How to Use Content Writing for eCommerce Growth

How to Use Content Writing for eCommerce Growth

The number of online shoppers has shot up from 1.32 billion in 2014 to 2.05 billion in 2020.

This stat speaks volumes of the rise of eCommerce even in recent times of COVID-19. And content writing for eCommerce plays a crucial part in its success. 

Call it storytelling or content writing- it has to be interesting. Especially when you are out to attract the audience. 

If employed for marketing, e-commerce content writing must draw analogies between concepts to help readers understand. 

Great content creates a mood so that people are on a level that goes beyond just reading. They help readers act on the basis of the content. This way, readers convert to customers.

How to Use Content Writing for eCommerce Growth

Adopting the right strategy in content writing for eCommerce

There are 12 to 24 million e-commerce stores selling products online around the globe. Not surprisingly, only a handful of them have a dominant market share in eCommerce business. And most of them have riveting eCommerce content to differentiate their value from others. 

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You have a lot to consider when using content for marketing. Here are some essential things to do the right way that can make your e-commerce business a success. 

1 – Use compelling product descriptions 

Make sure to create engrossing product descriptions. They need to be factual in nature. But more importantly they should be a breeze to read. When you do content writing for eCommerce, factor in its readability. This is essential to make sure that reader does not feel drained after reading the content.

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Pay attention to details such as exciting descriptions in eCommerce content creation. Have great headings and subheadings. The writing should provide users with information and have relevant links. 

2 – Use pictures 

Pictures are the best representations. You must have heard it before. It does not hurt to pay heed. Pictures are essential to content marketing. It is an integral part of your e-commerce strategy. If you have no photos on your site, start using it. 

Bear in mind some details when using photos. Make sure they carry great titles and title tags. When posting the images, use detailed descriptions. The writing has to be rich in keywords. It will lead to better results in the search pages.   

3 – Interactions help to meet your goals 

A website that is not interactive sounds plain, dull, and boring. Boring e-commerce sites do not pull in enough conversions. According to studies, interactivity is vital to increasing sales. You can interact with your audience using various tactics employed by eCommerce content companies. 

For example, you can host contests or raffles. You can make fair use of games, points, and rewards to attract users. Besides, you can ask them to share, repost, or fill out a contact form. You can also invite comments through a comment box.  

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4 – You can post videos 

Videos can add value to your e-commerce website. If you have an idea about relevant videos, you can use them. You can create your video about your product or service. 

It is a better and effective way. A how-to-do video can explain things in a better way. You can also add commentaries explaining the benefits of the product or service. 

For example, suppose the site is into selling health and wellness products. In that case, the eCommerce content writer can highlight the benefits of using aloe vera juice as one of its informative articles. Or he can add videos of two-minute exercises. 

Videos provide your site with interesting and relevant content. They can make SEO ranking jump higher. And lead to more web traffic to your page. 

5 – Read the reviews 

Imagine yourself on the other side. Put yourself in the position of your customers. It is part of an effective marketing strategy. It shows you the truth of everything. Consider the bad reviews should also. 

You may not like the bad reviews. However, it is essential to respond to feedback. It shows that you have an interest. You care about the experience and sentiments of your customers. It helps to form lasting bonds. 

You can ask for reviews through emails on the site itself. Or through Yelp or Google +. Or on any other social media platform. 

6 – Use blog content writing for eCommerce growth 

Blogs are like personal diaries. You can use blogs to list experiences on the eCommerce site. The purpose of a blog is to build a close bond with the readers.

Blogs are a great way to explain your product or service. The informal way touches the heart of the visitors. A blog post will highlight the use and benefits of your product automatically.  

You can use blogs to gain the most from your e-commerce website. It is essential to note that blogs should follow some format. For instance, it can be in number form, paragraph form, with bullet points that explain.

A step- by step guide can make reading easy. Ensure to optimize for SEO by using targeted keywords at the time of content writing for eCommerce. This will help you get better visibility for your online store.

7 – Make use of AI to personalize content 

You can use AI to keep the customers interested. It is a great way to personalize the content. It can be in the form of product and content recommendations based on site performance. 

Personalization helps you to deliver timely and relevant content. Each of your visitors can find the product they need. It can also lead to better experiences. 

For instance, Netflix encourages viewers to spend more time on their site. They do this by showing them recommendations based on viewing history and interest. Viewers stay on for extended periods with such helpful recommendations. 

8 – Walk with the current trends 

Be there before anybody else does. The point is to publish the latest scoop or controversy, like the early bird. Reports the trending stories. eCommerce content writers jump on such hot stories to ride on its viral wave. 

If you are early, it shows you are fast. This quality is likely to attract the crowd toward your brand. The reason is- it’s relevant, timely, and viral. 

Take the example of the Press’s Squeeze Magazine. Press sells cold-press juices, and juices detoxify. Healthy living is a big focus here and with the audience. 

They infuse this pulse with their online content. The enterprise took a typical blog and made it into an online publication, Squeeze Magazine. 

This tactic worked to their advantage. 

How to Use Content Writing for eCommerce Growth

9 – Search Engine Optimization advantage 

SEO drives 1000% + more traffic than organic social media. SEO is the way that makes your web pages easy for web crawlers to access and index. The point is that if search engine giant Google, Bing, and other engines can easily find what is on your page, it becomes easy to list your site on SERP.

The SEO objective is not to trick search engines with fake content or keyword stuffing. It is to help search engines locate your content. Its Rank Brain bots can display the page as a result when it matches the search intent. 

Effective SEO will make your site easy to find and lead to successful first page ranking. And this hallowed position will make your site to a lead magnet.

To wrap it up 

Whenever e-commerce is discussed, content writing follows closely. It applies to businesses that are into e-commerce. The shift of business to the digital front has made it necessary to engage efficient e-commerce writers’ expertise. 

Take a moment to look at your website content

– Is your website telling a good story? 

– Is it a story that keeps shoppers hooked? 

– Does the story help fire up conversations and conversion?

Hire the professional skills of e-commerce content writers to transform the way you do business. 

Get forward looking content creation companies like Textuar to propel your eCommerce content writing beyond the ordinary. 

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