Five Simple Tweaks to Polish Blog Content for Big Data Clients

Five Simple Tweaks to Polish Blog by blog writing service provider for Big Data Clients

For a blog writing services provider working for a big data client, engaging the reader till the end of the content is a major milestone. The most troubling thing for a writer is to attract readers towards his/her blog or website. Also, anyone who has been doing content marketing or SEO for big data companies but has not been getting the required results has to just follow something very simple:

Improve your blog writing… with a few simple tweaks.

Yes, taking your content from so-so to awesome is what keeps readers hooked, and enables digital conversions for your big data clients. If you are one such blog writing services provider who wants to add tremendous value for his/ her big data customer, but doesn’t know what to do, then help is at hand.

How to power up blog writing services for big data clients?

Here are a few simple tweaks that you can follow to ensure that your big data client achieves substantial gains with your content writing prowess

1) Do plenty of research and then some more

The importance of research cannot be undermined in blog writing or website content writing for big data customers. To create unique content, an original research on the subject is very essential. If you write by taking inspiration from someone’s blog it would not qualify as unique content and the big data client’s target reader will be smart enough to understand this.

For example, if you are writing about Big Data trends in 2018, you need to check authentic sources and create a unique content that will help your big data clients stay ahead with relevant trends.

So instead of focusing on old tools/resources/trends, you can write about new age tools like Kudu, MemSQL, and Exasol (all hot databases that with lightning fast capabilities for 2018 and beyond). Another example, a deeper research will show you that there are numerous other data sources than just Hadoop as we move into 2018 and this needs to be brought out in your blog.

2) Add more metaphors and stories

Stories and metaphors have the power of attracting a reader towards itself. Also, it adds more chutzpah to your writing. Often people don’t remember a single line from a full page they had read, but most often than not they would remember a story well told.

Also by providing metaphors and examples of your own, it will at least be guaranteed that the writing will be original and also it will reveal a part of your personality thereby attracting more readers towards your content.

3) Speak the truth and from your heart

Most of the people make the mistake of writing something generic which feels a bit robotic to the readers and thereby making them disinterested in your writing. It’s a basic truth that most writers fall into the trap of pumping out content and do not give much importance to the quality of the writing after a few months. So it’s fundamental to speak from the heart which will also make your content approachable and entertaining.

This characteristic within your blog writing services can be a vital magnet for CEOs, CTOs, and business owners – the key customers your Big Data client will be pitching to.

4) Use more visual media

It’s often said that “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Research has proven that visual medium is many times more effective in disseminating a message compared to a written article. So by inserting more images and videos in your article, you can attract tremendous eyeballs in a very small time span.

For Big Data clients you can create an original video or a short infographic story. This way they can gain incredible traction with your readers and procure a loyal fan following.

5) Crosscheck and proofread

Most people feel that going through the content one has written is a very boring task. Still, it’s very important to proofread your content before publishing as it can save you from a lot of embarrassment. Also by cross-checking the facts you can save a lot of damage to your reputation and goodwill as a dependable blog writing company.

These are some of the simple steps you can take as a blog writing  company for your big data customer. Following these small tweaks can go great miles in making your content more powerful, more user-friendly, and easy to comprehend for business audience of your big data client.

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