What does a Content Writer Do Anyway?

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Let us suppose you are a working professional and you have been asked to describe your job as a content writer.

  • Are you stuck?
  • Did it just become too claustrophobic?
  • Is a clear idea miles away?

If you are in the content writing space and are searching for an ideal answer but still haven’t found it, then it’s completely okay; you aren’t the only one!

Every profession or job has certain characteristics and features, and so does content writing. However to articulate it in an appropriate or complete way can be quite daunting. Most intriguingly, many of the content writers themselves don’t know what they are doing, or what their job is all about. It is evident that such inadequate knowledge will lead to improper job descriptions.


Understanding content writers

Although a major part of a content writer’s job revolves around writing meaningful and engaging content, that’s not the only thing they do. A considerable amount of creative efforts, research, and designing, also gets added into the process. With such insufficient and half-hearted descriptions about the job, it is high time to devise a working definition for content writing.

Let’s get down to understanding and defining the job.

  1. Researcher and fact finder

As the name suggests, the preliminary job of a content writer is to pen down interesting content. They have to work on various topics, which inevitably prepare the ground for proper research. Content writers have the responsibility of working across industry verticals. From small-scale business ventures to government organizations, they are required to work for different clients.

While doing so, often they have to work on topics they are completely unaware of. Therefore, deep research and profound information gathering emerge as an integral segment of their jobs. Especially if you are developing website content, you will have to take additional care to ensure that your content are precise, accurate, informative and non-contradictory to your clients’ objectives.

  1. SEO experts

Content writing is not just restricted to describing products and services. If the SEO content writer is creating digital marketing materials, then Search Engine Optimization or SEO will prove to be an essential aspect.

From using targeted keywords to creating unique titles and headlines, content writers will have to take note of every single aspect of SEO. Ranking you at the top of search engine result pages will be their prime goal. As the result, they will incorporate best SEO practices, even while creating attractive content.

  1. Getting into an editor’s shoes

A content writer’s life is all about ensuring complete satisfaction for his clients. And it is here that he often requires wearing many hats. Apart from creating engaging and attractive content, an efficient content writer also takes up the role of an editor and proof reader.

Whenever there are content with poor formatting, ill-framed sentences and meaningless propositions, a skilled content writer rises to the occasions and edits articles with finesse.

Parting thoughts

One of the major attractions about content writers is their flexible working style as well as approaches. Writers are working on permanent and part-time verticals and delivering content in real time.

Delivering powerful content and articles capable of captivating audience’s attention is not an easy affair. And content writers perform this tough ordeal every day with a smile. So, it won’t be quite unjust to say that content developers prove that ‘a pen is mightier than a sword’ time and again with every deliverable.

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