Content Writing Services – Did You Know These Six Flavors?

Six types of content writing services

Content is all about conveying the right information. However, good content is one that can engage, educate, and also entertain. A professional in content writing services will dabble in a range of content works. This will depend on the client’s digital marketing needs.

Some may create SEO content aimed at boosting rankings on Google search results. Others may offer in-depth content that seeks to establish the industry authority position of the client brand.

Irrespective of the client’s needs, one thing is for sure.

“The influence of content writing is unmatched in the online world.”

Six types of content writing services

Content marketing generates 3x more leads than outbound marketing and costs 62% less. This reason is why we see a lot of varied activities in content writing. Here we take a look at some of the common types of content writing services offered by professionals.

How content writing is changing the face of the industry? 

It is essential to differentiate between types of content writing services. Most people assume that content is about a suitable title, a play of words, and a call to action. Great content walks the extra mile in boosting SEO-friendliness. It helps keep the content highly engaging to read.

You need great content to stay ahead in the competition. Such content is well-read and sees more shares. It has what it takes to be a leader.

To lead is not easy. It requires expertise. If you try to get away with generalizing the topic on hand, it can have negative results in terms of your audience’s trust in your writing. This is where the skill of a content writer helps.

The job of a content writer is not just to write- it is to engage. Content writing services play a dominant role in any business for optimum online presence.

So, how does content writing services help? 

All writers are different; so is content. Business site owners and web advertisers recruit content writers to deliver content for promotion and marketing.

A content writer writes fresh and unique digital content. They write for companies based on information about products and services. Content writing is an umbrella term. Depending on business requirements, there are different types of content developers. Let us understand the myriad content writing services:

1 – SEO Content writers 

For search engine optimization, content is king. SEO content writers spin generic content. The content writers in this niche are required to be very creative. They need to follow a fixed format to help the brand to rank well organically.

The SEO experts shoulder the responsibility of crafting blogs, articles, and Meta descriptions with the placement of relevant keywords.

Client base – Digital marketing companies 

2 – Technical writers 

According to projections, companies using technical writers will grow 8% from 2018 to 2028. Technical content writers are the bridge between complicated technical concepts and audiences. They may different levels of understanding. The writers excel in technical terminology laid out in a simple language for others to comprehend.

Client base – IT companies, manufacturing companies

3 – Feature writers 

Feature writing typically includes writing columns in print and digital spaces. They span satires, short stories, poems, and features on food and lifestyle. Feature writers have a keen observation sense around which they weave stories. They transport readers to another realm with rich vocabulary.

Client base – Magazines, Newspapers, Niche Blogs

4 – Press release writer 

A press release writer helps businesses in communicating new developments about their company. They typically focus on new product launches and business expansions. They may also cover mergers, events and exhibitions. A press release works as a part of a sales initiative to create public awareness.

Client base – General Business

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5 – Ghostwriter 

It is not something spooky as the name may suggest. Ghostwriting is writing and developing content for someone else. Mostly the content is also published in someone else’s name. Hence, the real writer’s name does not feature anywhere in the publication- this is ghostwriting.

Client base – Content Creation and Book Writing Companies

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6 – Business and Communication writing 

These are the content writers that produce content beyond just creating good content. They need to create content that has the potential to grab the attention of potential clients. This style of writing is different from SEO writing. This type of writing is to compel the target audience to take the desired action. Business writers research a lot to impress end-users. The focus is more on advertising industry authority.

Client base – General Business and Digital Marketing Agencies


Content writing is a blanket term that encompasses a range of professional quality content creation. Make sure that your content comes across as a long-lasting thought your audience will have on their minds. Hire expert content writers to convey your marketing messages wrapped in a compelling and engrossing narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What impact does content writing have on the industry’s face?

Great content goes beyond catchy titles and calls to action. It boosts SEO, keeping content engaging. Trust a skilled content writer to lead, not generalize topics, and build audience trust. Their expertise ensures content is not only well-read but also shared.


2 – How does technical writing bridge the gap between complex technical concepts and a diverse audience?

Technical writers simplify complicated technical ideas using clear and simple language. They cater to audiences with varying levels of understanding, making technical information accessible to a broader audience.


3 – What is the difference between ghostwriters and other content writers? How does ghostwriting work? 

Ghostwriters write stories about other people, products, services, etc., but remain anonymous. Information written them is often published under someone else’s name, thus hiding the identity of the actual author. This is a way to create content without personal branding.


4 – In what ways do press release writers help businesses communicate new developments?

Press release writers inform the public about a company’s latest developments. It can be about things such as product launches, expansions, mergers, and events. They play a crucial role in creating public awareness and supporting sales initiatives.


5. How do business and communication writers differ from SEO writers?

Business writers focus on compelling content that drives desired actions. They research extensively to impress end-users and establish industry authority. Their target audience is wider, encompassing general business and digital marketing agencies.

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