What are the Elements of a Strong Content Strategy?

content strategy

If you have been working in the content creation field, you may have seen a silent shift. The role of content experts  is undergoing a significant transformation. Earlier, they were primarily seen as content creators. But now, the content writers are stepping into a new role as strategic content partners for businesses. The shift towards […]

Helpful Content Update by Google – Things to Know

Google helpful content update

As digital marketers and content writers have seen over the years, every major update to the Google algorithm has led to massive changes to the very foundation of digital marketing. Today we look at the major update of August 2022 – the Google helpful content update. We also assess how it impacts content writing.

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid in SEO-Optimized Article

article writing

Are you tired of writing articles that don’t get read? Have you optimized the content fully for SEO but still lack traffic? Do you need an effective way to get more traffic to your SEO-optimized article content? Then this post is for you. We look at a few mistakes that we should avoid in order […]

7 Reasons to Use Content Writing in Digital Marketing

Importance of Content Writing Services

Content writing in digital marketing has emerged as the cornerstone of competitive digital businesses. Today, more and more buying decisions happen online in the post-COVID-19 world. Hence, it is no surprise that physical businesses are moving online. Plus, existing digital businesses are fortifying their digital marketing. The reason is simple – Google shows only 10 […]

How to Create Content for Google E-A-T Guidelines?

Google-E-A-T optimized content

Google keeps updating its search algorithms to ensure that the search results are relevant to user queries. As a part of refining this objective further, they came up with Google E-A-T guidelines in late 2018. Ever since then, SEO webmasters and content writing companies have been looking to align content as per these guidelines.