converts like crazy. There is a very high chance that such blogs are created in the form of a list post

Of course, there are other factors like adding free images to the site or enhancing the readability of the content. 

But when a blog is designed in the form of a list post, it has a better likelihood of engaging better with the readers. This way, it helps in your brand’s conversion goals. 

So today we cover some interesting points around this topic.

– What is a list post?

– 4 benefits of a list post

– Tips to create effective list posts

So, let’s dive right in!


blog writing companies

What is a list post?

HubSpot says that every role in business requires strong writing skills. This statement has never been as relevant as it is to digital marketing. Online content writing requires certain skills to convey marketing messages with one purpose. It should get the readers to act on the call to action.

One such skill is the ability to present content in a way that readers like to read. 

This is the USP of a list post. 

Such a blog has meaningful chunks of information spread across different bullet points. Of course, the flow from one point to another in the list is meaningful and logical. It helps readers to better comprehend the content. It also helps them skim through it to extract the key information behind the narrative.

What is the structure of a list post?

In order to be called a list post, experts in blog writing services do the below formatting – 

– They have a bulleted or numbered list. 

– They need to have a minimum of three or more such points

– Such posts break bigger paragraphs into such lists  

– Doing so introduces lots of white spaces in between

– Readers can understand complex explanation as it is broken down into digestible portions

In short, this is a non-intimidating way to present information to readers.

What is an example of a list post?

Let’s compare two versions of the same text that convey the same information.

Version 1 – unordered list in one continuous paragraph

Microsoft Office provides various tools to help us be productive in business. Word is a word-processing program. Excel is mathematical and arithmetical software. PowerPoint helps to create a presentation. Teams helps remote employees to collaborate together. Access is the database program.  

Version 2 – ordered list 

Microsoft Office provides various tools to help us be productive in business. 

– Word is a word-processing program. 

– Excel is a mathematical and arithmetical software. 

– PowerPoint helps to create a presentation. 

– Teams helps remote employees to collaborate together. 

– Access is the database program.  

See what is happening here? 

Well, three key things stand out in Version 2 above

1 – Version 2 is much easier to read

2 – Readers can better skim the content and focus on only those points that are relevant to them

3 – The text creates ‘breathing space’ or ‘white space’ in between, which enhances the readability

Considering these advantages, it is no wonder that experts in blog writing services widely use these services.

Where can you use lists in the blog?

Blog writing companies should strive to use a list at least once (or twice) in the blog. Some of the typical positions to put lists in the blog include the below 

  1. Just after the introduction is over (to inform what points will come next in the blog body)
  2. In the blog body (to break a big subheading into smaller digestible portions)
  3. When providing a step-by-step guidance
  4. They come in handy when you want to show a definite order of steps to follow
  5. When linking to several different resources to explain your point.


What are the benefits of list posts?

Let us sell you the idea of list posts. Let’s break down this section into a list of benefits of list posts!

1 – They help the readers

Digital content readers are notorious for their short attention spans. HubSpot says that more than half of all pageviews are less than half a minute!

List posts help make the content sticky.

Readers have an easy time consuming such content.  

2 – They are a ‘share’ magnet

Such list posts take the form of a numbered list in the title. Examples like ‘Top 10 cardio workouts for heart health’ or ‘5 Halloween party ideas’ are actually list posts in action. 

Internet users can consume information quickly with such lists. They can focus on one or two key takeaways and spend their time wisely. 

For instance, in the ‘5 Halloween party ideas’, the readers will not go through ALL 5 ideas. Instead, she will pick one that is worth her time and read the content of that particular block in greater detail.  

Such efficient content consumption saves her time. Moreover, it improves the shareability of the content. The value of the information you provide will make her spend an extra 15 seconds sharing the content on her social media handle. This will further elevate the number of eyeballs on the list post. 

3 – They attract readers repeatedly

Imagine if you have a ‘Top 5 Halloween Party ideas’. Chances are that the reader will return back to this post again after some time. We can expect them not to have a photographic memory. Hence, they will definitely return for some more information on the particular idea they have selected. 

What tips will help you create a killer list post?

1 – Understand the objective

Utilize proper time in brainstorming on topic research. This is similar to the approach you take for your regular blogs and articles. 

So you first need to know what the audience wants to know. What is their pain point or their struggle? What information will they be looking for?

For knowing this, you need to do keyword research and analyze competitors. This will help you in coming up with a topic for your list post. 

2 – Examine individual problems to solve

Once you have narrowed down on the topic, you can think about which points will come together to solve the bigger singular problem of the blog topic. 

For example, your topic may be ‘4 Tips to Grow Plants.’ And one of the sub-topics will be ‘Focus on soil pH.’ Now when you write about soil pH, you cannot simply say, 

The soil should have the optimal pH level.” 

This really doesn’t add any information to the readers. 

Instead, do in-depth research for this ‘individual problem as a part of the blog writing services. You will uncover better intel to populate this particular subtopic. So eventually, it may read: 

The soil should have the optimal pH level between 5.6 and 7.1” 

This way, you are adding more value to this particular list item of the list post. 

3 – List down the benefits too

Many blog writing companies stop at elaborating on the feature of a particular list item. We suggest you to go ahead from there.

Taking a cue from the classic copywriting rule, you can show the benefits to the readers after you have elaborated on the point. 

Doing so will improve the stickiness of the list post.  

4 – Focus on depth rather than lengthc 

Have you ever come across a post ‘195 benefits of a DSLR camera’, with each point consisting of 1 sentence? 

Chances are, no. 

Rather than listing out a whopping list of 195 benefits, you can research and narrow down the list to 7 to 10 benefits in the post.

Now you go on to add more depth for each list item, rather than covering it just in passing. This is way better than the hollow post of 195 benefits with no value anywhere. 

When figuring out which list items will make it to your 7 to 10 items out of the 195 items, focus on one point – industry authority. 

If a point has already been covered by your competitor, disregard it and move to the next list item. This way, you will be left with 7 to 10 items that not many may have covered. As such, your list will portray you as an authoritative figure in your industry.

This also goes well with the E-A-T norms of Google SEO ranking factors. 

To conclude

List posts are effective ways to drive traffic through the roof. Such posts from blog writing companies get more and more people to read, share, like, and comment. As a result, it improves your brand visibility. 

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