4 Tips To Master The Art Of Doing Backlinks In Wikipedia


Thanks to its reputation as the largest and most reliable digital encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia has emerged as a highly effective marketing tool for content marketers. Whether it is for information or SEO content, the site continues to serve as one of the best resources for garnering visibility through content marketing and content writing.

However, marketers and content writing companies often face issues while doing backlinks on Wikipedia. Content marketers need to understand that it’s not just enough to add external links to relevant contents. There are quite a few factors worth noting, and one wrong move can lead to severe outcomes.

Here are our tips on mastering the art of doing backlinks in Wikipedia successfully.

  1. To follow or not to follow

Even a decade ago, backlinks in Wikipedia was all about boosting SEO. And that led to the creation of spammy links. The platform quickly took note of this aspect and did all that was necessary to curb such spammy efforts.

The present links in Wikipedia are ‘no-follow’; however, they still manage to enjoy great importance from Google. As a dedicated content marketer, you will have to know these shifts while adding backlinks.

  1. Identifying Wikipedia backlink locations

You must know where to include backlinks, as this is one of the most important segments of the entire process. Some of the crucial steps in this context are:

  • Steer clear of entries requiring citations: Wikipedia searches and scrutinizes citation requiring templates. In case your added links fail to contribute to your entry’s quality, the site will blacklist and remove them.
  • Search entries for expansion and cleanup: Content marketers will have better opportunities of sharing content, thus expanding the knowledge-base on that particular topic. That will also prove to be a major boost to Wikipedia’s free knowledge sharing objectives.
  1. Knowing various types of links

Once you develop an idea about your links’ locations, it is high time to identify the source when doing the content writing.

  • Get links from dependable sources: Avoid using links from press releases or any other self-published sources. You must also ensure content accuracy.
  • Check its reliability in Wikipedia: Look for websites that have their own Wikipedia article. Wikipedia will consider them as reliable sources.
  • See whether it is a backlink: If the cited website has already been considered as a backlink, then it will score more points in reliability.

In-depth knowledge about all these link types will help you choose the backlinks.

  1. Other crucial factors

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are other fundamental aspects too. Some of them are discussed here:

  • Not just a landing page: Make sure your link is not just a landing page. Wikipedia doesn’t give much importance to landing pages without proper information.
  • Do direct links: Your linked site must be relevant, and support the information added by you. Connect to exact pages promoting your content, and that will be the best thing to do.

Signing off

With these tips in mind, you will backlinks on Wikipedia can surely emerge as a valuable revenue driver for your company. Connect with us at Textuar for more such tips on content writing and content marketing.

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