How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page and Drive Conversions

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The window to snatch a visitor’s attention on your web page content is small. If they don’t find any reason to stay within the first few seconds then chances are there you could lose them. Your About us page website content and designing is the chance to attract them and make them stay on your site. So the company’s introductory page should be sticky enough that website visitors won’t leave after reading a compelling piece of copywriting.

About Us web page content could be the tipping point in converting more visitors into consumers. That’s why it is essential to make it memorable. This ‘about us’ page is one of the most visited pages on your website or chances are there it could be the weakest. Follow these simple dos and don’ts to fix it and transform visitors into your potential visitors.

  • Do: Tell a story

It’s a truth that people take pleasure in supporting others with whom they feel a connection. Sharing your company’s personal story is the best step to establish this relationship. In the company’s description talk about the history behind the starting of your business instead of simply listing all the services you offer. This story can make your brand more human.

  • Do: Speak the language of your visitors

Before starting to write web page content, always visualize your prospective customers. Consider their requirements, needs, and objectives. Targeting different demographics would require a different approach to website content writing. Your web page content must speak the language of your visitors. Your About us content should motivate your guest visitors to take action


  • Do: Be clear, to the point and, interesting

It’s not easy to get people excited about long web page content. That’s why keep your organization’s description short, simple, sweet and, to the point. Don’t write a novel. In the end, the ultimate goal of your company’s description is to encourage readers to take an action such as call, buy or visit your establishment. So don’t use the complicated term and block the road.

  • Do: Show the Facts In Web page Content

There is nothing wrong with proving your worth with some high-level stats. After all, people are visiting the “about us” page to know more about your company. So present the facts using a number of awards you have collected or the number of clients you currently serve.

  • Do: Include Attention-Grabbing Visuals and Testimonials

Always make your introductory page eye-catching by including photos, videos, infographics, and testimonials. Client testimonials help to build instant trust and credibility. It’s an old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. These visuals can help to engage visitors with shorter attention spans. So make about us page visually appealing.

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  • Don’t: Use Superlatives

Don’t use cheesy clichés, overstated superlatives, or breathless adjectives to describe yourself. There are some words that are great when other people use to describe you. But you should never use to describe yourself. Think seriously about swapping out them out of your content if you have used it. Pages weighed down with superlatives may actually hurt your reliability so avoid them.

  • Don’t: Use copyrighted and stock photos

If you find an image on a search engine it’s doesn’t give you any right to use it commercially on your website. Copyright regulation is severe stuff and qualified photographers keep strict copyrights on their images. Always use photos of real people and places. Stock photos can weaken your credibility. So avoid them.

  • Don’t: Forget Calls-to-Action

Always logically include a clear call to action in about us page. The ultimate goal of a homepage is to attract visitors and convert them into probable customers by taking further actions like call or buy after reading about us page or filling a form. So never forget to include this call-to-action.

  • Don’t: Be afraid to ask others

Always update your about us page frequently. It reflects your current company character. Don’t be scared to ask others for their view about your page as they will often mark something you missed.


An appealing About Us page in web content that describes your value and shows your individuality can make all the distinction in converting customers from casual visitors. If you craft a powerful introduction page by keeping in mind the above-discussed dos and don’ts then visitors will never bounce via the back button. You have very little time and space to grab your visitor’s attention so make use of it wisely. Arrange content in a logical way so it can drive visitors to take action. By doing it appropriately you can be confident that your website is designed to generate conversions from the start point

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