5 Exciting Content Writing Tips to hook readers

content writing tips to hook readers

One of the most dreaded images that can conjure up in mind of an SEO marketer and content writing service provider alike is this image! In case you are looking to run as far away from this sort of perception for your online content, then read further!

It’s good to keep in mind some essential tips for attracting the reader’s attention and keeping them interested till they reach the end of the article.

1. Your attention grabbing enabler

Yes, we are talking about the headline or title of your content. Imagine a content’s title as your elevator pitch. If the reader is not intrigued by the title, he/ she will never go ahead with reading the rest of the article, and move on to the next article available online (Believe me! It takes less than 3 seconds for a person to decide whether or not to continue reading an online post). So spend some time on creating a captivating title that prompts the reader to give his/ her undivided attention to your post.

2. Start well

Imagine being invited to someone’s house and seeing its doors locked? That’s the impression a reader gets when he/ she gets attracted by the headline and moves on to the introductory paragraph, only to find it bland or boring. Avoid this fracas by keeping the reader interest high with an interesting introductory paragraph. The paragraph should set the tone for what the reader is about to read – be it solving a problem, providing information on a topic or highlighting current trends.

3. You’re the boss

One good way to develop likeable content is to have the voice of a mentor and a thought leader. Content writing service that are able to bring about this type of language and tone blended with humility, tend to write content that appeals to its readers. As a mentor, readers expect you to have firm belief and strong domain knowledge. Avoid coming across as undecided by using fillers or words like ‘I guess that…’, ‘It might or might not be possible that…’

4. Close smart

A rule of SEO and good writing practices prompt content writing professionals to provide a clear conclusion and offer a lucid call-to-action. What are the readers supposed to do after reading your content? Do your concluding lines have a specific call-to-action statement like “If you are interested to know more, do visit our website at….” or “Now that you know the basics, do subscribe to our e-book for complete coverage on….”

Do write in with your comments about which of these factors are missing from your content, or which of these are major influencers in gaining a high degree of sustained reader engagement for you.

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