‘How’ and ‘Why’ to Update Content for SEO?

How why update SEO Content Writing

Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) have successfully turned around the fortunes of online businesses.

One of the crucial drivers of this success is targeted SEO content writing.

It is fast emerging as a viable method of getting new business and spreading roots beyond our average reach.

SEO content writing companies know the importance of writing content that can be tested against the effects of time. Such articles drive traffic and prove vital in generating new business in the long run. However, not many pieces of content are a perennial source of visibility and potential.

This is why you need to update content on regular basis.

It not only retains the freshness of the narrative, but also gives timely updates to the reader about the latest trends in the domain being discussed in the blog.

Why should you update content for SEO?

Most content lose their effect in the long run. There are several reasons why content diminish in effect over some time. There are newer products or versions released, the SEO ranking dropping down, the keywords are outdated and so on. It leads to less traffic and thus less conversion. It diminishes the value and credence of the brand too.

Hence, to keep up with the changes and persevere through the competition, it is essential to update the content.


Take, for example, a blog written in 2017 “Top trends in SEO in 2017”. Now if you want to update the content for 2021, you need to see if all points covered in the original blog are applicable. It might happen that 75% of the points of 2017 blog will still be relevant in 2021.

We need to update in such a way that this 75% of the blog is given coverage. Plus, the remaining 25% new trends will be covered. Overall, the blog will now be fresh and applicable to the current times.

How to update your content?

Content losing its effect over some time is called as content decay. It is a concerning phenomenon for every firm. There are some defined ways to tackle content decay and update the old content.

1- Rework on keywords and content

As pointed above, the keywords are the breadcrumbs for web articles. Potential customers look up information on the search engine like Google with the help of keywords. Once the search retrieves relevant results, the potential customer clicks on the article, blog, press release or website that matches with their queries the most.

The volatility of keywords demands the continual updates. You can update the keywords and put the content live again. Not surprisingly, you can see a surge in the traffic in no time.

The easiest way to look for new and potentially useful keywords is by using SEO software like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. You can run a search with the old content in it and get the results enlisting the keyword gaps. Many SEO content development companies have used and have been satisfied with these tools.

In some cases, with the change of the keywords, there is some change required for the content. When updating the facts, even the stats should be updated.

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2- Choose the right format header

Formerly, Google was a keyword-centric search engine. But now it has evolved substantially as a reader-centric search engine. We strongly recommend you to use meaningful headings. Also, make sure to use titles that are in line with the keywords.

We need to understand whether a customer will find the title and headings relevant enough to click on the link. Also, the headings should be placed in proper order. If possible, make it look a step by step method, if not possible, then arrange the most important tip at the top and the least one at the bottom.

Even passages and paragraphs under a specific heading are displayed as snippets in search engine results, if it is relevant to the reader’s query. Also, the content, therefore, has to be concise and informative.

3- Rework the meta-descriptions

Meta-descriptions are not so important in the ranking factor as the title. However, Google does look at the CTR while testing the quality of the search results. Hence, while rewriting the meta-descriptions, you should work as an advertising copywriter.

It is helpful to keep things in mind about the meta-description like ‘What will make someone to visit the website?’, and ‘What was lacking with the previous meta-description?’

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4- Use new headlines

It is estimated that about 36% of SEO experts reckon that the headline is essential for people to read the content. Most people, however, do not move ahead after reading the headlines. So, along with redoing your meta-descriptions, make sure to use effective headlines that will make more readers peruse the content better.

Some of the most effective headlines have a sign of recency. You can use markers like the year and place. For example, ‘Digital marketing tips’ does not sound so effective as ‘Proven methods of digital marketing in 2020’.

The title also should be ensuring the relevance of the query. For things like tips, guidelines, reasons, benefits of etc., using number marking is also useful—for example, ’20 ideas to skyrocket your business’.

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5- Use visuals to augment SEO Content Development

For SEO, content is more useful than anything else. Other things like images, graphics and illustrations also help to hold on a reader. Content is regarded as bland if there are no images, at all. Some pictures are illustrative that they make the explanation of the article easy. Some images have excellent graphics and greatly adumbrate the product and services.

Use brand-explaining images like infographics to augment SEO content development. They also represent the brand well when retrieved on Google images.

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SEO content writing is at the forefront in providing the momentum brands need to thrive online. Here are some actionable ways to provide the much-needed new life to old content.

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