5 Leading Content Marketing Trends that Will Rule 2019

leading content marketing trends

The world of marketing is altering with each passing day. New tools and technologies come into sight, innovative thinkers set latest spins on old strategies, and the graph for quality continues to go up as audiences the world over are uncovered to more content in a day than they could probably process.

Over the years there are various changes that have taken place but one thing is definite that content marketing is here to stay. Content marketing trends continues to develop and evolve to be more mature than before. The following tactics will shape the landscape of developing and consuming content in 2019.

  • Use of AI and Chatbot

There are several ways to make use of AI. It can be an author, a data analyst, a planner, and so much more. AI can help out marketers understand all of their data and put together improved content marketing strategies.

There are many reasons why large companies want to use chatbots or intelligent assistant in 2019. One of the main reasons for it is because of artificial intelligent use is the increasing number of customers who look forward to being able to connect with their preferred companies through chat. Other reasons are as below.

AI in content marketing

  • It helps to resolve problems more quickly.
  • It enables service providers to record communications.
  • Service providers can send messages to their customers or visitors based on their locations.
  • It provides 24/7 assistance.
  • Through chatbot, it is easy to register a complaint.
  • It provides good customer experience.

It’s possible that in future AI will help people to write blogs, news, and maybe books in a better and faster way. With the use of AI in 2019, an entrepreneur can amplify the productivity of employees by making more automation of basic functions. It will allow workers to complete work in a short span of time. One can expect that work hard will be replaced by work smart in 2019 with the use of AI.

  • Content Clusters

To attract more visitors and to convert them into customers in 2019, one needs to go beyond keyword. By creating content clusters one can do this. It’s an easy idea. A person creates a central page on a topic in the form of a blog or article. Then he/she support that page with other correlated pages, perhaps blog posts that every single link to that central page.

It’s a great way to improve the influence of the main page, and this will help get better rank and performance. Google’s latest algorithms have a tendency to recognize longer-form content as being more important. It makes such content more likely to rank higher in search engine results.


Google’s algorithms places high importance on content clusters. Because of content clusters one can provide high-valuable information regarding the particular topic. With the help of content clusters, one can make his/her website the go-to resource in an industry; both target audience and Google’s algorithms will be glad about it.

  • Remarketing

Remarketing is a rapidly increasing facet of digital marketing in 2019. It is a tool that allows a marketer to maintain the conversation with a user and boost the probability of a conversion/sale, furthermore augment the lifetime connection with a customer. Establishing a remarketing campaign using the following campaign isn’t very hard if one has some existing customer data.

  • Google Ad Remarketing

It is Google’s remarketing solution that works from inside AdWords. All one requires to do is including the remarketing tag to his/her website, makes ads, and set up a campaign. The only drawback is that it is restricted to Google Display Network and doesn’t provide any Facebook retargeting options.

  • Facebook Remarketing

The idea is alike to Google Remarketing, but there are a small number of key differences with whom one can retarget; client list, website traffic, app goings-on, and engagement on Facebook.

  • AdRoll

AdRoll works with Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Microsoft. It allows reaching a majority of the audience. Similar to Google remarketing, AdRoll takes cares of all technical particulars, from consumer segmentation to geographically-targeting and more.

One more addition in content marketing trends in 2019 is RetargetLinks. It works very simply. One creates a short link, share it on social media, blog posts, or emails, and anybody who clicks on the link will see banner ads.

  • Capitalization on Micro-moments

The modern customer is frequently in search of rapid answers to an instantaneous question and promote a local business. Google categorizes these “micro-moments” as follows:

  • I-Want-To-Know Moments
  • I-Want-To-Go Moments
  • I-Want-To-Do Moments
  • I-Want-To-Buy Moments

The tendency toward necessitate for instant answers definitely continues to grow in 2019. There are 2 major facets of creating content that takes the chance to gain advantage from micro-moments.

The first, one, is developing content that – clear and simple – answers audience’s questions through FAQ pages, Instagram and Facebook stories, and Audio content. The second one is making this content accessible in the most resourceful format probable – and to deliver it via the most logical channel. The more time one expends explaining an answer that could have been explained in 30 seconds, the more easily consumers able to connect on a deeper level with his/her brand.

  • Use of Influencers as an Ad Hoc Content Team

In 2019, many brands have already begun implementing a sort of reverse approach to the marketing method. That is, as an alternative of partnering with influencers to have them endorse brand on their channels, one can call them to make content to be displayed on his/her own channel. Having an influencer develop content on an entrepreneur’s channel definitely adds some trustworthiness to brand in the eyes of followers. Secondly, the maker of the content is probably sharing it with their audience, which will definitely give massive visibility to an owner’s brand. The most advantageous feature of partnering with influencers for internally-housed content development is that one can get in touch with individuals from a wide variety of industries.

Bottom Line

Technology is rolling very rapidly and it’s just remarkable how the things one didn’t assume were possible a few years ago are achievable now. Finally, communication changes at the rate that people are keen to take up innovative technologies. So the major changes most likely won’t take place immediately. Still, advancement will likely feel incremental in 2019.

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