8 Secrets for Success in SEO Article Writing

8 Secrets for Success in SEO Article Writing

SEO article writers play an important in building web relationships to influence the online audience. The importance of well-crafted articles for SEO supports the stat that 60% of B2C marketers are committed to content marketing.

One of the challenges a company faces is to produce sufficient volume of quality content to maintain the freshness of the website. Producing fresh content consistently is one of the top 3 content marketing challenges. This is why they revert to professional SEO article writing services experts for handling this important marketing function.

8 Secrets for Success in SEO Article Writing

What are the secret sauces of a good SEO article writer?

It is tricky to produce good quality content just by throwing in a bunch of creative words. The right usage of words will grab Google bot’s attention and give your brand the rankings boost

Many article writing services provide different resources that can help to become a professional SEO article writer. Here are a few steps to consider to become a good SEO article writer.

1 – Is the Keyword Research done?

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO article writing. Invest time in understanding what are the keywords or phrases people would most likely use during a search.

Keep track of how many times those words or phrases are used and apply the same in the article. He/she can use different tools to check their ranking in the search engine result pages.

2 – Are the Keywords Used Optimally?

After exploring and researching the keywords, it all comes down to how to use those keywords in an article or content. Make sure to use the keywords in the right places, this will help in highlighting the article while a user searches for the related topic.

3 – Is the SEO Article Compelling and Captivating?

All the above are important for a professional SEO article writer to get the article in the search engine result pages. But the most important aspect is the quality of the article.

It is important that the keywords blend with the article rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Here, one can take the help of article writing service experts to provide the right guidance and assistance. Just like a blog, an article too needs to be in-depth and add value to the time spent by the reader in reading the content.

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4 – Does it Meet the Word Count Mandate?

Ensure that the article has the required word count that can help the search engine highlight the article or the blog. Usually, search engines prefer long blogs and articles. It gives its reader more valuable information and increases the chance of showing the article on search engine result pages.

5 – Is the SEO Article Writing Proofread Rigorously?

If writing content is a task then proofreading is even a bigger task. Make sure that blog has undergone rigorous editing and proofreading. Only then, should the publishing happen. No viewer like to read an article that has any grammatical error, as it reflects badly on the business. Hence, it is important that the article or blog has gone through proper proofreading and editing.

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6 – Has the SEO Article Been Shared on the Right Platforms?

It is surely exciting to create an article and it is unfair to not share it with the world. Promotion starts with sharing the link with family and friends, and if the article is good then the chain keeps growing bigger and bigger. This does not require a paid domain; it can be shared on a social networking site or via email.

7 – Is there Enough Focus on Improvement in SEO Article Writing?

To become a professional SEO article writer takes time. It is not something that one can learn overnight. Hence invest time in learning and exploring more about how SEO functions and improvise on the content or article skills. It is through practice and experience that improves one’s skills. Therefore, it is important to constantly work on articles.

8 – Can it be Outsourced?

Training gives an in-depth insight about the keyword research (“how to do keyword research”, “how to use them in articles”, and so on). However, if your focus is to grow business at a rapid scale, then you cannot have your focus diverted to training on a new skill. You can delegate this activity to SEO article writing professionals and get exemplary results.

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To conclude

To becomes a professional SEO article writer needs time and focus. Publishing unique and original content is a continuous process. In case you don’t have the resources to do a good job in-house you can connect with a content writing agency such as Textuar to use article marketing and reach the hallowed top spot in Google SERPs for related search terms.

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