How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes as an SEO Blog Writer?


It is a major roll-your-eye moment when our friends say ‘Oh! So you do blogging the entire day! That’s it???’ They think that an SEO blog writer has an easy job. But when they themselves sit to stitch together 4 lines on a given theme, they realize one fact – Blogging is not for everyone!

For a person committed to make a living from blogging, this fact should not be a deterrent. It’s ok! It happens with every new blogger. The good news is that these barriers to high quality content writing is totally avoidable if you know about them.


What mistakes should new SEO blog writers be aware of?

So, here is our compilation of some mistakes typically done by rookie SEO blog writer, and how you can avoid them.

1 – Mistake: You think of only those ideas that interest you

Solution: Think of ideas that help solve your readers’ problems

This is a fairly common one with newbies writing business blogs. They pick topics based on themes and topic they are comfortable with. But they fail to identify whether the readers would want to read them. Just because an idea appeals to you, doesn’t mean that your readers too would like it.

As it is there are millions of articles published every day. If your readers don’t like what they read. They will simply close your site. This is a potential opportunity lost forever.

You can focus your business blog around the most frequently asked question that the sales team receives on the field. For example, a TV manufacturer may get a lot of queries around configuring HDMI settings. Now your blog can focus on ‘how-to’ or ‘step-by-step guides’ for configuring HDMI settings on the VXU brand of TVs. This way you go out of your comfort zone as a writer and provide useful information that solves a customer’s problem.

2 – Mistake: Zero lead capturing mechanisms on the page

Solution: Give a way for readers to connect with you after reading a post

Rookies in business blogging aren’t sure how to tap traffic potential with blogs. Of course, comments are an excellent way to go. But they should also have a way to collect emails from interested readers. After all, you didn’t spend 5 to 6 hours a day on a 2000 word blog just for the heck of it, right?

Also it is interesting to note that email content marketing returns $38 for every $1 invested! The returns are far too great to ignore. So go ahead and add mail capture buttons on blogs to drive more qualified site traffic.

3 – Mistake: Writing shallow content

Solution: Make in-depth posts that drive positive outcomes for your blog

Imagine this piece of content extract

“You may have problems with your weed plant. To resolve it you can carry out some steps. You need to have the right medium for growth of the plant. This way you can grow your weed plant”

I can picture myself as a reader who is seething with frustration due to the lack of information present in this extract. It leaves the reader with more questions than answers!

  1. Which steps
  2. Which medium are you talking about?

Instead, you can have an in-depth content like the one below

“You may have problems with your weed plant. To resolve it you can carry out some steps as below –

    1. Pick the appropriate grow medium
    2. Select your location
    3. Pick the right grow light
    4. The germination, flowering, and harvesting stage
        1. Grow medium – You need to get the right grow medium. You have various options like
        1. Organic composted Soil
        2. Soil with perlite
        3. Soilless mixture like coco coir or vermiculite
        4. Hydronic growing that lets plants grow in water”

This is an example of in-depth content.

The content depth is what separates a ‘meh!’ content (from the first example) to a ‘wow!’ content (the in-depth blog content in second example).

So you need to add depth by

      1. Elaborating on the content further
      2. Giving examples, illustrations, use cases, facts, figures, and statistics
      3. Showing benefit to readers (or What’s in it for them?)

There is one more advantage of such in-depth blog. Your coverage gets more depth. More than that your content length too increases. This takes us to the next rookie mistake.

4 – Mistake: Writing short content

Solution: Long form content is proven to generate more traffic

This is another newbie problem. They want to see fast results and hence don’t spend a lot of time on a blog. Hence their blogs touch the bare minimum of 500 words. But reports after reports says that bloggers are now spending more time crafting high quality content and writing longer posts.

This ties up with the 3rd mistake covered of not making in-depth content.

You see, in-depth content needs more words. So, new SEO blog writer can overcome both problems in one go.

Experts too corroborate the fact that blogs should be more than 2000 words to create an impact on readers as well as gain rankings boost. If you cannot execute this time-intensive task on your own then you can choose competent SEO blog writing services experts like Textuar Communications.

Hubspot says that your ideal blog post length should be between 2,100 to 2,400 words.

This practice will also help in a third way. Google search bots would consider long form content as authoritative. It builds site authority and improve your SEO rankings.

5 – Mistake – Not posting SEO blog frequently

Solution: Aim to post 2-3 times a week at the minimum

Another big mistake is not writing consistently. Newbies think that posting once at any point in the week is enough to drive traffic and leads. As an SEO blog writer, you need to start blogging more often if you need more traffic and leads to your site.

This mage from Hubspot shows how customer acquisition efficacy goes on increasing with the number of posts published


The image shows that 76% of bloggers who posted 2-3 posts a week got a customer through their blog. Comparatively, only 33% of bloggers posting less than once a month got a customer through their blog.

The equation is simple –

Number of blogs posted is directly proportional to number of site visitors, and

Number of site visitors is directly proportional to conversion rate

So if you are looking to acquire more customers, start out by having a daily blog posting target. Start off in the morning, wrap up the blog, publish it, and then move on to the rest of your tasks.

A pro tip – Make sure your blog conclusion is compelling so that readers gain trust and send business enquiries

To sign off

It is okay to make mistakes when you are starting out with your own blog. But you need to take learnings from these mistakes and improve your content writing quality. Otherwise, these mistakes can cost your valuable customer acquisition goals and prevent business growth.

You can avoid these issues by delegating the blog writing activity to experts such as Textuar. Their have a team of SEO blog writers who can create compelling and original content, to help you meet your digital marketing goals.

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