How to Repurpose Your B2C content into B2B content

repurposing content from b2c to b2b audience

While B2B and B2C are completely different things, many people confuse one for another. A B2B content is aimed towards industries and companies. But content marketing for B2C is aimed to stir consumers’ interest. In content marketing it is important to know the difference between the two. This way, the right audience is exposed to the right type of content.

The key difference between content writing for B2B and B2C

The subtle difference between both the terms is better illustrated below:

1 – B2B blog content should be very informative and properly explain all the benefits associated with a specific product or a service to their prospective client. They should also inform how the brand can help to improve the client’s business.

Normally businesses are not like consumers and mostly they avoid impulse purchases. They do calculated purchases of those products and services which can help their business grow. Such a step can help them be more efficient and profitable. Such content marketing tactic also helps them keep ahead of their competitors.

2 – B2C content is specifically written for the end consumers who are going to use a particular product or service for his/her own self. Therefore it should be entertaining and eye-catching. The entertainment factor is a key content marketing success factor when engaging with consumers.

Also, the content should be informative and provide some value to the reader. The content should be enticing as consumers are supposed to be impulsive buyers and they tend to splurge on lifestyle goods. By providing a guarantee of your product or service, you can put the consumers at ease and thereby build a trust on your brand.

How to turn B2B content into B2C

Although these two styles of content marketing are very different from one another, it is still possible to repurpose the content to target a fresh audience. Firstly you should know your writing styles and how they can merge. By mixing your above qualities, you can post an article to target both B2B and B2C customers and sell those products which both of the categories can use.

While repurposing your content, it is evident that everything can’t be used. Some content can be recycled while the rest goes to the waste bin. For example, clever and funny B2C content can also appeal to high-level corporate managements.

However there is a thin line between subtle humor and cheesy puns. Make sure you traverse the lien carefully or your entire content marketing plan can fail.

You have to be extra cautious while deciding which content will suit the corporate people. This is because not each funny and clever thing will appeal to them. The same is true for the other category also.

An example of content repurposed from B2C to B2B for content marketing

For example, if you have an entertaining post and want that article to attract to a downtown hip shop in Las Vegas to sell your products. In that case, the content must be informative while keeping the tone light and fun.

Also, it’s essential to include all the important information required for them to know your brand. Don’t forget to include all the statistics and other compelling data as businesses love that. Primarily they want to know how your brand can help grow their businesses and earn a higher profit.

These are some of the things you need to remember while repurposing your content in your content marketing campaign. With this knowledge repurposing becomes easier

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