Does Google Rank AI Content? Let’s Find Out

AI content Vs human content writers

You may have a query for a content writing agency, “Does Google Rank AI Content?” The answer is that, yes, the search engine ranks the content. But there are some pretty heavy conditions that the content needs to fulfill. Only then will the search engine bot see the content capable of ranking higher on the results […]

The Role of a Portfolio for a Professional Content Writing Company

content writing Portfolio

In business content writing Portfolio, words wield the power to shape perceptions. They drive immense business success. A portfolio for a professional content writing company is a competitive differentiator. It stands as a testament to its capabilities and expertise.  A portfolio serves as a showcase of the company’s prowess. It offers clients a peek into […]

5 Ways to Boost SEO with User-Generated Content

User-generated content

Digital customers have fast evolved into discerning, tech-savvy decision-makers. For content marketers, this means that the journey from product awareness to purchase goes beyond mere visuals. Today’s customers seek more than just polished product images. They crave authenticity and real-world experiences before making informed choices. This is where User Generated Content (UGC) comes into the picture.

On-Page Optimization: A Content Agency’s Guide to Publishing Content for SEO

content for SEO

Ahrefs reports that 68% of all online interactions start with a search engine. This means that your site and content need to be SEO-optimized to reach your customers online. If you can crack this code, you will be rewarded in various ways: Higher search rankings Better site traffic Improved on-site engagement; and Better conversion

9 Content Writing Skills You Need to Succeed In 2024

content writing skills 2024

Content is the reason the search began in the first place.  The world of high-quality content creation is evolving speedily. No wonder that 93% of companies believing that content marketing is essential for their business. However, randomly putting together some words won’t cut it in this competitive arena. It’s about creating content that not only resonates […]