Hot Content Writing Trends for 2018


As we step into a remarkable new year full of promises and potential, it is the right time for some crystal ball gazing. Today, we are going to check out what hot content writing trends will dominate the year 2018 .

1 – Focus on people first, Google second

Many website content deliveries are geared to have keywords added to the content for SEO. The issue happens when too many keywords snatch the relevance away from the content. Today’s evolved online customer will immediately catch this issue and leave the content without acting on it.

The key is to keep the language conversational and engaging. Primary keywords and LSI keywords will flow in naturally into the content when you focus on your readers rather than the search engines.


2 – Focus on the context

Remember that you are wiring not for your client, but for your client’s customers. If your client has a shiny new product, it won’t matter until you convey the answer to this query to the customers:

“What’s in it for them?”

Online Marketing magazine, CMO says that 80% of the buyers are turned off by aggressive marketing and sales. This is more prominent for website content where you are pitching your brand to a total stranger. Instead of pushy sales go for subtle content that touches upon the benefits they will derive when they connect with your brand.

3 – Make content scannable

The online user has an attention span of an average of 8 seconds. Make these 8 seconds count for your content in the below ways –

  1. Have a catchy headline
  2. Tell the reader in the intro itself about what the content will cover
  3. Keep in mind the reader persona and use words accordingly
  4. Structure it into digestible portions in the below ways

– Use bullets and lists

– Avoid fluff and meaningless sentences like plague

– Use sub headings and mark them in bold for the reader who wants to scan the content

– Don’t keep more than 2-3 sentences in each paragraph

Neil Patel says that creating compelling headlines and content is a difficult task for 43% of the marketers surveyed in a TechValidate B2B marketing survey. Hence it makes perfect sense to outsource this important process to a good content writing agency in India. With cost effective pricing and superior quality benchmarks you would get exceptional work delivered for your content marketing needs.

4 – Leverage Visual Content

Remember the 8-second attention span we talked about earlier (well, if it is more than 8 seconds ago then you might need to scroll up again!). Visual content seeks to eliminate this barrier and keep readers hooked to the content for longer.

Creating infographics, animations (memes and gifs) and videos will be the key ways to grab readers’ attention and have them stick on the site for longer.

Check out this incredible visual content creation guide for inspiration.

To wrap up

These top content writing trends in 2018 will be visible across industries and across geographies. Make sure to keep these pointers in mind when developing content for 2018. With these handy points, you would be able to deliver enhanced value as a content writing agency of repute.

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