Content Writing Company vs. AI-Writer – Which is good for SEO?

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In today’s digital world, businesses are competing online. Doing so helps them to establish their presence and reach their target audience. More and more purchase decisions are happening over smartphones. Hence, online businesses rely on well-articulated content from a professional content writing company.

Their human writers convey their messages and get their stories the eyeballs they deserve. 

content writing company

Content writing company vs AI writer – Which is good for SEO?

We cannot overstate the importance of having a strong online presence. And this is where SEO comes into play. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website’s content. Doing so helps it to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

One of the key factors in successful SEO is having high-quality, relevant content. Some businesses tend to take a shortcut and use automated content generation tools like ChatGPT. 

But from what we have seen till now, these tools tend to backfire a lot. 

They simply cannot replace the creativity and expertise of a professional human writer. 

In this article, we’ll explore why using a professional writer from a best content writing company is the right ingredient for SEO success.

Why Automated Content Generation Tools Fall Short?

Automated content generation tools are becoming increasingly popular as a way to generate content quickly. These tools may seem like a time-saver. Yet, they often fall short in several key areas.

1 – The missing human touch

First, automated content generation tools lack creativity and nuance. These are aspects that only a human writer can pepper into the content. These tools are known to generate content quickly. 

But what’s the point if it doesn’t engage? 

AI-generated content often lacks the ability to create content that is engaging, informative, and interesting to read.

2 – They don’t work well with niche content

We also see that automated content generation tools fall far behind when it comes to customizing content to a specific audience. These tools use algorithms to generate content based on pre-set parameters. Doing so can result in generic, untargeted content. 

This type of content may not resonate with your specific target audience. As a result, this type of AI-generated content can deliver lower engagement and poorer conversions.

3 – Quality leaves a lot to be desired

Finally, automated content generation tools often produce low-quality content. A hallmark is the occurrence of errors and inaccuracies present in such content. These tools are definitely not perfect. They often tend to miss important details or use incorrect grammar and punctuation. 

As a credible website, you would definitely not want your post to have these big gaping holes in the narrative. 

Your readers are smart. It will not be wrong to say that they will immediately see through these anomalies. And such gaping holes can hurt your credibility and negatively impact your SEO efforts.

4 – Dumb content by AI

The Atlantic is right in suggesting readers to use ChatGPT like a toy and not a tool. When it comes to using it as a tool, a content writing company would appear dumb. This will rob the firm of its hard earned credibility.

 Is ChatGPT ideal for SEO content writing?

content writing company

The Benefits of Using a Professional Human Writer

At this stage, we have seen the pitfalls of using AI-generated content. Now, we explore another viable (and more potent) alternative for creating compelling content.

Yes, we are talking about the old-fashioned use of actual writers from a content writing company to create riveting content! 

Using a professional human writer has several key benefits. These points can come together to have a positive impact on your SEO initiatives.

Let us check out these benefits.

1 – Compelling and high-quality content

A professional writer can create high-quality content. Such blogs and articles are highly engaging and informative. Moreover, the writers tailor such content to your specific audience. They can take your brand voice and message into account. 

As a result, when they create content, they successfully align the narrative with your overall marketing strategy.

2 – The content writing company will create SEO-optimized content

A professional writer has the expertise and knowledge to create content that is optimized for search engines. They understand the importance of keyword research. They also factor in other SEO basics like meta descriptions and header tags. The writers will leverage this knowledge to create content that ranks well in SERP.

SEO-savvy writers will make use of the E-A-T philosophies of Google. They strive to align content discussion as per the search intent. With these USPs of good quality content, they attract search bots and earn higher SERP rankings.


3 – Human intervention in proofreading elevates its quality

A professional writer can ensure that your content is free from errors and inaccuracies. They can proofread and edit your content to ensure that the output is polished and professional. 

They leverage tools like Grammarly Premium to do so.

Moreover, they verify the content for facts and accuracy so that elaboration on a specific point is relevant and valuable to the readers. Such articulate content can positively impact your brand’s reputation and credibility.

How to check if the content is AI-generated?

Many tools have sprung up to help marketers find out if the content is AI-generated. At Textuar, we use ZeroGPT for detecting AI text. Doing so ensures that there is no pitfall of AI-generated content harming our clients’ digital marketing initiatives.  

As a result, our clients are happy with the fantastic degree of research work that goes into producing original high-quality content written by experts.

Get actual writers from our content writing company

To sum it up, using a professional human writer is the correct ingredient to SEO success. Automated content generation tools may seem like a quick and easy solution. It is great at mass producing content. However, they often fall short in several key areas. And this does more harm than good. 

Even industry experts like Neil Patel concur this key fact.

When quality matters more than quantity, AI-writers can be a poor choice over human writers. 

Using a professional writer has several key benefits. They have the ability to create high-quality, targeted content. Their experience allows them to create SEO-optimized content. And search engines love to rank such content well. 

Go ahead! Leverage the expertise of a company like Textuar. Use our human writers to improve your SEO efforts. By doing so, you will establish a strong online presence for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why should I work with a content writing company over an AI writer tool?

It is crucial to note that automated tools lack the nuanced human touch necessary for crafting engaging and compelling content. In fact, AI struggles to tailor the content for a specific niche. The outcome is usually generic and untargeted.

Also, there remain issues with qualities. For instance, AI-generated content can have inaccuracies and biased information, leading to a damaged website’s credibility. Choosing a content writing company means obtaining content –

  • that aligns with your brand’s voice and strategies,
  • and resonates with your target audience. 

2- Can AI-generated content compete with professional human writers in SEO?

For many, AI-generated content is a convenient solution. But, it falls short when compared to the prowess of professional human writers. AI lacks creativity and often produces repetitive information.

Relying completely on AI-generated content can undermine your company’s hard-earned credibility.

So, no, AI-generated content can never compete with professional human writers in SEO.

3- How does a content writing company contribute to SEO success?

The writers at top-notch content writing companies like Textuar Communications are professionals. They are equipped with multiple years of industry knowledge. Also, these experts tend to keep themselves up-to-date with market trends, insights and tricks. This is why you get quality content every time.

Also, human intervention in proofreading ensures polished, error-free content.

4- How do content writing companies ensure originality and uniqueness in their content?

Content writing companies ensure originality and uniqueness in their content through a combination of human creativity and tools like plagiarism detectors. Professional writers generate original ideas, avoiding the pitfalls of duplicate content.

Additionally, these companies implement rigorous quality control processes to guarantee that each piece of content is distinctive, valuable, and aligns with the client’s goals.

5- How can content writers address audience engagement issues?

Professional writers conduct thorough research of your industry and understand your audience, their likings and expectations. These experts also determine your goals and expectations.

Based on the data collected, they create content that is fully customized for your business and audience. Such contents go beyond keyword placements. They captivate the readers and make them come back for more!

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