Insanely Easy Tips to Propel your Blog’s Visibility

easy tips to increase blog traffic with SEO friendly blog

SEO friendly blog  is the key marketing weapon in helping an online business stand apart in an overcrowded competitive landscape. While many business owners and their marketing team work hard to create engaging content, they are often intrigued by the query – How to get readers for your content?

The ugly truth

More than 98% of the blog readers won’t be interested in your sales message propagation. They won’t even be interested to know what you do. What they will be most interested to know in a blog is the information that they are looking for.

What is in it for them?

Yes, this is the stark truth that blog writing companies and their clients need to understand. If your content revolves round this query, it has better chances of consumption. Having established this essential need, lets now look at various ways in which you can build your readership base and get improved visibility for your blog –

1.Become discoverable

In case you need new readership, you need to ensure that they are able to discover you. Your blog needs to be optimized for SEO. Some effective ways to get this done is

Provide keywords in your content

Check for valid and applicable meta description

Provide alt text for images

Link relevant internal web pages links to your blog post so the readers get more information related to the blog and also blog post becomes SEO friendly.

2.Go social

– One of the best ways to garner eyeballs for your blog is to post it on social media. However employ the expertise of a content marketing professional to ensure that the blog is rightly distributed amongst the 300+ social media sites and at the right time. Some ways to get this right will be

Keep a distinct title separate from the original blog post

Design the post content that intrigues and interests the readers to click on the link

Put forward a question or show a tentative situation that readers can relate to


3.Catchy title

– Consider your title as your elevator pitch. If readers aren’t intrigue by the title then forget about them spending more time reading through the rest of the blog. While designing the title, some good tips such as below will be good –

When writing the SEO friendly blog, keep a working title. But before you publish it, think of a good catchy title

Keep the title relevant to the content

While clever or subtle works, outrageous or obscene will never work

4.Keep the Blog content shareable

– Once readers have reached the end of the blog content, the presence of a share bar will encourage them to share it further among their contacts.

These tips will help content marketers to increase the visibility and effectiveness of the blog in bringing more web traffic and close more business. Write in to us and let us know if you use any other approach to spread the readership of your blog.

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