8 Phenomenal Tips for Blog writers

tips for blog writers

If you are working for the first time as a professional blog writer for business, the first key is to understand that blogging is NOT about selling. Blogs help resonate with the reader’s needs and provides informative insights that helps the readers with any queries, concerns or doubts.

When using the professional blog writer, you might ask “What is in it for my business?” Well, with help of blogs you can gain three critical success drivers –

1. You are viewed as a thought leader in your line of business,
2. You can a solid medium to create and sustain a rapport with readers,
3. This in turn helps you multiply your chances of sales conversion with a positive engagement.

Imagine how much would it cost you if you employed other approaches towards these three objectives? Blogging is certainly the most effective, yet economical way to grab attention in an overcrowded online content landscape. However in order to create meaningful value, blogging should be just that – be able to grab attention.

If your next question is “How to go about it?”, then read on for some important blogging tips that will help you in this endeavor –

1. Correct choice of words

If the professional blog writer use ‘economical’ instead of ‘inexpensive’ or use ‘this treatment is relatively safe’ instead of ‘this treatment is painless’, then he is  on the right path to use the right way. Because of the way our brain’s wiring is designed, we continue to focus on the negative instead of the positive. Hence, even if we mention ‘painless’ in the 2nd example, readers will see the word ‘pain’ in it.

2. Have a solid headline 

Online readers have very short attention span. If they are not hooked to a catchy headline, they will never read on, and move ahead to consume the next piece of content.

3. Have a great opening paragraph 

Follow up a catchy headline with a good introductory paragraph and you have the reader’s interest caught on. Pull them deeper into the blog content and allure them to read till the end.

4. Use shorter sentences 

Long flowing sentences simply do not register in the readers’ minds. Use shorter sentences so that readers can get the idea behind a paragraph quickly.

5. Use lists 

Use of lists or bullets is a sure fire way to ensure that your audience laps up the entire content rather than leaving it mid-way.

6. Sub-headings 

Breaking your entire blog post into smaller sections is in line with point#4. Provide a meaningful sub-heading before the section starts to let readers know what to expect next.

7. Use of image 

A catchy image is certain to hold the user’s attention. Readers need to have an apt visual medium to ensure that they remain glued to the content and read it till the end. Of course, the image needs to go well with the topic being discussed by the content writing service provider in the blog post.

8. Use of numbers 

Numbers register better in our minds and stay for longer. Pepper the content with numbers and figures. Highlighting the blog with data and statistics ensures that the readability of the blog is enhanced substantially. Do not forget to attribute it to the right source at the end though.

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