How to Outline the Right Content Strategy for IoT Business

content strategy for IOT business

Summary – With a well-framed content strategy, your IoT company can scale new heights of success. Read to know the key components to content strategy for IoT

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Who is it for – IoT Business owners, CTOs, Digital marketers with IoT clients

The arrival and penetration of IoT has signalled a huge shift in the technology landscape. The value provided by IoT and its increasing adoption across the globe is making it a prime candidate as a preferred line of business for multiple ventures worldwide. With the increasing number of solutions providers entering the market, the competition is starting to heat up pretty rapidly. As an outcome, the efforts in defining and executing marketing is becoming more targeted and streamlined.

Businesses across the globe are ramping up their digital marketing plans and content marketing is emerging as a bigger driver of marketing objectives. Hence it is important to have the right content strategy in place. With clear and documented strategy you can assert your industry influencer position, attract the right partners, and generate apt leads for your IoT business.

Benefits of content strategy for IoT

Content strategy involves how content is made, served/consumed, distributed and maintained to drive value for the IoT business. Here are some benefits of having a well-documented content strategy

Benefits of a content strategy

  1. Drive IoT experiences better

    IoT thrives on the idea of experiences it provides to the users. For the delivery of such IoT-based experiences to be impactful and meaningful, there should be a clearly defined plan for change management, publishing and taxonomy design.  This is where content strategy can help drive useful experiences for targeted users

  2. Build industry authority

    With regular publishing and sharing of content around the trends, industry news, and best practices, you can emerge as a valuable partner to IoT business’ success. After all isn’t there a difference between assuming that everybody will like the pre-loaded U2 album for iPhone 6 marketing, and create a lasting impression with well-defined content strategy  that is visible to the right people at the right time at the right place?

  3. Attract the right set of people

    Leads for your business, partners for growing your venture, or even senior-level executives to power up your operational processes – a good content strategy  can help you attract the right pair of eyes and thus assist in your growth objectives.

Key assets to consider in content strategy for IoT

Which type of topics can drive your content strategy for IoT

Impact of IoT on customer specific industry (B2B oriented content)

  • Best practices in IoT design, architecture, planning, implementation, and maintenance
  • Ways to apply underlying technologies in IoT (sensors, RFID etc.) for particular use cases
  • Future challenges in the way of IoT and how businesses can identify opportunities from it
  • IoT governance and regulatory updates

Best practices of a content strategy for IoT

  • Collaborate with the existing industry leader to elevate the impact and reach of your content
  • Create compelling content to blend inbound marketing with content assets (SEO optimized website, blog, social media exposure)
  • Craft a product roadmap that outlines the value proposition and future potential of the IoT product to stakeholders and customers
  • Build a comprehensive content strategy for effective visibility upon product launches (digital media, native advertising, mobile app, to name a few)  
  • Generate industry statistics and reports to create gated content that will be absorbed by those in the IoT industry
  • Customize marketing mailers to spell out the efficacy of IoT solutions to targeted customer’s offerings.

To sign off

In an increasingly connected world, content has a much larger role to play. We can say as much that content marketing can look at infinite potential. Getting the right content thinkers in place can give the much-needed visibility boost in the IoT business. Content strategy for IoT can also help unlock potential opportunities to satisfy the latent needs of your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is a well-framed content strategy essential for the success of an IoT company?

A well-documented content strategy is crucial for asserting industry influence. It can attract the right partners and generate leads for IoT businesses. The content plays a key role in defining and executing targeted and streamlined marketing efforts in the competitive IoT landscape.

  1. How does content strategy build industry authority for IoT businesses?

Regularly sharing content on trends and best practices position you as a valuable partner in IoT success. It’s more than just marketing; it’s creating a lasting impression visible to the right people at the right time.

  1. What key assets should be considered in a content strategy for the IoT?

The key assets to consider in a content strategy for IoT include SEO-optimized website content and landing pages. You can also consider product demo videos and whitepapers. Additionally, case studies, product documentation, gated content like eBooks and guides, and social media publishing will also give the desired results.

  1. What types of topics can drive the content strategy for the IoT?

Topics that can drive the content strategy for IoT include the impact of IoT on specific industries (B2B-oriented content) and best practices in IoT design. You can consider topics related to architecture, planning, implementation, and maintenance.

Stick to themes including future challenges, governance updates, and applying underlying technologies to enhance the relevance of your IoT content strategy.

  1. What are the best practices for a content strategy in the IoT?

Best practices for a content strategy in IoT include

  • Collaborating with industry leaders,
  • Creating compelling content for inbound marketing,
  • Crafting a product roadmap to outline value propositions,
  • Building a comprehensive strategy for effective visibility during product launches,
  • Generating industry statistics and reports for gated content and
  • Customizing marketing mailers to highlight the efficacy of IoT solutions to targeted customers.

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