How to Pick the Right Blog Topics Your Audience Wants to Read

Tips to pick the right blog topics

Coming up with a topic that will interest your readers is complex. Getting the right and relevant topic for blog posts is a task in itself for content writers. This can be even more difficult if you are just starting your career in content writing in India. But it’s the only practice that makes a man perfect, do you agree?

The relevance of planning topics for content writing in India

It is vital to plan your blog posts and build a schedule relevant to it. this calls for planning topics well in advance. This, in turn, will help you in managing your blog effortlessly. It also helps you expand your content assets. This works well for your content marketing objectives.

For a more refined output in blog topic planning, you can even consult an external agency providing blog writing service. They will be an ideal choice to cater to content writing and maintaining your blog.

How to discover the right topics for content writing in India?

There are many factors that contribute while considering a topic for your next set of blogs. Topic planning goes a long way in producing desired outcomes or enable you to build a large dedicated audience for your blog.

We’ll make this post a practical one. We will break down the discussion into 4 simple ways of discovering suitable blog topics. Doing so, will help you uncover topics that will resonate with your audience.

Tips to pick the right blog topics

1) Know your potential audience

This is one of the primary conditions of blogging. You ought to be acquainted with the people who visit your website/blog. They are the ones who show a keen interest in what you present. Blog writers know that engagement holds an important position in every blog/website success story. Hence, you need to attract your audience through the words you present to them.

Ensure reading the comments regularly that your readers post after each topic is published. This will enable you to perform careful analysis on customer pain points. This will, in turn, reveal the interests of your audience.

Another way of learning what your audience cares about is by simply surfing what your target demographics are currently looking for. You may find it difficult to explore a new topic or simply fail to recognize what they’re up to.

In such cases, you can look out for a professional content development agency. They will offer you their blog writing service with a focus on trending topics. They will prepare blogs that caters to challenges that faced by your customers.  As a result, the blog will provide helpful solutions and assist them.

2) Focus on relevance

Opting for relevant topics doesn’t necessarily mean choosing topics that are popular or are currently trending. Choose a topic that provides an answer to the questions your target audience is looking for. Alternatively, find a topic that intrigues them.

Also, ensure selecting a topic that’s evergreen. Such content is not restricted by time. These topics have a stronger likelihood of staying relevant for a long period of time. As a result they are more likely to be ranked higher by Google.

If your topic category seems crowded at first, remember, every topic has limitless unexplored niches. Study thoroughly to find a topic that nobody else has done. Then zero in on what works best for you. This selection will depend on many factors. They include your experience, passion, knowledge and education.

Alternatively, to ease up your work, you can seek professional assistance. A good content creation agency will offer guidance on blog writing service. They will help share a perspective on a certain topic.

3) Find a source related to your niche

We all have some blog or a website that we look up to. Undeniably, being inspired is a part of any creative process, but this doesn’t mean you should blatantly plagiarize someone else’s work.

Some blogs catering to a similar category as yours might have better readerships. They may have a catchy headline writing tactic which makes their topics trending. The best way to get into this league is by ‘borrowing’ a topic that already exists and is trending.

However, you just need to refer to the topic and stop there. Alternatively, you can even research their technique and apply it to your own content. This ensures your unique views are well published. However, in this process of referring to the industry experts, ensure that your content is relevant to your distinct audience.

4) Leverage helpful content tools

There are tools specifically designed to guide you through the trending topics. It is important because relevance is the key in today’s times. Tools like BuzzSumo are specially built for content topic planning.

Once you comprehend what people are talking about, you can start producing guest posts. This strategy pulls valuable site traffic to your site. Such tools filter through multiple sources. They then proceed to find relevant content for your niche.

These tools also have their paid versions with advanced features. Those are great for social media management. Experts in content writing in India are increasingly using these tools to their benefit.

Another way to find suitable topics for your blog is by visiting interactive forums such as Quora, Reddit or any other industry-specific that you may find. Such interactive forums are ideation marketplaces. These are places where your target audience hangs out on when they need reference and guidance on a particular subject.

To sign off

These tips will come in handy when you plan topics for multiple blogs. Such planning powers up your SEO and inbound marketing campaigns.

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