How to Hire a Content Writer for Digital Success?

how to hire a content writer

When you have a digital business, the intense competition will need you to go for SEO. Doing so will help you gain a competitive advantage. But SEO needs a regular influx of fresh and original content to meet its campaign objective. This is why you need to hire a content writer.

What value does a content writer offer?

A competent writer will understand your business, your competition, and, most importantly, your targeted customers. She will then create captivating content so that your brand improves its visibility.

The helpful and educative content will propel your inbound marketing needs and let people know that you are good at what you do.  This way, SEO content writing services will help you establish trust online and enable higher conversion.

These incredible benefits make a content writer a success enabler.

How to hire the best content writer?

But how do you get the best content writing talent to help you accomplish your SEO goals?

The answer is through a stringent assessment.

You need to assess the writer on multiple parameters to verify that they are a right fit. Delegating your content writing task to an outsider will bear fruit only if you have the right people to do the task.


1 – What is the skill and experience level?

You may want a writer who understands your business. Preferably, the writer should have experience writing for your domain. A skilled content writer like Textuar will have experience in multiple domains with their years of experience.

These include IT/Tech, law, real estate, services, automotive, BFSI, travel fitness, and lifestyle. You can check their portfolio to gauge their expertise in your specific domain.

2 – What is their level of enthusiasm?

When you connect with multiple writers, you may want to see how enthusiastic they are in responding to queries. Check if they reply on time. Assess if they suggest any creative solution to your specific content need.

Good writers will concur with experts like Neil Patel when he says that no content has to be boring. This even applies to ‘boring’ industries like hydraulics or screw manufacturing.

3 – Check their ability on in-depth content

See some blogs to understand if the writer can create in-depth content. Such content will be long form. It will do a deep dive into various points covered in the blog.

For instance, if the blog is about “tips to grow healthy vegetables”, and one of the points is about soil pH. In this case, the writer can choose to write, “The soil should have ideal pH level”. But think from a reader’s perspective now.

–  Will he have enough information when he actually implements your point?

–  Will he get all the information needed from your blog itself, without having to visit another site?

If the answer is ‘no’, then the content is superficial.

The reader needs to get all details from your site itself. This needs more in-depth coverage.

So, if the writer expands on the “ideal pH level” point, then he can expand further on it. He can say, “The soil should have an ideal pH level between 5.8 and 6.5. For temperate regions, it can be around 4.0.”

4 – Check if they have availability

With the first three points, you would have a fairly good idea about the top 2-3 choices of content writers. Now you can connect with them about your individual requirement. You can share your volume, scope of work, and ETA. You should ideally hire a content writer who has the availability to work on your specific project.

She should be able to deliver as per your deadlines. This is because a delay from the content writer will have a domino effect. If the writer delays the work, the SEO team will not get it on time. The content might not be published on time, and this might affect the SEO performance.

5 – Check client testimonials

Client testimonials act as an unbiased third-party review. They speak the truth about the writer’s capabilities and their commitment to their craft. You can learn a lot about the writer’s skills with such feedback from past clients.

Hence, this can be a goldmine of information in your business’s pursuit of a good content writer.

6 – Check your budget

The most suitable content writer should suit your budget. It is wise to discuss the per-word, per-hour, or per-project cost upfront. This way, you can avoid surprises when you receive their invoices. You may have a set content marketing budget, and content writing will be a part of it. So all tasks need to align with the overall budget.

When you take care of this point, you can determine the frequency of delivery. You can also find the volume of work to be supplied to the writer. Make sure to have a content calendar in place. This way, everyone knows when a delivery is supposed to be sent to the client.

To sign off

These were some vital points to check when you hire a content writer. This way, you can be assured of engrossing content that is enjoyable to read.

Content writers like Textuar enable successful SEO outcomes. So make the right first move, and contact us today itself.

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