Will AI Writing replace Professional Content Writers?

AI writers vs professional content writer

Human beings are perhaps the only species blessed with the ability to read, write, and comprehend things. We have the capability to think, analyze, and research. This helps us as professional content writers to compose riveting content for various niches that helps in SEO and inbound marketing online.

But with modernization and digitalization, technology has become advanced and is impacting every industry. This is applicable to the field of content writing too. Smart AI-enabled robots can write fresh contents, essays, blogs, novels and many more without the need for a human writer.

With this evolution comes the question –

Will AI replace professional content writers?

To get an answer, let’s check out the difference in the value provided by an AI writer and a human writer.

What is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

Artificial intelligence or AI is a broad branch of computer science, which builds smart machines that perform tasks that requires a lot of human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence works like human intelligence and is trying to create its place in every technology sector.

We are accepting almost every AI application which includes Alexa, Siri, Netflix movie recommendation, spam filters on E-mail, or manufacturing and drone robots. AI tech comes handy in disease mapping and production tools too. The immense versatility of use cases makes them believe that more smartness and efforts will replace SEO content writers from the workplace.

will AI writing replace professional content writers

How does AI write? 

There are many organizations that use artificial intelligence in order to generate their content. It includes The New York Times, Associated Press, Washington Post, Reuters and Yahoo. The Press Association produces 30000 content every month just with the help of artificial intelligence.

A natural language generation tool is a software that creates a narrative from data. It is used for various content writing needs, including business data reports and business intelligence dashboards. They are also used for data reports, mails, portfolio updates, and many more types of content.

NLG behind AI based writing

In natural language generation, you have to first design the format of the content. The format of the content varies from social media post and financial reports, to poetries and novels, which have a unique structure and style of writing. With artificial intelligence, the ownership and the privacy of the data remains with the user. Also, the content’s privacy is maintained throughout. The content thus created matches the one created with human intelligence.

Natural Language Generation offers the following benefits to the people:

  • An organization with NLG works very fast.
  • It can produce a lot of website content at a time.
  • It provides data that is easily understandable by users.
  • AI content is personalized and uses unique information for your content.

What can AI write?

Artificial Intelligence works like us; they create content just like humans do. They generate headlines, check plagiarism and even check typos and grammar of the content being composed. These additional tools help the content writers in concentrating and working on their efforts. This is applicable to that portion of the work, which requires creativity and skills of intelligence. They can easily focus more on those areas which suit their talent.

Why can’t AI writing replace professional content writers?

The key difference between us human writers and an AI writer is this –

We can create content with emotions, empathy and value. We have a life and soul inside us, which AI does not have.

AI can provide valuable content writing services. But they will not be able to add life to the content. They do not have a soul and life in them. They cannot add emotions and creativity to their content as humans can do.

No wonder that empathy and emotions emerge as key success drivers in digital marketing . And this factor sways the scale in favor of human writers.

AI writers vs professional content writer

In today’s world, one can market only through the way they speak, show or talk. The way you market yourself through the content, the ideas that you bring up through your writing or even the feelings that evoke when someone reads your content is tough to create. It totally requires human efforts, creativity, emotions, and empathy to the readers.

How can Artificial Intelligence provide such content? Content with just some valuable information will not be able to bring out what a human with feelings can express.

There is a wide difference between AI and human writer. An AI writer does not properly understand the feelings of content. However, professional content writers can relate the content with their own. This helps them add context, meaning, and relevance to it in the drafting stage.

A professional content writer can easily add the essence of various emotions. He can inculcate excitement, love, longing or other feelings in content. This is one aspect that an AI writer cannot do well.

Human writers can communicate very well and engage with the audience through their words, which an AI writer can’t.


AI writers, no doubt, work with more speed than professional content writers. But they cannot surpass human writers in quality and value.

AI writers do provide valuable content fast. But they cannot evoke a sense of the diverse feelings associated with the content created by professional content writers.

The content created by writers can tug at the heart of the readers in ways that AI writing cannot.

To sum it up, the human professional website content writer will continue to rule over the world of inbound digital marketing.

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