Copyscape – A Plagiarism Checker for Article Writing Services

Copyscape-plagiarism checker

Shrinking morals and low ethics are the byproducts of the modern-day world. The same unethical behavior has been shifting to the online world for quite some time. This is especially true for SEO and article writing services

Plagiarism is a word most people may not have been aware of ten years back. But in recent times even children know the meaning of plagiarism.

That’s the monstrous proportions this problem has reached. It can’t be ignored further.

How plagiarism can be tackled for article writing services?

Imagine if we copy from another student while writing an exam. The teacher can disqualify us immediately. But this is not possible in the online world. In the online business world, this menace has cost companies millions of dollars.

Companies have woken up to the plagiarism monster. They have been investing heavily to stop the menace. This is especially true for content creators providing article writing services. Most content marketers would have fallen prey to this monster in some period of their life.

The good news is that discovering plagiarism is not hard.

The first name that comes to mind is Copyscape.

Introducing Copyscape for article writing services

Copyscape is a real-time online plagiarism checking tool. It is used by the majority of people involved in content writing and content marketing businesses. Today it is the premier plagiarism checking tool in the world. Even industry veterans corroborate the efficacy of its prowess in preventing content plagiarism.

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The attributes of Copyscape are innumerable. Most content writers can’t stop raving about it. But most people in other fields still don’t know about it. Our team has tried to illustrate some interesting facts about Copyscape below:

1) Free version

A free version of Copyscape is available which can run five articles. You can try it to know the value it provides to content writers. The free tool is a great way to check that your content is unique. It tells you if others have published it elsewhere. It is a free tool. Hence, anyone who wishes to write can take advantage of this amazing product.

2) Paid version

Copyscape has a paid product called Copyscape Premium. It is used by a majority of the content marketing firms. It has the unique ability to check the content’s originality before it gets published. This way you can avoid duplicate content your website.

Hence, your site becomes valuable to Google. The search engine rewards it by ranking your site higher in the search results. Also if the content is unique your website or blog receives much more eyeballs and subsequently, ads. Also with the help of batch search, you can check up to 10,000 pages in just one click.

3) Copysentry

Copyscape has another jewel up its sleeve. It’s called Copysentry. Yeah, you heard it right. This tool acts as a watchman. It offers continuous protection to your published content. It has a unique ability whereby it can automatically monitor your published content. Copyscape informs you immediately via email if it detects any plagiarized content or copies of your content. Its advanced technology tracks down stolen content even if has been modified.

To conclude

The creation of original and unique content can take many hours of hard work. But thieves can decimate the efforts by stealing your words. This can ruin your reputation and business. So it’s imperative to get a product like Copyscape. The tool can protect your precious content. This way, it helps marketers breathe easy about the perils of content theft.

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