6 Simple Tips to Win More Clients for a Content Writing Company

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Your skill as a content writer needs the apt fuel in the form of a steady stream of clients in order to soar far and wide. With a regular influx of client business, you can sharpen your aptitude as a professional content writing company.


It is never too late to scout for new clients. But when you step into the field, it will be different. Also, you may be overwhelmed with the level of effort needed to win new business accounts.

Let us help streamline the process a bit with this blog. By doing so, you will get better guidance on how to win more clients.

But first, let us see who is the ideal client for a professional content writing company.

Who is the ideal client for a professional content writing company?

An ideal client for your content company has one of the below traits:

  • They are not in a monopoly but operate in a competitive landscape
  • The competitors are publishing a lot of high-quality content
  • Increasing brand visibility via SEO is a concrete and long-term goal for them
  • They want to get an unbeatable competitive advantage online

If any company ticks one or more of the above boxes, then it is likely an ideal client. They will surely hire a  professional content writing company for their business and marketing needs.

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The ideal client appreciates collaboration. They recognize that superior quality and SEO-optimized content is born from a partnership where ideas flow freely and feedback is valued. They see content writing as an investment and not a cost.

A smart writer is aware that well-crafted and compelling words can weave magic.

The content can transform casual visitors into loyal customers. And this is why they will contact your agency.

Which industries use content writing?

Here are six industries that make ideal clients for a content writing agency in India. We also share some examples of how high-quality content can benefit each industry:

[1] Technology and Software Companies

A technology content writing company generates rich SEO-optimized content. This will result in incredible digital marketing outcomes. Their skill assists in building relationships with prospects and building their trust.

Example: A tech startup specializing in artificial intelligence might need articles. Such content helps to explain complex algorithms in a user-friendly way. Doing so makes their technology accessible to a broader audience.

[2] Healthcare and Medical Services:

Content writing can deliver amazing online outcomes for various healthcare businesses. These include hospitals, healthcare administrators, medical tourism, and clinics.

Example: A healthcare clinic could benefit from valuable content. Such articles will educate patients about common medical conditions and treatment options. This step establishes the clinic as a trusted source of health information.

[3] E-commerce and Retail:

Even e-commerce benefits from quality content. A savvy content writer can develop product descriptions, category pages, headlines, and blogs. These tasks work wonders for captivating shoppers’ attention.

Example: An online fashion retailer may require engaging product descriptions and blog posts. They may need it to showcase their clothing line. When they get this from a professional writer, they can enhance the shopping experience.

industries uses content creation

[4] Finance and Banking:

Fintech companies and banks can use content strategically. Even insurance agencies and financial services companies can opt for quality content. You can help them explain financial terms in a simpler (yet effective) manner. This will create industry authority too.

Such financial content writing also encourages users to sign up for their services by building trust.

Example: A financial institution could use diverse content assets. They may create informative guides on investment strategies. This technique helps clients make informed financial decisions. It will portray the brand as being trusted enough to let customers open their wallets and invest money.

[5] Hospitality and Travel:

Travel agents, hotels, and restaurants can benefit from the immense pull power of magnetic content.

Example: A travel agency may need enticing travel content writing and destination guides for a lot of destinations. Such compelling content is bound to inspire travelers. It will also provide valuable insights into vacation planning.

[6] Education and E-Learning:

Edtech companies, universities, schools, and colleges go for quality content. With it, they can gain an unmatched edge and boost admission numbers. They can get this benefit by publishing large volumes of quality content that targets parents of students.

Example: An e-learning platform might require well-structured educational content for high-quality online courses. They can achieve this with video tutorials, articles, and class-wise / subject-wise course content.

What Tips Help You Win More Clients as a professional Content Writing Company?

Now, we come to the main gist of this blog. We examine some super useful tips that will help you entice a prospect’s attention. These tips will help convert them to paying customers.

1. Assess Your Ideal Client

We have seen above a list of clients who need content writers to succeed and thrive online. Here are some ways in which you can assess your ideal client and align your skills to their needs.

– Understanding Your Niche

Identifying your niche involves understanding the industry-specific language, trends, and challenges. For instance, do you want to target the healthcare industry? Then you can grasp the medical terminology and evolving healthcare policies like HIPAA.

When you showcase your expertise in medical writing, you can attract the right prospects. These include pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, or health blogs seeking specialized content.

– Researching Client Pain Points

Research potential client pain points within your niche. Utilize sites like Answer the Public for this purpose. Or, you can go for industry reports and social media discussions. They will help you understand common challenges. For example, you may specialize in tech writing. This skill will be a strategic boon.

Businesses often struggle with explaining intricate tech concepts to a non-tech audience. You can tailor your services to bridge this communication gap. This step will help position your content writing agency as the go-to tech content expert.

– Aligning Your Skills as a Content Writing Company

Align your skills with your ideal client’s needs. If you excel in storytelling, consider targeting travel agencies or lifestyle brands. For instance, you can consider crafting sample travel blogs that evoke emotions. They will help capture the essence of destinations and places worth visiting.

These can be a vital addition when you present these samples in your portfolio. You get a magnetic hook when you use this sample to prove your ability to create compelling content. Aligning your skills with the specific demands of your niche enhances your appeal to potential clients.

2. Building an Impressive Portfolio

A compelling portfolio serves as a visual testament to your skills and versatility. Potential clients seek proof of your expertise, and a well-curated portfolio provides just that. It showcases your ability to handle diverse topics, writing styles, and industries. It is a powerful tool that converts potential leads into satisfied, long-term clients.

Take care of these pointers for a great portfolio.

– Showcasing Diverse Content Types

You can aim for diversity in your portfolio for displaying versatility. To do this, you can add samples of blog posts and website copy. You can diversify your portfolio with product descriptions and social media content too.

Imagine you’ve written a captivating brand story for a startup. You can feature it alongside a technical article you’ve composed for a software company.

You get a benefit when you diversify samples in this manner. Your content writing agency can highlight your ability to adapt your writing style to varied content needs.

– Success Stories for Your Content Writing Company

Integrate client success stories into your portfolio. For example, your product descriptions may have helped a fitness brand increase sales. Then share the before-and-after metrics. This step lets prospects see the difference your content makes.

If you have the data, you can also include the percentage increase in conversion rates and sales figures. Client success stories add credibility. They also showcase the tangible impact of your content services.

– Demonstrating Industry Expertise:

Make sure to have riveting sample content for the client’s industry before meeting them. I have seen in a lot of sales calls that content specific to their industry tends to stick better in the prospects’ minds. This is better than providing content samples of some other industry.

You can take the first step by writing insightful content. These include industry articles, whitepapers, or how-to guides.

Suppose you specialize in EdTech writing. In that case, you might create a detailed article about Exam preparation tips. You may also cover different curricula like IB, IGCSE, or CBSE.

By doing this, you prove your knowledge of eco-friendly solutions. This way, when the EdTech client asks for samples, you can show them this industry-specific content for a better impact.

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tips to get more business for content writing company

3. Effective Networking Strategies

Networking is the lifeblood of a professional content writing company. It opens avenues to potential clients. This helps in creating connections that can translate into lucrative business opportunities. These interactions allow you to build trust and establish your brand.

Also, it paves the way for consistent business growth and client acquisition.

You can leverage industry-specific forums, social media groups, and LinkedIn. Here, you will access and drive interactions that really matter to your business. You may consider participating in discussions. Here, you can offer valuable insights and solutions to common challenges.

For instance, if you join an SEO professionals’ group, share your expertise on on-page or link-building strategies. Such thoughtful engagement establishes your credibility. Furthermore, it positions you as an authority in your niche. Others who might need similar services will feel comfortable asking for business enquiries.

Join as many groups and forums for content writing as possible. They can prove to be a veritable mine for winning new client accounts for your company.

4. Crafting an Irresistible Pitch

A well-crafted pitch demonstrates the unique value you bring to the table. Additionally, it showcases your expertise, industry knowledge, and understanding of their specific needs. It will aptly showcase how your content services expertise can solve their challenges and achieve their goals.

Here are some ways to create a great client pitch.

– Personalizing Your Approach

Personalization is key to a compelling pitch. Research the potential client thoroughly. Mention specific projects, articles, or campaigns they’ve recently undertaken.

For example, imagine if a digital marketing agency recently launched an SEO-focused campaign. In this case, you can highlight your expertise in creating SEO-optimized content. A personalized approach highlights your genuine interest in their business needs.

– Showcasing Past Success Stories

In your pitch, showcase past success stories that align with the client’s industry. For example, you may have contributed to the exponential growth of a travel blog. In such a scenario, you can outline the strategies you implemented.

Here, you need to include metrics like increased website traffic, engagement rates, or social media shares. Such concrete success stories validate your skills. Also, they instill confidence in potential clients.

– Offering Unique Value Propositions

Your pitch needs to differentiate your business from others. You can do this by offering unique value propositions with your content services.

Perhaps you may want to provide unlimited revisions to stand apart from peers. Or, you may offer to create complimentary visual content for written articles. These may include assets like infographics or images.

Let us consider that you specialize in culinary writing. You can offer to design visually appealing recipe cards for every article you write.

These extra services enhance your pitch. As a result, your pitch becomes more attractive to potential clients.

tips to get more business for content writing agency

5. Utilizing Online Platforms

Social media platforms and networking sites like LinkedIn are great avenues for new projects. They can amplify the results of your customer acquisition objectives.  They provide a vast, global audience for content writers. The experts can showcase their expertise and share insightful content. This will help them engage with potential clients.

Here are some ways to use online platforms better.

– Optimizing Your Profile

When creating profiles on freelance platforms, optimize them strategically. Use a professional photo and write a compelling bio. This will highlight your expertise and niche specialization.

LinkedIn, in particular, offers a professional space. Here, content writers can display their portfolios. They can also receive endorsements and network with decision-makers.

These steps open the doors to lucrative projects and long-term collaborations.

– Showcasing Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are powerful endorsements of your skills. You may consider encouraging satisfied clients to leave detailed testimonials about recent projects. Testimonials provide social proof and build trust among potential clients. As a result, they increase your chances of securing projects.

6. Maintaining Client Relationships

Clients who have a great relationship with your content writing agency can vouch for your credibility. They may also leave positive reviews on Yelp, Google, Clutch, or BBB. You can encourage such positive reviews with these steps –

– Proactive Communication as a professional Content Writing Company

Proactive communication is essential for client satisfaction. You need to provide regular updates on project progress. Also, you should be transparent about any challenges.

Imagine that you’re working on a series of blog posts for a marketing agency. When you update them on each article’s completion status and deliver on time, you create a positive impression.

– Responding to Feedback Positively

Feedback, whether positive or constructive, is invaluable. You need to respond to feedback professionally and positively. It is wise to acknowledge positive feedback with gratitude.

For constructive criticism, express your willingness to make necessary revisions. For example, if a client suggests changes to a website copy, you should try to implement the revisions promptly. Your responsiveness will help inculcate a positive working relationship. Plus, it will also help you win favorable reviews online.

– Offering Continued Support

You may want to offer continued support even after project completion. For this, you can share industry-related articles or resources of interest to the client.

Continued support showcases your dedication. Moreover, it keeps you on their radar for future projects or referrals.

To sum it up

It is a tough task to win new business for a professional content writing company. Clients can now access a vast talent pool. Hence, you may have to work doubly hard to make a name worth remembering when they have a content project coming up.

Hopefully, these tips will stand you in good stead when you want to set out to win new business accounts and get more projects for your team.

Have you got some more valuable tips to get new business for content writing? We will be happy to hear from you. Do write to us and let us know.

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