How to Write Content that Readers Want to Read

write content that readers want to read

One of the most intriguing dilemmas every content writer faces is what to write? The simple answer to this is, write what your reader demands. Content marketing is tremendously effective when you know what your audience wants. By relating to their questions and answering them through informative blogs, they develop an affinity towards you and a certain loyalty towards your content.

But decoding what the readers want is another big challenge? Luckily there is a solution to it. Just browsing through the right places and asking the right questions can enable you to know as to what exactly your reader wants. Proper research in content writing can enable you to find the answer quickly. Here are some points that will help you in your research:

1) Explore social media

Most people feel free to voice their opinion on social media. The billions of posts are a big enough proof of that. It’s important to understand and pay attention to what people are saying on your Twitter and Facebook page.
Mostly check for their likes or dislikes on various subjects. Also, pay attention to new questions they post on your page. This will give you subtle hints on your next content writing topics.

2) Check out online forums

Nowadays you can find a forum for any given topic. Probably there are more than thousands of forums out there on the internet. By typing your industry name + forum in Google, you will get the required results. By perusing through the various discussions on different forums you will be able to get what people are asking and responding to.

3) Scan other industry blogs

By going through other businesses blogs of your industry, it becomes easy to distinguish what people like and what they don’t like. Check out their most popular posts on various topics. It will enable you to know peoples preferences about what blog content they like to read. If the demographics of your customers match with them, then there are better chances that your customers will also appreciate the same topics. There are various tools available on the internet which will help you find content pertaining of your industry. Some tools also help to know the posts that get the most shares, top category blogs and even trending topics. These will help your content writing research.

4) Do a survey of your customers

Asking your audience as to what specific information they require of your industry or business can provide you with definite answers. Prepare a proper survey of specific questions. Ask them if they have any confusion regarding your products or services and if they require any additional information about a specific product or service.
Free survey tools like Google forms or Survey Monkey are easily available on the net. Also, it’s a good idea to share your survey with your social media followers or your email list. Also, you can post your survey on other social media groups which share the same demographic as yours.

To wrap up

Ask any reputed content writing agency and they will say that it’s always better to write things in which people are most interested in. By closely observing and paying attention you can easily gauge out the popular topics. And the most important thing is to keep regularly asking your audience what they want.

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