6 Tips for Writing Long Form Content That Engages

long form content writing tips

Miami based Sally was excited about a new e-commerce business she was starting. She turned to the Internet to get information on how to get started with it. Imagine her plight when she had to refer to almost 20-25 different blogs and resources for this. She was starting an e-commerce business and planning to invest her life’s savings in it. She wanted to do thorough and meticulous research. Sadly she saw multiple blogs discussing multiple stuff. As a result, she was soon overwhelmed. She was thinking ‘How good it will be if all the help that I need is present in one long form content itself’

Fortunately, she came across a comprehensive 4500-word guide. It covered the A to Z of getting started with an e-commerce business. This proved to be the right starting point for a thriving business.

A lot of helpful information packed in one long form content is a big lead magnet.

This is exactly why long form content developed by a content writing services agency is helpful.

It lets marketers create an instant and a memorable connection with a new prospect. This, in turn, shoots up the conversion potential dramatically.

What about Google?

In terms of SEO, long-form content is a preferred favourite. It allows the insertion of long-tail keywords which aid ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). As this image shows, Google is in love with long form content. It acknowledges the immense value it brings to the table for the readers. It awards long form content with great SERP rankings. This way, long form content lets your brand to reach more number of eyeballs in the long run.

Check out this chart to see how effective long form content is in securing page 1 rankings

How to improve the efficacy of long form content?

Experts suggest going for long form content. But then again, the matter of concern is, how to generate a compelling long form content that readers reward with engagement. Here is a quick rundown of how you can use a content writing company to make effective long-form content.

1 – Think about the reader

This is the ground rule of making any content. You have to make it about the reader and not about you. The first step you have to take towards making your content very reader-centric is to ask yourself. “Who are you really writing this for? What exactly is the nature of the problem you are going to help them with?”

Once you get these questions answered, you will have a clearer picture of what and how you are to write. You can then develop a strategy that will enable your readers to overcome their problems. It will let them inch towards the accomplishments of their long-desired goals.

2 – Command their attention with an interesting headline

There is this unsaid rule in terms of writing on the internet. “Your content is only as good as your headline.” It is not going to help you if you have excellent content but a boring headline.

If nobody is excited by your headline, nobody clicks thereby meaning that nobody reads. Researching into this will give you clear insights. It will help you come up with good strategies with headlines. This, in turn, will drive audiences towards you.

You would have to keep in mind that your audiences are versatile. What one set of people would like, the others may not. So you have to first target a specific niche in your audience and structure your content writing according to that.

3 – Define goals

As a website content writing company, you need to have the end goal in mind before starting off with anything. Why is it that you are writing what you are writing? What do you want your readers to think about and feel when they read your content?

Once you have placed a finger on what exactly your motive is you have cleared a major hurdle. Now you can be intentional about what you want out of your article. It is important for your content to generate the required numbers. But, you have to find that sweet little spot where your goals align with and your audience’s needs.

Read more about benefits of long-form content.

4 – Consider mobility

It barely matters if the content your write spans for five pages or 15. Long form content needs to render well on the mobile to engage. When you are in the process of articulating long-form content, you need to remember this. Formatting your content for a better user-experience is an absolute must.

If your content is easy to read and is visually pleasant on a mobile device, then this is an added bonus. The chances are that your web content comes across more appeasing on a computer screen.

5 – Keep it simple

Experts in content writing recommend K-I-S-S or “Keep It Simple, Silly” as a cardinal rule. It is no point developing lofty content that would find no takers.

To command a bigger audience, you have to say all that you want to, in the simplest way. People like an article that is conversational and conveys the message with a story. Avoiding jargons could strip of your article’s technical accuracy. However, this would make it more consumable. With this tweak, customer engagement gets a boost.

6 – Focus in drafting long form content

Be careful of this when you are writing a long form article. It is easy to digress from the topic at hand and speak of things that may seem irrelevant. However you need to avoid this. To increase the efficiency of your blog, it needs to be smartly written. Avoid filler text and fluff and only stick to key central idea.

You need to outline what you want to talk about, before writing. This will help you keep yourself on track and avoid digression of any kind.

Adhering to these tips would help you construct excellent online long-form content. On-boarding a copywriting agency will let you get these 6 tips incorporated in your long form content and thus provide you amazing ROI.

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