Tips for Creating Compelling Content for Your B2B Tech Audience

B2B content writing for technology

B2b content writing for tech audience differs a lot from that for the b2c audience. Imagine this sentence to show the monetary benefit of buying a product:

  • B2C – “This product is a value for money deal and provide you 20% savings”
  • B2B – “This product can boost FTE productivity by 15% and save marketing costs of $14000 per year”

It is apparent that compelling content writing for B2B will entail using words that business users can understand and relate with.

The b2c content requires you to design the content to educate and then lure the reader into initiating a favorable action. On the other hand, the b2b content has to be very precise and accurate. This helps in highlighting the key aspects before the targeted business clients and differentiate your product from the rest of the competition.

How can content writers attract attention of the B2B tech audience?

Presently, the tech industry is witnessing fiercer competition than ever. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered every industry. And the tech industry is no different.

Moreover, the traditional marketing tactics for this domain have begun to lose efficacy in getting site traffic or enabling conversions.

As such, it becomes pertinent to employ a revamped content writing strategy. This tactic conveys the value of your complex tech product or service to prospective business customers.

This blog will provide you with great insight and some handy tips. As a result, you can take the challenges associated with implementing an effective B2B content writing strategy head-on.


Tips for creating high impact B2B content for technology companies

A winning B2B content writing strategy emphasizes on generating quality leads for site. It will ensure more customers for the business.

But things can get pretty complicated while developing content for a B2B tech audience. Nevertheless, the following tips may be of help. With these tips, you can create highly alluring content targeted for tech businesses-

1 – Identify your ideal customer

The process of creating highly tailored content begins with identifying the suitable IT profiles to pitch your product/ service to. They span CEOs, IT managers, information system managers, etc.

You’ll have to narrow down your targeting based on a few key parameters

1 – Type of the tech company

2 – Key business profiles

3 – Business objectives, and

4 – Marketing challenges.

This is known as creating buyer personas.

It will also help if you closely follow the choice and behavior of your targeted business customer to get a comprehensive overview of their tech product needs.

2 – Set realistic goals

Imagine if your AR/VR firm needs content. The primary aim of the nascent field should be to generate sufficient interest around the technology. In comparison, a fairly mature domain like mobile app need not emphasize entirely on generating buzz.

Setting up goals helps you enhance the efficacy of your content strategy. It will provide a ‘step by step’ guidance by uncovering what you need to accomplish with each piece of content. It enables you to steer the content strategy in the right direction. This way, you get to reach the targeted business while generating more leads for you.

This step will provide you with a clear pathway and effectively put the content strategy in the right place. You can also set up a calendar schedule. This will help to plan the articles, landing pages, guest posts, and other content.

It will help you keep a check on whether or not you are proceeding in the right direction.

3 – Decide the content type

It’s tough to create ideal B2B tech content. The reason is simple. It needs to be sophisticated and dumbed down at the same time.

Making the content too technical will reduce its appeal and charisma to lure the targeted business crowd. On the other hand, if you create it too glittery, it’ll lack technical credibility.

Either way, the targeted audience will tend to deviate from following the desired course of action. Remember that most of B2B tend to be bland. So, we need to spice it up for consumption by digital readers. Some may go for tangential blog writing, while others may choose high buyer intent keywords.

You have to strike a perfect blend of facts and figures intertwined with conversion-oriented content delivery. This will help to satisfy the targeted business audience.

So, if the topic is about “10 trends in mobile app development in 2021”, your introduction can be created craftily. It can talk about the massive growth of the industry (in terms of stats, reports, or figures). Then, the narrative can narrow down to the actual trends.

When you blend storytelling and cite authoritative sources in your content, you achieve two benefits.

  1. First, you hook the readers’ attention.
  2. Second, you maintain your credibility in front of seasoned C-level officers and decision makers.

Remember, they are your primary audience for B2B technology content writing.

4 – Optimize the content for SEO

Search Engine Optimization has been and will always be the core that drives your entire content marketing strategy. B2B content writers need to curate high search volume industry-oriented keywords. They then have to create keyword clusters for the primary keyword. This way, they can enhance the search engine friendliness of the entire content marketing mix.

It will help you to understand that content, backlinks, and RankBrain are the three major factors that lead Google to crawl your webpage assign it a better rank.

To ensure the efficacy of your SEO tactics, make sure that your content is highly relevant. It should comprise of high search volume industry-oriented keywords and earning backlinks from high domain authority websites.

RankBrain is the machine learning AI tech used by Google to derive the search query intent. You can use keyword clustering to improve the compatibility of your web content with Google RankBrain.

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5 – Leverage Social Media

You cannot overlook the potential of social media while developing a content marketing strategy. Every Tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram post should be goal-oriented and tailored to target the desired clients.

Make sure that you choose the right social media platform. For instance, B2B tech audience prefers LinkedIn over Facebook. As content creators, you need to adhere to the correct content platform to achieve desired results from social media content.

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Final Thoughts

The secret to the success of any content marketing strategy lies in creating highly tailored and compelling content.

However, B2B content writing for the technology domain requires a firm and robust content marketing strategy. Social media updates, in-depth articles, and blog posts can help.

They showcase your expertise in a targeted industry niche can help you earn a loyal B2B customer base.

Incorporate the correct content marketing tools and get high value content created by experts like Textuar. With this move, you can quickly draft and enact an impactful B2B content writing strategy in place.

Go ahead! Order your next B2B content from us, and see the difference masterful content writing has on your digital marketing campaigns.

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