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Travel blog writing

Blogging has to be one of the most effective methods in the tourist business for telling your narrative and engaging your ideal customers in your brand. This might be especially true for travel blog writers.

The Expedia Group reported double-digit growth in the number of bookings and revenues. This stat shows the massive shift in sentiment towards travel and holidays in a post-pandemic world. 

With well-researched blogs, you can get a competitive edge. 

Travel blog writers help build an irresistible story around top destinations, vacations, and memorable experiences – all of which come together to engage the readers like never before.    

Who Benefits from Travel Content Writing?

Many operators add value to the travel sector. If you are one of the below, then travel content writing is for you.

1- Travel agency

2- Tour operators 

3- Hotels

4- Airline operator

5- Bus, train, or cab operators

6- Resort or AirBnB owner

7- Travel curators/ aggregators

8- Affiliate marketers in the travel domain

There is a continuous push for digital in the travel sector. Hence you should use blogs to promote your business and engage better with target customers. Blogs can easily help convince both, leisure and business travellers, about your competitive advantage.   

This way, building trust and opening up a channel of communication is made easy with the help of unique and captivating blogs. 

travel blog writers

What Value do Travel Blog Writers Offer?

Content is vital because –

– it attracts users to your website, 

– it helps you rank for relevant keywords and search phrases, 

– As a result, content converts casual visitors into loyal clients

Travel content writers create such blogs and articles to mesmerize the readers.

They have proficiency in bringing alive the vibes and essence of particular travel destinations with their wordplay. 

As a result, such compelling content influences the readers. It awakens the feeling of taking a short vacay with their friends and loved ones. 

Such content emerges as a lead magnet. It fuels conversion to accelerate your brand’s growth. 

How Travel Content Writers Leverage Blogs for Inbound Marketing?

A well-articulated blog is proven to attract strangers to your online brand. 99 Firms’ inbound marketing statistics revealed that prioritizing business blogging can help in boosting ROI by a whopping 13 times! 

A smart travel blog writer will ensure better marketing outcomes with these tips:

1 – Generate blogs on topical themes and trending subjects. 

For e.g. 

– They may write on top 10 summer destinations in March or April.

– They may write on Christmas special spots in November.

2 – They develop posts that last a long time. 

For e.g. 

– They do in-depth research to provide almost all information possible about a particular place.

– Their 3000-word blog on top 10 beaches in Miami will be an evergreen classic.

– Their coverage of a low-cost Dubai trip will hold the readers’ attention. 

3 – They optimize the content for SEO

– They judiciously use keywords to rank well.

– The writers also optimize meta tags like titles, meta descriptions, and headers for the presence of the keyword(s).

– They work on providing unique and original content free from plagiarism. 

4 – They ensure that the site is easy to use and navigate

– They add a call to action to redirect the reader to the travel package page. 

– They encourage readers to leave their email addresses and phone numbers. This will help them to contact about custom quotes for holiday packages.

– They deliver content that is error-free and polished for good readability.

5 – They provide valuable information to readers

– They present helpful tips and hints to boost the vacation experience.

– They compile top things to do to provide a ready checklist of 

– best way to reach the place 

– activities to do 

– places to visit nearby

– things to buy

– customs to look out for

– general weather

– best time to visit

Travel content writers tell a unique story that catches the attention of readers. Their magic with words helps them remain captivated on the site. 

As a result, you get a site traffic boost. Travel bloggers enable this USP to enhance rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).

And with first-page ranking, your online travel business gets the much-needed growth, with the help of blogging. 


What Tips will Help You Create Amazing Travel Content?

Here are a few handy tips for creating promotional blogs for your tourism business. 

1 – Identify Your Audience 

You first need to know who you are writing for. Creating a reader persona will help you figure out what content to put out there so that it gels well with the targeted readers. 

For instance, some buyer personas can be classified as 

– Travelers who love a curated package for the entire family 

– Gen-X and Millennials who spontaneously decide on the way to satisfy their wanderlust 

– Budget travellers

– Affluent travellers  

Once you know your customers, you can create content around the following themes

– Their type of travel (business or leisure)

– Their queries when travelling (currency exchange, weather)

– Fears and challenges (culture, tradition do’s/don’ts)

– Their favourite travel activities (indoor, outdoor, relaxed, adventurous)

– The expectations they have when travelling (planning of rooms, planning itinerary) 

– What to do (top 10 things to do/ places to see/ food to eat/ items to buy on your next holiday to <location>)

You can also find information on sites like the Google keyword planner tool, Quora, and Reddit.

This information is tantalizingly amazing ground for creating content on varied topics. Moreover, now, you will write on topics that your readers need information on. So, it gives them all the more impetus to stay on your site and consume the content. 

Learn more – How to write content as per buyer persona.

2- Create Engaging Content through Travel Blog Writers

If you want to attract more clients, the most crucial step is to provide compelling content. 

Travel blogging has the edge over nearly any other industry. It is very visual when it comes to advertising. Visual content is the most engaging technique to capture attention in the tourist sector since visual experience is so important. 

After all, 82% of internet traffic is currently said to be video-based content.

How to achieve this?

– Employ eye-catching photographs 

– Create short, entertaining videos on reviews or things to do. 

– Design a diversified social media posting plan with multiple images and fresh content. 

3- Leverage Travel Blog Writers to Boost Your Visibility

When you understand the significance of travel blog writers in tourist marketing, you’ll discover that being social is vital in all you do. 

And you know what, the more blogs your website, the better your chances of driving organic traffic to the website. 

How to achieve this?

– Create original and SEO-optimized blogs

– People will discover your site on search results

– They will physically visit your website to read your blog posts when you distribute them through social platforms and email updates. 

– Present helpful and engaging information on your website

– This way, you’ll have a better chance of engaging them with your services. You can convert them into signups and subscriptions to holiday packages on your site.

4- Drive Better Customer Interactions Through Social Sharing

Another vital part of the tourist sector that has altered due to social media is customer service. Brands and enterprises may now communicate directly with their customers via social media.

Hence, we can say that social sharing is absolutely crucial for a tourism business.

Young people, in particular, may use social media to share the most memorable moments from their travels with a large audience. 

As a travel and tourism business, you should be aware that this is a more effective means of attracting new visitors than traditional ads. They should encourage individuals to share their real-life experiences online. 

How to achieve this?

  • Writing and posting share-worthy blog topics
  • Use irresistible and clear headlines and subheadings
  • Interlink posts to relevant pages
  • Focus on regular content upgrade
  • Design and share captivating visual contents
  • Include a call to action in every post 

5- Ensure Wide Distribution for Maximum Effect 

Let’s face it. The Internet has been beneficial for marketing. However, it has also led to oversaturation and competition.

You need to create a new, unique page online every time you publish a recent blog article. Each of these new pages has the potential to be a treasure trove for your tourist attraction. 

Creating and sharing blogs is a fantastic way to stay with current and former consumers, and that is what 53% of marketers are doing, too.

How to achieve this?

– When you publish new blog content, be sure to promote it on social media and send it out through email. 

– The intention is to keep your business in front of clients’ minds 

– This way, you remind them of your product or service when they are ready to buy for the first or second time. 

– This step increases brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. 

However, ensure that your emails have high open rates by following the tips –

– Add a relevant and interesting subject line

– Send emails only to the targeted audience and not everyone on the list. You can sort based on demographics, interest, age, etc.

Hire Competent Travel Blog Writers at Textuar

We are no longer in the age of asking our friends and colleagues for holiday recommendations. We now have the wonderful avenue called the Internet to search and discover new places on the planet.

It is true that travellers take a good amount of time researching for information on travel planning. 

It is here that content comes in handy.

Travel blog writers have a knack for delivering amazing blogs that score highly on two key points

– Well-researched, in-depth, and valuable blogs

SEO optimized content that sees high search ranking 

They know that travel is a highly experiential product. Hence your words should convey the feeling and emotion behind the experience. 

For example, take the case of a blog “Top 10 beach destinations of Goa”.

The readers should feel the sand and breeze of the beach and the caress of the salty ocean waves when they read about it. 

Publish such knockout content that helps readers imagine, visualize, and observe. With it, you can be sure of a winning content strategy.

And this is a USP that experienced travel blog writers like Textuar can offer.

Connect with us to know more about our proficiency in content writing for the travel and tourism industry.

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