How To Generate Passive Income From Content

Generate Passive income revenue from content

Summary – Additional revenue is from your site content need not be a windfall. With proven strategies, you too can generate passive income for your content

Who is it for – Bloggers, Internet marketing companies, Companies running their own blogs.

Yes, it is possible to receive passive income from content. However for this, you need to devise special monetization strategies. Please note that this blog doesn’t emphasize on the traditional ‘paid models.’ Marketers need to think out of the box to generate passive revenues online.

We have rounded up three such sources for you – Google’s AdSense, Reader Donations, and Amazon’s affiliation. These are some of the effective ways of generating passive income from content writing. Let’s explore some ideas that will help you leverage these platforms.

The magical trio

Whether you are creating online website content, designing products, or selling services in the digital arena, Google’s AdSense, Amazon affiliations, and Donations will play a pivotal role. While Google and Amazon ensure retargeted and contextual advertising, donations are more direct. However, the perfect mix of these three platforms might just prove to be the right resource. Here’s a short glimpse of these platforms and how they can help you generate online income.

  1. Harnessing Google AdSense

Before even trying to use Google AdSense, you must develop detailed ideas of the platform. Google’s AdSense is one of the biggest and most effective advertising networks in the digital arena. The AdSense code has the power to scan your content thus offering relevant ads for your audience. It is here that you come across a highly crucial question. How does AdSense prove to be the most effective revenue generating platform? Here are some answers!

  • Content-centric ads: AdSense focuses on advertisements that are relevant to your website and appropriate for the content published on it. When Google’s spider crawls and scans such content, they display ads that are relevant to your site.
  • No irrelevant ads: If your site and content are based on say, lifestyle issues, you won’t receive ads that don’t share relevance with topics posted on your website. Your visitors won’t have the opportunity to view ads on anything else other than what’s there on your site.

AdSense helps your site feature in the top advertisements. All you need to do is get Google’s certifications, that’s all.

  1. Reader donations

Another effective way to enable passive income from content is reader donations. You should know how to pull off the right tasks at the right hour, thus generating a lot of passive income from donations. The prime emphasis is on convincing your readers to listen to advertisements and purchase into content. Some of the effective strategies include:

  • Offer practical solutions that help your readers solve critical problems.
  • Ask for benefits in return if your content truly helps them in real life. This is the key. As it is, getting readers to pay for free content is difficult. Your content needs to be smashing and one of its kind to convince readers to loosen their purse strings.
  • Include a sidebar in your website, where readers can tap and offer their donations through PayPal.
  1. Amazon affiliations

With Amazon, you will have the opportunity to earn huge revenues online. The platform allows ‘amazon-affiliate’ product links and banners in your site. The moment a user clicks on those banners and plans a purchase, you get a certain amount from Amazon as commission.

However, Amazon will carry out its proprietary and standard research before targeting banners and links. The company will find out whether your webpage shares relevance with their products, thus offering a set of products from their marketplace. In simple words, contextual ads get featured on your site.

Signing off

With these strategic tips, you won’t find it tough to generate passive income from content. These platforms and avenues are highly effective and can ensure a steady flow of income for you.

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