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tips for freelance content writing


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Like any business, a content writing agency too has to keep tabs on its business margins and try and keep costs low. It needs to do so without compromising the quality of content developed for its clients. Many content writing agencies are enlisting the professional expertise of freelance content writers to accomplish this target.

Having been on both sides (as a client as well as a vendor), we have come up with a few business tips that will help freelance content writing service providers to get full bang for their buck. These tips provide a huge impetus in scenarios where agencies engage on a sub-vendorship model, as well as to freelance content developers who are just starting out.

Alright! First and foremost, the most important point to get started-


While there are different approaches to pricing your content writing efforts, as a freelance writer try to cost for an entire project rather than going by a per hour model. This way vendors can negotiate better terms and be freed from micromanagement that often turns to be counter-productive. Clients too get the benefit of economies of scale and get quality that commensurate the quality of the delivery

Background logic – Remember that you aren’t in the business to sell your hours; rather you exist for solving a client’s problem in the best possible way. So be reasonable.

Learn more – This link on how to price content writing projects.

Speed Thrills

Yes, that’s one of our content writing secrets that we have employed to amazing outcomes. If I write a 500 word blog in 30 minutes (complete with proofreading and plagiarism checks), I feel it’s the most optimum utilization of my time, and this is what I have come to expect from at least my senior writers. Of course specialist content production like copywriting and whitepapers will take more time. So, price it accordingly to ensure you do not lose while still keeping it attractive enough for prospects to engage with you

Background logic – Remember that you are selling at project rates, so the volume of project is directly proportional to sales here

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Immense Value

If you want to hike up your charges then make sure to hike up your value proposition as well. Imagine the two scenarios

Scenario 1 – “I quote $1500 for the ECM case study”

Anticipated response – “Whaaaat! I got 3 quotes under $300 for the same work!

Scenario 2 – “I quote $1500 for the ECM case study and it involves the below efforts

   1-Carry out independent research with the enterprise customer through a 5 min structured questionnaire

   2-Do a competition analysis and add a strong value proposition in the opening para

   3-Craft an 800 word case study in a conversational format for easy readability

   4-Provide 3 rounds of revisions

   5-Prepare SEO tags for better content discovery on search engines”

What do you think will be the anticipated client response to this?

Anticipated response –”Though I got 3 quotes under $300 for the same work, I think this will work, and work real well!

To wrap up

Just like any business, the business of freelance content writing too needs be built on a tactical premise so that it is a win-win for both you and your clients.

Do let us know what other approach will work in favor of a freelance content writer.

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