How to Write Fashion Product Descriptions That Delight and Sell?

Fashion product description

According to Statista, the global online fashion market was worth over $820 billion in 2023, and is predicted to grow over $1.2 trillion by 2027. The humongous demand means that you need quality fashion product descriptions. Such quality content can stand apart from others and act as a magnet for shoppers online.

Your chances to convert your customer to the purchaser are bright if you have engrossing product descriptions on your fashion retail site.

9 ways to use fashion product descriptions to gain shoppers’ attention

Most likely, a customer in on your page searching for the perfect product that fits his or her needs. The strategy you adopt can win hands down when the customer clicks the ‘add to cart’ button.  How does it happen? With a compelling product description.

It’s time to get started with some tactics in fashion product descriptions.

1 – Enable conversation to establish a connection

The personal touch always works great in product descriptions. The warmth of words breaks through the barriers. Fashion content writers will write as if they are talking directly to the shopper. The detailed features, the material, and the numbers, are covered in detail but in a riveting format.

Take the case of Zara – the powerhouse in fashion. The brand leads in its ability to give customers what they want.  Their hold on immaculate storytelling and customer connect is the reason shoppers keep coming back for more.

It is not surprising that because of such content strategies, Zara got a boost in engagement. It engaged in 255 user conversations and received a positive 81 percent response from the audience.

2 – Lure them with the benefits, not specifications

Product specifications are important. But customers can shy away from mundane features. Instead, try to focus on features that stand out.

Customers want to know about the benefits and experience. Some of the features are more important than others. These are known as the highlights. Use them to your advantage.

Check this instance of a great product description from Modcloth.

Fashion product description

See how words like ‘snuggling,’ ‘coziness,’ ‘comfortable’, ‘chic cocoon’ show that the sweater will engulf the shopper in warmth on a chilly afternoon.


3 – Use adjectives to describe the product

With fashion and apparel products, adjectives work wonders. Adjectives have the power to create lovely phrases of expression.

Your customers cannot feel or touch the product. Your language and description have to meet this requirement. The proper use of words can go a long way in influencing the shopper’s desire to purchase.

The choice of beautiful descriptions can fuel the imagination. Customers will imagine the quality of the product. Adjectives are the keys to unlock the doors to better fashion ecommerce business.

Take these instances of words aligning with target audience persona:

  1. For bridal dresses, you can use words like
    1. ‘radiant’,
    2. ‘magnificent’,
    3. ‘gorgeous’,
    4. ‘rich’
  2. For affluent brands, phrases like these would work well
    1. ‘connoisseur’,
    2. ‘sophisticated’,
    3. ‘panache’,
    4. ‘high-street’
    5. ‘in vogue’
  3. Men’s fashion use balanced words like
    1. ‘understated’,
    2. ‘elegant’,
    3. ‘timeless’,
    4. ‘classy’

On the same lines, the fashion content writer would know when not to use certain words.

  1. Men’s fashion will never use words like ‘gorgeous’ or ‘chic’
  2. Women’s fashion will not use words like ‘strong’ or ‘dapper’

4 – Spin a story with fashion product description

Present an exciting story for the customers. As you are aware, stories always fascinate. You have an opportunity to convert a customer to purchase. However, retain their interest. Tell them about the inspiration behind the design.

People should be able to relate to your content. It has to stir the reader’s inner feelings—the manufacturing details, the raw materials, and how you keep in mind the ethics, etc.

The emotion counts. Tell how it will make your customer feel to own such a piece. Work to stir an emotional desire that prompts a purchase.

5 – Keep a consistent length of the description

Keep the size of the information in the product description consistent. It will provide a stable user experience. Two products must have the same length in their story. One long and the other short may leave the customer confused.

You must maintain the same amount of text in all your product descriptions. It allows a uniform allocation of words.

6 – Delve into the mind of your target customer

Think about how a customer thinks while shopping. It will help you to arrive at the right decision. Imagine yourself on the other side of the deal. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Now you will know what the customer is looking for.

This tactic will let you know what the buyer is looking for in your product. You can also have a look at the customer reviews about similar products.

Check out how Oxford Shop creates riveting product description with a niche target market ‘men who travel for business’. The use of words like ‘travel’, ‘resist wrinkling’, ‘wear or pack’, and ‘business trips’ all evoke a sense of outdoor travel for the shopper.

Fashion product description

This way, you will get better information about what is necessary for a customer when buying your product.

7 – Your product description should be scan friendly

According to research on how many people read websites, it was found that 79 percent of users scan a new page; only 16 percent read the entire content.

So, the writing has to be loud and clear. It would help if you made your content or description enjoyable. Here are some tips that may help:

a – Use short, catchy and enticing product names

b – Ensure white space in the copy

c – Make use of bullet points for specifications

d – Keep the description concise

e – Use a font size that’s easy to read

f – Check on the formatting part

Make your product description an ‘easy to read’ affair. It has to be just like any other marketing copywriting. It is known as the formatting part. Use spacing between the lines. Avoid long blocks of continuous texts. Add sufficient breaks.

Read more – How to use readability to boost SEO rankings?

Instead of a long list in sentences, use bullet points. It can make things easier to grasp.  Go bold or underline essential phrases. Use white spaces for the best effects.

Take the case of Myntra and its well-laid out presentation of details in the product description for the attire.


Customers may scan through the description. So, formatting may help them to go where they want, precisely. You have to make smooth sailing for them. Keep the same format for all your products.

Highlight essential qualities in a separate paragraph. Fit the description in the product page. Let your customer glide faster to the Add to Cart button.

8 – Consistency with the brand voice

What is a great product description? It is nothing but an extension of your ad campaign. It should be consistent throughout the process. Find the best strategy through your marketing funnel.

Keep the same tone throughout. If your brand voice is humorous, retain the same flair into your product description.

If your brand is inspirational, your product descriptions should carry the same voice. Consistency is the key here.

9 – Optimize fashion product description for SEO

Search engines will crawl through your fashion product descriptions. You have to make sure they have the keywords for your product.

The right key phrases will describe your product in the best way. Use them at least once in the description. For example, if you are into garments or winter clothing, use words like ‘red cashmere sweater’ or ‘pencil skirt.’

Think about using phrases that your customer might type on the keyboard while searching for ‘stylish black leather boots’ or ‘V-Neck t-shirts’. Add these words to your product description.

Optimize your product description with SEO. Chances are a potential customer may search for your type of product. It will lead to the discovery of your fashion brand.

To wrap it up

The product description is one of the essential aspects of your online store. When you curate looks for your collection, let a fashion content company amp up the pizzazz with engrossing product descriptions.

Agreed, a good product copy is hard to write on your own. Hence you need to make a smart move and hire professional product description writers.

An expert’s role is to convince your customers about the good points and increase your sales. And who better than a fashion content writer to get this done?

The best product description wins. If you don’t do it right, somebody else will race ahead and acquire more customers.

Radiate your industry leading personality in haute couture fashion with show stopping fashion content writing from the content experts. Digital content agencies like Textuar can provide immense value in this regard. Their team of proficient writers help your brand come closer to your target audience.

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