Why the Best Content Writing Companies Use Grammarly for QA?

Why the Best Content Writing Companies use Grammarly for Proofreading

Content without proper spelling or grammar is like fish without water; it tends to die soon. There are millions of pieces of content out there.

How do you stay afloat?

Remember that the World Wide Web is an ocean where you are one of the fish. You have to be a shark in the form of one of the best content writing companies around. You have to learn the moves.

Similarly, to rank high on SERP, you need to post content that’s perfect on all counts.


Why ideal content matters?

There are more than 3.5 billion pieces of content in the form of blogposts, web links, and news stories, etc. shared very week on social media. Errors can hurt your prospects by losing return visitors and getting fewer referrals.

If you are reading a blogpost with several grammatical mistakes, would you share it with your friends?

The answer is a definite ‘No’.

Hence, professional copywriting agencies rely on feature packed tools like Grammarly to spruce up their work.

Let’s understand how Grammarly checks influence blog posts and the results it intends to achieve.

How Grammarly powers up the efficacy of the best content writing companies?

Bloggers need Grammarly to perfect their blog posts, social media posts, and every other kind of professional writing. Grammarly is an online grammar checker and proofreading tool. It helps the blogger avoid mistakes.

Let’s see how Grammarly helps content writers

1 – Grammar and punctuation

Grammarly detects grammar and punctuation mistakes in your blog post. And then it offers practical suggestions on the corrections.

For example, take a sentence

“Let’s eat grandma!”

Now, this would suggest that you are about to eat grandma. If you use the right punctuation marks, it will clear the confusion at first glance,

“Let’s eat, Grandma!”

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Another good example is – Its and It’s

Improper use of its / it’s can be one of the easiest and overlooked mistakes in writing.

  • ‘Its’ is a possessive form of ‘it’, as in- Its network is down.
  • It’s is a contraction of ‘it is’ as in – It’s vital to understand the equation.

If you are unsure which form to use in your sentence, replace its/it’s with ‘it is’ to see if the sentence makes sense.

2 – Spelling mistakes

Grammarly is a strong spell- checking tool. This keeps your blog posts free from misspelled errors. Often you find this kind of spelling mistakes in blog posts and web content. You can run the copy through the spell checker.

Can you spot the spelling mistake?

  • Your and You’re – this is another commonly misused word.
  • Your – this word shows possession, as in, I read your book
  • You’re – it is a contraction of you are, as in You’re going out?

Question yourself on what you are trying to say when using this word. Do you mean, ‘it belongs to you’ or do you mean ‘you’re responsible for doing this work’.

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3 – Writing style

Grammarly helps the best content writing companies to edit their work. The tool assists you by providing real insights and sentence structures. This brings in finesse in the overall readability of your blog post.

It evaluates essential things for a high readability score. These include transitions, repetitive words, comma placements, and sentence lengths. Word overuse is a standard error that plagues good writing. Grammarly will help you eliminate these issues by elevating your proofreading efficacy.

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4 – Plagiarism check

It is yet another useful Grammarly option used by the best content writing companies. Plagiarism means the blatant lifting of content from another site. Grammarly compares your work with thousands of websites to detect if plagiarism has occurred.

One of the essential qualities of being a professional blogger is ethics. As a genuine blogger, you jot down your experiences and your thoughts. When you write your ‘content’, it shows that you have out in your professional expertise to create an angle for discussion on a theme. This enhances your credibility as a reliable content writing agency

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5 – Improved vocabulary

When you make use of more and better words, it shows that you are a good communicator. Grammarly offers value words and suggests synonyms. Besides, Grammarly can spot words that don’t add much value to your text.

Nowadays, Grammarly suggests replacing with a better version. This way, you learn a new and better way to write a sentence that you find unappealing. You can use this idea to add more spice to your blog post.

6 – Removing of passive sentences

Look at the following example.

He has done a great job.

When you use this kind of sentence in your text, Grammarly will detect it as a passive sentence.  Passive voice is not a grammatical mistake. However, some readers prefer to read in the active voice. Instead of using the word ‘done’ you can rephrase the sentence as

He did a great job.

Here, the subject (he) acts.  So, it’s easy to identify.

Let’s take another example.

The food was eaten by me.

You can now replace it with a better active voice sentence.

I ate the food.

This sounds better than when you write- The food was eaten by me.

Where does Grammarly work?

Grammarly works everywhere. One can use it on a computer and mobile devices.  It is available both as an app and a browser extension in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You can use this tool to write a blog post, tweet, or post on Facebook.

It also works on

1 – Email

2 – Documents and projects

3 -Social media posts

4 – Websites

Steps to use Grammarly software online

Visit the Grammarly site and click on ‘Log in’

steps to use grammarly

1 – Create a login and password as the first step. Use your Facebook or Google login for quick access

steps to use grammarly

2 – The first screen you see is the workspace for Grammarly. If you have opted for premium version then you must a blue strip on top left corner marked as ‘Premium’. Click on ‘New’ to get started.

steps to use grammarly

3 – Paste your text in the empty space now. Suppose if we paste some text as below, we see 9 spelling / grammar alert (in red underline), with an overall score of 76. This score will keep improving when we remove the mistakes.

We should aim for a maximum score of 99

steps to use grammarly

4 – Start making the rectifications. The tool does two things here

  1. It shows possible corrections
  2. When you click on the button it makes the correction in the workspace itself

steps to use grammarly

Take this example

Here are two screenshots.

  1. The upper half is the suggestion.
  2. The lower half is the corrected portion of the same text.

With this we are now left with 8 instead of 9 issues in the text. We have to keep removing all issues as applicable

The best content writing companies are vigilant when using Grammarly

Two points worth noting here. Grammarly is just a tool. We cannot blindly accept all changes suggested by the tool.

We need to use our brains to determine –

1 – If the suggestion provided is actually valid or not

2 – If the context and meaning of the sentence remains same even after making the changes

If writers feel an issue with any of the two points above, they can safely ignore the particular suggestion and move to the next one.


In today’s world, most of the conversations are happening through blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts. Making use of proper grammar is crucial as it reflects on the writer’s credibility. It also shines a light on the brands authority online.

If you want to engage readers and carry on the conversation, it is essential to use proper grammar to avoid embarrassments.

This is where Grammarly helps.

What’s exciting about Grammarly is that it offers value to get your writing on track. It makes you appear like you have been an expert writer, always.

Grammarly is the other name for proofreading- it will help you gain credibility and build loyal patronage of readers and followers. Make sure that the best content writing company you select for your content writing projects uses premium Grammarly.

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