Five Amazing Tips to Optimize Website Content for Google RankBrain

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It all started in 2015. Google made a fascinating big reveal that changed the course of website content writing forever.

They announced that they use artificial intelligence to rank websites in search results. Google stated that RankBrain is one of its three key ranking elements. The other two were links and content.

So, the three parameters that affect ranking signals are

1 – Quality links

2 – Quality content

3 – RankBrain

If your website excels at these three parameters, you will surely rank higher.

You might not know, but 75% of users never scroll beyond the first page of search results. If you want to get significant traffic to your website, you have to appear on the front page. And how do you make that happen?

Well, optimizing your web content for RankBrain can surely help. In this blog, you will learn how RankBrain works.

You also get access to five actionable tips to optimize your website content writing for RankBrain.

How RankBrain works?

Every day, 15% of the searches received by Google are entirely new. 15% might not seem too much. But you should consider that Google gets over 3.5 billion searches in a day. So, its 15% amount to over half a billion new searches every day.

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To put it shortly
Before RankBrain, Google would scan through billions of websites to find results related to the keyword. Since the keywords were new, Google was unable to understand what the user wants. So, instead of merely guessing the results, they developed a smart AI tool called RankBrain.

RankBrain has two main jobs.

  1. It is designed to understand search queries better.
  2. It studies how users interact with search results.

In simple words, it determines what the user’s query means. And then, it produces a helpful, user-satisfying result.

How to optimize website content writing for RankBrain?

Below are five techniques to optimize your content for RankBrain. It can improve your website’s ranking by large.

1 – Produce content that matches user intent

RankBrain gives great attention to content. It helps when you excel at high-quality website content writing. It helps with optimizing your site for RankBrain. In contrast, if your content is unimpressive, your CTR will drop. It means readers will not re-visit your site. Thus, RankBrain would give you a lower ranking.

One of the goals of RankBrain is to improve user satisfaction. So it evaluates the user’s interaction with search results. For instance, you may open a #1 result for your search. But if you don’t find it helpful, you may go back to the search results page.

You may continue the cycle until you find what you want. When you spend a long time on a certain page, it’s a signal of satisfaction. As a result, RankBrain will boost the website’s ranking, where you stayed for long.

That’s why it’s essential to have informative and engaging content on your website. Your content should fulfill the users’ intent and make them stay longer. This way, you can get to improve your ranking.


2 – Optimize your website for medium tail keywords 

Before RankBrain, Google would display results that match with the exact keyword used. So you would get different results for ‘best SEO tool’ and ‘best tool for SEO.’

Now, RankBrain knows that both the queries mean the same thing. So it provides nearly the same search results for both. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to rank for long-tail keywords.

Instead, you should optimize your website for medium tail keywords. By doing so, RankBrain gives you a ranking for that term. And it also ranks you automatically for thousands of other similar keywords.

Thus, your focus should be creating quality web content with medium tail keywords. And then, your ranking will improve significantly.

3 – Have a good website reputation 

You should know what type of content your audience prefers. Also, you must know what kind of content they spend more time reading? By doing some research, you can identify what your audience likes and dislikes.

Once you get the hang of it, your web content writing will entice audience attention. But you need to do more than creating content to build a reputation.

You can work to get quality backlinks from established websites. You may start guest-posting on websites that are similar to your niche. When you guest-post on high authority websites, you get some reputation points from search engines. Further, it also attracts more traffic to your site.

Again, it helps when you put out engaging content on your website. You are free to include images, videos, gifs, etc. to increase engagement. When you can accomplish that, your reputation will go up. As users spend more time on your website, RankBrain considers your site as relevant.

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4 – Improve your click-through rates

Organic CTR is an essential ranking signal used by RankBrain. But how do you get people to click on your search result? Follow the four smart techniques used by web content writers.

  • Create an emotional title

    Such titles always get more clicks. For example, here’s an SEO optimized title ‘Weight loss tips: Best ways to lose it.’ But you can turn that title tag a bit more emotional. Here it is, ‘Burn that stubborn belly fat with these ten weight loss tips.’ Users are more likely to click on a title that tugs at their heart.

  • Add brackets to end of your title

    Hubspot and Outbrain study 3 million headlines. And they found that titles with brackets outperformed non-bracketed titles. So, feel free to add brackets towards the end of your title.

  • User numbers in titles

    Many studies, including one by BuzzSumo, have found that numbers boost your CTR. They help the reader’s brain to process information better. As a result, it boosts engagement

  • Optimize your description tag

    Like the title tag, you should convey strong emotions through your description. Nest, you need to add some value so that users click on it. And don’t forget to include the main keyword in the description.

5 – Boost dwell time with quality website content writing

Dwell time is another key ranking signal used by RankBrain. Google focuses on the amount of time people spend on your website.

When people spend more time on your site, it is good news. Google perceives your site as relevant and useful. So, next time a search engine will prefer your site while ranking.

But how do website content writing companies improve the site dwell time? Have a look at these three tricks below:

  • Put your website content in the front and center

    When users click on your website from Google, they want the answers to their queries immediately. Users don’t want to scroll to find what they want. So, remove all the elements that push your content down.   

  • Produce in-depth website content

    When you post longer content, it takes more time to read it. You may be putting content around one aspect of the problem. You can rather post a comprehensive guide. When users find all their questions get answered in one place, they tend to spend more time.

  • Breaking it into small chunks

    When you write in-depth content, the word count becomes higher. And users shouldn’t feel burdened by looking at your content. So the best way is to break down your content in small, readable chunks. Professional web content companies recommend separating the chunks with scannable headings/ sub-headings.

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To put it shortly

Those were the five tips you can use to optimize SEO content  for RankBrain. You need to optimize for medium tail keywords. Most importantly, your content should match with the user intent.

Plus, the CTR and dwell time of your website should be reasonably good too.

When you practice all these tips above, you can optimize your site for RankBrain perfectly.

It may be challenging to ticks all these boxes. Hence you need to enlist the web content development expertise of a content writing agency like Textuar. We will help with building riveting web content. Such quality content helps boosts engagement. It eventually boosts conversion rate from your website.

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