Five Effortless Steps to Make Your Blog posts Shareable

make your blog post shareable with these tips

Garnering readers for your blog has never been an easy task. It, quite clearly, is a tedious task that transcends beyond the usual objectives of compelling blog writing and posting to high-traffic sites. In short, the game of making your blog posts-share-worthy requires something more.

Want to check out how you can ensure that readers hit the ‘Share’ button on your blog? Then check out these important tips to improve the shareability of your blog.

1. It is all about the content!

It all comes down to that one thing that many people are overlooking these days – content. Making quality content may have them all glued to your site but would they want to share it? Have you given them something that resonates with their thinking? Have you voiced their opinion?

Considering all of this becomes pivotal when it comes to making your blog posts shareable.  Make personally relatable content at the time of blog writing. The blog posts should reflect (or even challenge) the views of your target reader. This will make him/her share your content either due to the agreement or due to the disagreement. Either way, your post has been shared and that’s all that matters.

To know what readers are reading and sharing currently, you need to be in touch with topics that matter. Set Google Alerts about topics that would matter to your business and cover news or new update as soon as you can.

2. Make life easy for your reader by using “sharing plugins”

Make things easier for your reader. Let them not go out of their way to hunt for ways to share your content. Provide them with that even before they ask for it. Many such options are available which allow you to do that. Shareaholic is one such popular case-in-point.

Added benefits include analysis of your post and the ability to monitor your social media presence as well.

3. What looks great, is shared well.

Make it look good and half your battle is won. It isn’t news to many that what looks greats, sells well. The same holds true for your content too. Making it visually pleasing will make it go a long way.

Making visually pleasing content is no more a herculean task now. If it is content that concerns itself with statistics and numbers, infographics are your go-to tools. If the content you are trying to put out is entertainment-based, gifs, images, and video embeds make your post all the more shareable.

4. Keep it real, is all

Several sharing plugins now share analytics displaying how many times your post has been viewed, shared and liked. This builds a considerable amount of credibility among your readers.

Also, in some mild manner, it pokes the herd mentality of readers overall and compels them to share the post among their peers. But this also calls in for some caution because if your post does not live up to the statistics is shows, then that can backfire, thus adding to negative publicity for your post.

5. Ask them to do the needful

Sometimes, being vocal help. Asking your readers to share creates a one-on-one connection with them. By doing this, you are imparting a certain amount of responsibility to them and if you have had that rapport with your readers in the past, they’d feel entitled to share your content without flinching. Going for the kill does the trick.

  1. “Like what you see? Feel free to share it with your friends.”

To sign off

There are endless other means to endorse your blog posts and make it share-worthy. Banking on the above-mentioned steps would definitely up your blog ‘shares’ stats in record-time. Do let us know which of these have you tried out in your blog writing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the key to making blog posts shareable?

Crafting shareable content involves more than just high-quality writing. Your content should resonate with readers, reflecting or challenging their views. Creating personally relatable content ensures your audience shares based on agreement or disagreement. This, ultimately, boosts your post’s shareability.

  1. How can I make sharing my blog content easier for readers?

Utilizing “sharing plugins” like Shareaholic is recommended to make the sharing process seamless for readers. These plugins not only simplify sharing but also provide additional benefits such as post-analysis. It gives you the ability to monitor your social media presence.

  1. What precautions should I take when showcasing post statistics?

While displaying analytics can build credibility, it’s essential to ensure your post lives up to the statistics shown. Misleading data can backfire and lead to negative publicity. Maintain the quality of your content to align with the expectations set by analytics.

  1. How does the visual appeal of content contribute to its shareability?

The saying, “What looks great sells well”, holds true for blog content as well. Making your content visually pleasing, using tools like infographics for statistics can significantly enhance its shareability. You can even incorporate gifs, images, and video embeds for entertainment-based content.

  1. Is it effective to ask readers to share my content?

Yes, being direct and asking readers to share your content creates a personal connection. Encouraging them with a simple call-to-action like “Like what you see? Feel free to share it with your friends” can instil a sense of responsibility, leading to increased sharing.

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