Location Landing Page Content: An SEO Success Factor

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Content writers, web designers, and graphic design specialists all place great importance on creating the perfect landing page.

Now, you may be wondering, what role landing pages play in website SEO. Can a good landing page drastically improve the performance of your website and, in turn, boost your business as well? Today, this is exactly what we are going to delve into.



What are Landing Pages?

A landing page is the foundation of a good digital marketing strategy. Good landing pages content can boost your business engagement. Moreover it can assist to connect you to potential leads.

With the right call to action on your landing page, you can see great conversions. In the best-case scenario, you can even use the landing page space to motivate your website visitors to sign up for email marketing campaigns.

Feeling intrigued? Let’s take a deep dive into how location landing pages can help with website SEO.

What are Location Landing Pages?

As the name suggests, the landing page is a website page characterized by a few unique traits

  • A standalone nature,
  • Minimalistic content, and
  • A strong call to action.

For example, if we have a page ‘Content writing services in Calgary’, we see some unique traits –

  • It is created specifically for the Calgary audience (and no other location)
  • The goal of such a landing page is to attract maximum traffic only from Calgary with SEO
  • It has local keywords instead of targeting a broader geography
  • It helps in link building activity and improving the site’s domain authority

How is a Location Landing Page Different from Other Landing Pages?

While there isn’t a big difference, location landing pages differ from location to location, and landing pages content is optimized to fit the needs of each and every user irrespective of where they are surfing your website from.

Location landing pages also follow a very intense Search Engine Optimization to maximize their conversion rates and provide as personalized a call to action as possible.


landing page content

Is The Location Landing Page Content Important For Your SEO

Let us look at what the landing page does to the SEO of your website.

  • Helps the visitor connect with your platform: The biggest part that landing pages content play in the working of the website is to increase the chances of visitors connecting with the platform. This helps potential leads get into important conversations about your product, and eventually, they turn into paying customers.
  • Build Links: We all know the importance of building links for our website. Landing pages are an organic way to build links for other pages you work with. You might even have more than one website, in which case landing pages do a great job.
  • Highly user-specific content: Location landing pages, in particular, can generate precise content for users of a particular location. In today’s time, everyone loves personalized content and if you can provide it, your brand will enjoy a great online presence.
  • Generate higher traffic and engagement: naturally, the very purpose of location landing pages is to display web content that will increase engagement. If the landing page is convincing, your website will enjoy higher traffic and conversions.

How To Create Highly Optimized Location Landing Page Content?

Incorporating SEO content is the primary method of drawing traffic to your website. Now, reaching out to new and potential clients without strong SEO-optimized web content backing you is simply impossible.

And for all those who do not know, Search Engine Optimization refers to using relevant keywords and following the best practices so that you can rank high on the search engine results whenever a potential client looks up anything.

When it comes to location landing pages, these are what you must focus on these points:

1. Keep The Location Landing Page Content Simple Yet Valuable

Not only must the landing pages content be short, but it must also be easy to understand. Your location landing page will tell the client in simple words what the page is all about. At the same time, it will also be lucrative enough for the customer to be impressed.

Be straightforward about what you need the customer to do and what the customer can get out of engaging on this landing page. And because you are making use of location landing pages, make sure your content is referring to the location factor in a natural and believable manner.

But most of all, make sure your content is so valuable that it genuinely solves their specific need or query.


2. Add An Attractive Incentive

Many websites rely on getting conversion rates by including attractive incentives for doing what they ask you to. Web content usually almost always thrives on other pages’ web content. For example, you might tell the visitor that if they subscribe to the newsletter, they will also get a free eBook of the workbook you just released.

3. Optimise For Location-Based Keywords

Most importantly, if you want to benefit from location landing pages, you have to optimize the content for location-specific and high-ranking local keywords that may or may not differ from the national average. To be honest, for the best web content for your location landing page, advanced keyword research by highly qualified professionals is a must.

It is crucial to take a look at your target audience, their demographic details, search engines they are most likely to use, etc., before you venture out to create SEO content for your location landing page.

4. Don’t Forget To Display The Product

The location landing page is a first impression that you will leave on the mind of your visitors regarding the specific product or upgrade that you are advertising.

So, make it a point to display the most lucrative aspects of your products or services. Also, do not forget to assist your advertisement with amazing copywriting that reflects how unique your product/service is.

Final thoughts

SEO content for landing pages needs to be created carefully. Such content considers the niche requirements of the industry and the business itself. With location landing page content, targeting a specific city’s audience becomes simplified for local business.

See a surge in interest for your brand from people who are located in proximity to your business’ location. Get your location landing page content developed by Textuar. Our team excels at such deeply local content strategies

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