The Most Innovative Content Writing Trends For 2018

content-writing-trends 2018

As we move midway through 2018 we see a lot of hectic activity around content writing and content marketing. Shifting business demands and evolving preferences mean that new trends are emerging in the professional content writing companies. As an outcome it becomes interesting to see what are the trends that will drive this landscape in […]

4 Content Writing Techniques to Enable Conversions

content writing techniques to enable conversion

Did you know that the average attention span of a digital content consumer is 8 seconds? This stat puts a lot of pressure on a digital marketer to improve visibility, encourage engagement, and drive conversions. As a content writing agency we know that this challenge can be overcome by compelling content that readers like to […]

Interesting Content Distribution Strategies to Improve Your Blog Traffic

content distribution strategies

No matter how compelling your content is, if no one sees it, then what’s the point? High -quality content will work for you, only if visitors come to your site. Chances it will work better is when people start recommending your content to others. The challenge here is this – “How does one decide which […]

I will Develop my eBook content within 30 Days

eBook writer

Yes, we start this blog with a positive thought. But just like other positive things in life, this thought needs commitment and taking little steps a day, to build an eventual positive outcome. Developing an eBook is no different. Many authors may get a bit rattled at the thought of investing significant time in developing […]