How to Become a Financial Content Writing Expert?

financial content writing

An expert in financial content writing adapts well to present complex content in an easy to understand manner.

Imagine two different definitions of blockchain

1 – A blockchain is like a diary where entries / transactions are recorded and owned by a single owner. Such a diary / ledger is available on public domain. It cannot be modified without the consent of other owners who have other entries in the diary.

2 – A blockchain is distributed across a network of computers. It is immutable,  decentralized, and secure. Each block of information, such as facts or transaction details, is retroactively coupled together and proceed using a cryptographic principle or a hash value.

Which explanation of the term will more readers comprehend?

Chances are that more readers will understand the first explanation as it uses simple words minus any jargons.

That is the power of financial content writing.

A capable finance content writing company will be able to explain complex financial terms in layman language. This way, the end customers of the financial company will better engage with these customers. This is because they speak the same language (everyday conversational language) that is present on the content.


 Why choose a financial content writing company?

On the internet, content is the heart and soul of your business. It has the power to make or break valuable relationships with your customers. Hence, it is a smart move to entrust content creation activity to capable finance content writers.

The job of a financial content writer is to generate educational content and market analysis. These copies are then published in both the digital and print publications.

But there is a catch.

The readers aren’t expert in financial terms.

So how do they absorb the insights and analysis presented by financial experts?

Simple! By dumbing down the information and stripping off jargons. This way readers will see content that is of value for them and is readable for a wider section of the target audience.

In simple terms, as a financial writer, you will become the bridge for the knowledge gap between the financial company and the readers.

What qualification background should the financial content writer have?

To be honest, there is no set qualification for a financial content writer. Every company or publication that seeks a finance writer has its own criteria.

However, people with a graduate degree in economics, finance, journalism, or management are usually preferred. They may have an understanding of the various terminologies in this domain. In case if you hold a master’s degree, then you can request for the higher pay in the company.

But if you have logical instincts with finance, then you have a fair shot at acquiring the position.

As a finance writer, you will have to focus on two important aspects. These are:

  • Generate educational copies
  • And write market commentary or analysis

What skills do financial content writers possess?

To give you a proper insight into the finance content writer’s skill sets, let us divide them into three parts. And these are:

  • Copywriting Skills

The finance writer must have the capacity to create easy and logical copies. He/she must also be able to ask intriguing questions similar to the investigative journalist.

As a financial content writer, the person should also be capable of explaining in-depth financial terminology or transactions. This way, even a layman or an amateur person will be able to understand the content.

  • Research Before Writing

The second trait of a successful finance content writer is his ability to dissect news. He must know how to generate article topics through research. Or should be able to construct prompt analysis within hours of the release of trendy news.

The person should be highly creative with the usage of the words. Only then will the writer be able to cater to the masses as well as optimize it as per the search engines.

  • Adapt to Financial Content Writing

Lastly, the writer must have the ability to modify their writing style. This way, the copies stay consistent on the channels they operate. In simple terms, the writer must be able to adjust as per the media he is sending out his information on.

For instance,

1 – Writing an extensive quotation collected from industry sources, then it can range from 1000 to more words.

2 – When you write content for the web, it can range from 500 to 2000+ words.

3 – Social media content is catchy and may be just one or two lines. It may also need to be accompanied by visual media.

So, now that you know the skills. Let us move towards understanding the key topic. How to become a specialist in BFSI domain

Steps to becoming a financial content writer

1- Upskill yourself

It goes without saying. You cannot create financial content with lacking knowledge. But that does not mean that you must be a finance influencer in order to be a financial content writer.

Your familiarity with finance and the passion for learning something new is enough to make you a finance writer. You can upskill yourself by learning the basics of financial concepts. You can even start stalking the market and the industry.

Ensure to choose the finance sector. Upskill yourself in specialties in different domain. These could be on share markets, investments, global finance, wealth management, insurance, banking, NBFC or fintech. This is because the finance industry is vast. It will take you years to master every section it has to offer. Instead, pick one and proceed.

Also, do not forget to sweep through popular financial blogs. They offer more information than you expect.

2- Enhance your communication style: 

Reading financial content can become boring in the blink of an eye. That is why your main goal should be of creating compact contents that have a steady stream to it.

Do not prefer using industrial jargon unless you want to sound extremely expert. And trust us, the average readers do not care about the industrial slangs.

They want blogs that are incredibly informative and easy to understand. And once you start sounding like an expert, your reader will lose interest in your content. They will end up terming it as “boring.”

The best way to keep the readers engaged is by using simple words and communicative language. Pretend as if you are talking to someone while writing the content.

3- Find the right clients: 

The need for content writers is blooming. As the masses turn to the internet for their queries, the industry finds ways to offer information through their sites.

However, if you wish to be a finance writer, you must know which kind of work will enhance your knowledge.

Go for publications that deal with the market on a daily basis. Work with magazines or newspapers. Find a financial product seller or a financial advisory firm that keeps on creating instructive contents for their customers.

You can either become a full-time writer, a part-time writer or a freelancer. The choice is yours.

4- Create a solid portfolio: 

Gaining knowledge isn’t enough if you desire to become an expert in something. You must have evidence of your work in order to exhibit it to the future prospective. And that is when your portfolio will come to your aid.

Start it from the very beginning. A fully detailed portfolio will tell the clients that you went from nothing to a successful finance content writer.

Go through any successful content writer’s website or details. The first thing you will notice is the portfolio. That is how powerful a portfolio it is.

Just make sure that your portfolio suggests the clients about your goals.

Bottom line

It is evident that it takes a degree of finesse to excel at finance content writing. The opportunities are endless thanks to the broad BFSI domain that can leverage such skills.

At Textuar Communications, we have gained substantial experience in financial content writing.

Our ability has enabled different companies to spell out their value proposition in simple yet impactful marketing messages. This way, they can initiate and build long term engagement with target readers online. Such content also help portray the company’s industry authority position.

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