How to Optimize Website Content for SEO?

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Website content writing is not easy, as it takes up a lot of time to do keyword research, draft the article, perform quality checks, and publish the article. Therefore, be careful while drafting because if you do not get the traffic as expected, it can be a major letdown.

96% of content marketers have reported that content marketing has helped them generate leads, build a loyal customer base, and ensure the clients trust their brands. Hence, it is clear that you need quality website content writing to enable traction online. 

But there is one major factor that determines how well your content reaches your target audience. That factor is SEO optimization of the website content as per the latest SEO trends. 

Since the main aim of drafting good content is to rank highly on Google, SEO is the bridge that will help you reach your goal. 


Why is SEO optimization for website content important? 

SEO is important, and the fact that around 64% of marketers are actively investing in SEO should speak volumes about its importance. 

Let us put the above stat into perspective. A study conducted by the 2020 Search Engine Journal found that the clickthrough rate is around 25% for the first website on the result page. The same number is dropped to 15% on the second website link, and it goes down to 2.5% by the tenth number website on page one.

Although the number gets even down by the following pages, this alone proves that it won’t be recognized if your website isn’t on the first page. Your chances of consumers finding your website also decrease drastically. 

Some newbies do not give SEO enough credit and rather focus on paid advertising. However, such advertising has its ups and downs, and it comes with a cost. 

In contrast, SEO is free, inexpensive, and organic. If you have the required tools and the professionals, it would cost you less than half of what you’d spend on advertising. 

How do you optimize website content writing for SEO?

These figures aptly denote the immense importance of SEO.

So now the question arises – How do you optimize website content writing for SEO?

Read on to know a few ways how you can optimize your web content for SEO.

1- Your headings should pack a punch 

With the average reader’s attention span less than that of a goldfish, it is natural that they will soon be bored of long winding content. Hence you need to provide bite-sized information with a lot of section headings. 

And yes, did we tell you about the massive importance of blog titles on the reader’s psyche? If not, then please take note.  

Headings are very important because they help differentiate different sections of the body. Headers are also important because it helps Google’s web crawler know what the article is all about and clearly understand its section. With proper headers, you will bifurcate the blog into several parts like H1, H2, H3, etc.

2 – Your title tags and meta description matter…a lot

Moz says, “Title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after content.”. Even experts like Neil Patel support this fact. Many website content experts find it interesting that it is such a small element, but yet, makes such an enormous impact. 

Website content writers can easily create suitable meta titles and get better SEO rankings for this effort. This title will show up on Google search results page. 

Hence, web content writers need to utilize the limited space to make an impact. Make sure you utilize the 60 characters limit (around 8 words) to explain what the page is about and have a keyword added in. 

Similarly, a meta description is an important meta tag worth spending time on. You can get more information on this post – 6 Tips to Write Compelling Meta Descriptions.

3- Don’t forget readability 

Website content that blends educational information with subtle sales persuasion is considered a winning strategy. But very few can master this intricate form of content writing. 

Professional content writing companies like Textuar have the forte to develop high-quality website content. We have a key motto for developing such type of content – factor in the readers and not Google.

So we need to ensure that the readers have an enjoyable time reading the content. It should not be a draining experience where the readers get tired by the time they reach the CTA at the end of the content. 

Your website content writing should use words that are free of jargon or heavy technical words. The use of simple words and short sentences tends to stick better in the readers’ minds. And it is this quality of high-quality website content writing that brings in more business for the site.   

4- Enable social sharing

Enabling social sharing will link your website content to social media platforms of the business. This way, readers get more opportunities to explore the brand further. If they like what they see, they should have ready access to share it on their network and spread the good word about your brand. Such sharing will increase the reach of your web content.

Make sure to have social sharing buttons added for all major platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

When you get shares, comments, and likes, you convince Google with these social signals that your brand is credible. As a result, you can expect a rankings boost with such measures.

How website content comes into the picture – you may ask? Well, when they get directed from the website to the social media platform, what is it that they see or be influenced by? It is content. So, well-written social media posts too help you gain visibility boost and enable better lead generation with higher ranking web pages. 

5- Use easy to understand language

When you remember all the SEO guidelines, you might forget that the target audience reading this article will be humans, not search engines. While drafting your article, you must always remember this, and the tone should be informative, depending on the article. 

Your high-quality web content should have proper sections, headers and scannable sections. Most importantly, it should be easy to navigate. Always remember what the buyers want, their personas, and their challenges. This will help you write better web content and convey your ability to solve their problems.  

Bottom line

By now, we are sure you must have understood that quality matters the most, but so does SEO. Therefore, you must seriously think about implementing these tips to add more muscle to your website content writing.

To get the best SEO-optimized website content writing, you can always rely on our expertise from Textuar Communications.

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