How to Promote Your E-Book and Make it Visible for Potential Readers?

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Summary – E-books can be a great content medium to attract customers’ attention. However for this, promoting your e-book correctly using the below approaches is crucial. These approaches are broken down to align with the different stages of sales funnel for better efficacy

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Who is it for – Content marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies, and e-book publishers

Writing an E-book requires substantial efforts, and motivation, but managing its visibility and making it available to potential readers is a bigger challenge in the overcrowded digital space.  Marketers make numerous efforts to make your E-book gets entitled as the next game-changing content piece, but the entire strategy might experience no result because of your carelessness. If your content piece hasn’t been promoted efficiently, then no one will ever see, click, download, or read it.

What Can be Done?

Marketers and advertisers must discover effective ways to help E-Book publishers get ample visibility and publicity amongst their potential readers. If you’re planning to come up with a great e-book promotion strategy, then it is important to ensure that it is tied up to the various stages of the sales funnel and involves multiple teams to make most out of the campaign. A well-versed and detailed E-Book promotion plan must contain the following tasks to help you reach out to best prospects:

  1. Keep Your Focus on Top-of-Funnel Promotion

The top-of-funnel efforts help you make a wide net that can assist in accomplishing your pre-defined goals. It can help you target your audience accurately; hence, it can slice and dice your promotion the most. Since content requirements are different for individuals, you must make a strategy can help you reach masses by referrals, content shares, or even by creating the buzz around.  You can follow the mentioned tactics to get most out of your E-Book promotions:

  • Publish the first chapter of your E-Book on SlideShare
  • Get your content recorded and launch your e-book as an audio book
  • Arrange a webinar with the author to add credibility
  • Create infographics to attract millennials
  • Create Twitter cards to make other familiar with your E-Book
  • Transform each chapter into a blog post to build up user interest
  • Contact your team members and ask them to share it as much as possible
  • Publish E-book in multiple sections on your website
  • Write an email and phone scripts to reach out to sales or business development professionals
  1. Middle-of-Funnel Promotion is the Next Planned Move

Once you’ve completed the first phase of promotion, it is the time to generate leads through other departments and audiences. In this stage, revenue will get added to your organization by helping existing prospects to move closer to the sale process. Having great content and a strong reach can assist you to get ample sales leads in your database. You can use the following tactics to make most of the profits for your E-Books:

  • Use nurture program(s) or drip campaigns to reach out to leads
  • Create a detailed content pack to convince existing prospects for making a purchase
  • Use multiple ways to promote your E-Books, including posting it on team collaboration platform, linking it to the landing page, sharing it amongst partners and networks, and others
  • Create a landing page that offers the e-book as download for your lead capture purpose

How to Promote Your E-Book and Make it Visible for Potential Readers

  1. Conclude with Bottom-of-Funnel Promotion Activities

The last stage deals with sales taking the lead. As a marketer, you must be driving the entire process to make things possible, but in the last stage, the salesperson is responsible for closing that deal. Using the following techniques can help you get desired results with no additional effort:

  • Ask salesperson to leave a printed copy of your E-Book as leave-behinds for meetings
  • Attach the E-Book to presentation decks for emphasizing the purchase decision
  • Use the E-Book’s context to develop emails or phone scripts for existing prospect clients


The entire strategy mentioned above can assist in making your E-Book visible amongst its potential readers, but the results may vary, depending upon the content quality and marketing methods you select. Hiring experienced marketing professionals and a team of branding experts can assist in making your greatly written E-Books available to the world.


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