5 Super Effective Tips to Create an Engaging ‘About us’ Page

Tips to Create an ‘About us’ Page

Everyone needs to have an ‘About us’ page on their website. It’s one of the most vital pieces of marketing collateral we can provide. It also doubles up as a great way for potential clients to get to know you better.

In order for it to be effective, the ‘About us’ page should be 

1 – informative and appealing, 

2 – engaging and interesting.

How to create a good ‘About us’ page

This post will give you some valuable tips on how best to create your own About us page.

[1] Use the ‘About us’ page to attract new clients

You can use your ‘About us’ page to differentiate yourself from other companies. Tell the world about these critical pointers – 

– why you are better than your competition, 

– what makes you unique in your field, and

– what are you really good at. 

This helps you let people know more about you and what you can potentially do for them. As a result, you make it easier for potential clients to make an informed decision on how to proceed with your company.

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tips to create About us page
tips to create About us page

[2] Keep it short and informative

A lot of statistics show that less is more. You don’t want to bore people with details that have little or no significance in their life. 

This may distract them from the main purpose of the page – which is to get customers. 

Make sure you keep your ‘About us’ page as short and sweet as possible. This way, readers will be able to absorb all key points in a few minutes flat.

You can segregate information into separate sections like

– Mission and vision

– Core values

– History, qualification, and experience of founding members

– A glimpse of the leadership team

– Client testimonials (if not present on the home page) 

– Picture of ‘life at the company.’

[3] Provide contact information

This is very important. Tell people how to get hold of you. Including your email address and website will allow your business clients to have a quick and easy way of getting in touch with you. Display this information at the least

– phone number

– email address

– social media handles of company

When you present direct contact information, people will feel comfortable getting in touch with you. 

You can also include contact numbers for your various departments, like the sales team, to help close the deal successfully. 

This makes it easier for prospective clients to get the ball rolling when it comes down to negotiations.

[4] Connect with your audience through words

This is the most important tip of all. You need to be able to communicate effectively with your audience. 

Words are one of the most effective ways to engage and capture attention of the reader. 

This is the key reason why your ‘About us’ page needs to be written well. It should effectively connect with readers.

There are plenty of experts who have written numerous articles on the types of words to choose when writing your ‘About us’ webpage content. Words that evoke emotion or bring out the human face of a brand are good enough for this page.

Use the right type of words to make sure you can keep your audience engaged while they read it. Such words will also radiate the human touch behind the corporate face of the company.

[5] Update your ‘About us’ page regularly

The power of the internet is in constant change. The words you used on your ‘About us’ page a few months ago may not be able to cut it anymore. These words need to be relevant and relevant relevance will only come from regular updates of your ‘About us’ page. Some relevant updates are as below – 

– Date context needs to be updated. For example, if you wrote ‘the company started 10 years ago in 2010’, this would need to be updated to ‘the company started 12 years ago in 2010’ in 2022. 

– If there are changes to the senior leadership, you need to update the information. You need to remove details of people no longer working at the organization. 

– Keep pictures of recent awards functions and most recent corporate outings in the ‘life at the company’ section.

– Recent press releases and honourable mentions to credible journalistic sources need to be added at the right time. 

To sign off

Your ‘About us’ page helps put a more human touch to a corporate online presence. Hence, your efforts will be to create content that will help readers understand why they should buy from you and not your competitors.  

Such story-backed web content writing is incredibly challenging to create, though. 

Fortunately, you have a team of website content writers at Textuar that have experience. They can create an amazing ‘About us’ page. It will explain your corporate journey and future plans with ease. 

Connect with us for riveting ‘About us’ website pages that introduce the people behind a brand.

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