The Most Innovative Content Writing Trends For 2018

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As we move midway through 2018 we see a lot of hectic activity around content writing and content marketing. Shifting business demands and evolving preferences mean that new trends are emerging in the professional content writing companies. As an outcome it becomes interesting to see what are the trends that will drive this landscape in 2018 (and beyond).

Stats show that a whopping 60% of digital marketers create one unique and innovative content every day. That sufficiently explains the need for powerful articles and engaging blogs. However, it also turns out to be imperative to follow best practices, notice emerging trends, and imitate exciting writing styles.

Interesting trends that dominate professional content writing

In case you need to add value to your client’s business with well-articulated content then you need to be aware of existing trends. These will help you create content that is aligned to the business needs of today’s times and the demands of today’s customers

Here are some noteworthy professional content writing trends to follow in 2018:

  1. Follow and change content formats

With innovations in content creation styles, it becomes imperative to assess the various ways of creating compelling articles and blogs. Formats have come a long way from simple unidirectional blogs to exciting videos and graphics. Try out the various ways, associate with leading content writing services, and see what is beneficial for you.

  1. User-generated content pieces

It’s always beneficial to invite positive and authentic views to your site. The opportunity to tap into user-generated content will fetch you more leads than what you managed to get before. The main benefit is that you will receive authentic viewpoints about your services. Customers and your targeted clientele would like to receive effective feedbacks from neutral sources rather than listening to paid advertising reviews.

  1. Emphasize on customer-centrism

The leading and reputed content writing companies are emphasizing on creating customer-centric content nowadays. Personalized articles and custom-written blogs have the power to target individual readers. Every visitor taking a look at your site will find answers to specific queries. Whether it’s an existing customer or a new client, you must cater to their needs effectively.

  1. Embrace IOT

Internet of Things is revolutionizing content development and marketing at multiple levels. Some of the leading professional content writing companies are leveraging IOT to a great extent. Organizations have come forward with innovative ideas and decided to use Alexa for wider content generation. Your target audience won’t like to get restricted to a single screen and dynamism will surely work in this regard.

  1. Quality is crucial

Whether you are posting general articles or creating SEO-optimized content, quality emerges as the prime factor. Algorithms in search engines are changing at a rapid pace, and quality has come up as the most crucial aspect in the ranking game. Rather than just focusing on keywords, you must think of compelling topics and pen down interesting content accordingly.

  1. Significance of documented strategies

If stats are anything to be followed, only 32% of marketers developed robust content marketing strategies in 2015. However, the figures rose to 37% eventually. Documenting the content marketing strategies will be beneficial in numerous ways. You will get a streamlined path for targeting content pieces at the right audience. When it comes to influencing positive development within an enterprise, these factors surely work a lot.

  1. Transparency and openness

Content marketers should have an open approach and their openness should channelize through their writings and advertising approaches. If you have influencers, make sure you share inputs and any sort of paid relationships with them. The tone, approach, voice, and message of the content should be in tandem with the publishing vehicle. In a nutshell, openness is a prime factor which demands careful consideration.

  1. Establishing a mission statement

You must have a central objective in mind when going for professional content writing. It is highly imperative to create a mission statement and work towards fulfilling that. Choose a niche and zero-in on relevant topics. Make sure you factor-in several aspects while identifying the subjects. That will help you establish a mission statement and carve a niche for your blogs. In turn this helps in building audience loyalty and better following.

Signing off

These trends will guide you and help you prepare a checklist of things-to-do for effective content marketing. By taking cognizance of these trends you would be sure to develop content that matters and stands out of the crowd.

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